Has the BLM fever broke?

11-year-old girl fights for life
due to black on black violence.

UPDATE: Little girl to be taken off life support.

Has ‘Black Lives Matter’ been exposed for the fraud that it is? 

As a hoax on the order of “Hands Up Don’t Shoot,” Juicy Smo-lee-yay, and Madison’s own lighter-fluid gal, Althea Bernstein? (“Classic Wisconsin frat boys,” indeed!)

BLM is a destructive, debilitating social virus than can only destroy — not build. 

The truth is, the Marxists at BLM/Antifa/Freedom Inc. believe only some black lives matter. Those being the almost microscopic number of black people killed by police throughout this heavily populated nation— and those, in most cases, resisting lawful arrest. Which BLM uses as a cudgel to break down an orderly society’s guard rails to implement their lawless, CHOP-zone chaos. Beating State Sen. Tim Carpenter and tearing down a martyr to emancipation is what they mean by “community control.”

Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway has scheduled a special address to talk about COVID-19, the economy, and “developing critical public safety strategies.”  Madison’s City Channel 1 pm Thursday, 09-13- 2020.

An on-line fundraiser identifies the 11-year-old victim as Anisa Maria Scott (middle) with family

Where there is smoke there is BLM wreckage

The black life of the innocent 11-year-old girl critically wounded by gunfire in a moving, vehicular shoot-out Tuesday morning (08-11-2020) matters not to Brandi Grayson, M Adams, Bianca (“F * * * White People”) Gomez, and the other professional “community organizers” responsible for the boarded up and looted stores in Downtown Madison and in many places throughout the city (and surrounding suburbs, including Sun Prairie). (Don’t cooperate with the police, they advise.) For the simple reason is that Tuesday morning on heavily traveled E. Washington Ave. was black-on-black violence. Hard to start race wars with that inconvenient fact.

Madison’s Metrics

June shots fired: 29
July shots fired: 44
The year to date: 143, up 88% over last year at this time
Shell casings recovered through July: 582
Homes and vehicles struck by gunfire YTD: 55
People shot: 28

No rallies to end the daily gun violence that is killing and injuring people of color. No march on City Hall (now repaired from their attempted arson) to demand a more pro-active police intervention. 

No city leader (other than Ald. Skidmore) to say: Quit harassing the police with the $200,000 “monitor.” Forget the civilian police oversight board composed — by proposed ordinance — of cop haters. Instead, Our Wisconsin Revolution is holding a Defund the Police forum on Zoom 7 p.m. Saturday 08-15-2020. Join it and fight back!

Blaska’s Bottom LineBecause Madison police are NOT the problem. Crime is.

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Platinum Subscriber Bonus Content: On what investigatory exposé is The Capital Times working? Not the code of omertà that is stymying police investigating the Garner Park shoot-out, or Tuesday’s stolen SURV hit and run at Regent and Glenway, or the whacking of Maurice Bowman July 25 on Schroeder Road. No, reporter Natalie Yahr is “working on a  cover story about the phenomenon, sometimes called “profiling by proxy,” where people call police on people of color, especially Black folks, for things that wouldn’t likely be seen as police-worthy if the person was white.” 

⇒ You can trust that they will find folks who explain away their contact with police as courtroom proof that Cops Are Racist.

Thanks to Jonah Goldberg for revealing the Gallup poll finding that 61% of Black respondents say they want the same amount of policing in their neighborhoods, not less, and another 20% said they want more policing.

Goldberg asks: “Has anything close to that reality been reflected in the ‘national conversation about race and policing?”

The Marquette Law School poll finds that support for BLM is eroding. Now 51% of voters have a favorable view of BLM and 46% do not. That’s down from 61% favorable and 36% unfavorable in June.

Residents from Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood ejected Black Lives Matter protesters. Story here.

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What do YOU think?

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31 Responses to Has the BLM fever broke?

  1. Gary Kriewald says:

    We’re coming up on the 50th anniversary of the bombing of Sterling Hall on the UW-Madison campus (August 24th). This event happened after years of left-wing chaos in Madison and other cities across the country and essentially took the wind out of the sails of the movement–and demonstrated that mindless violence is the all-too-predictable outcome of allowing a handful of fanatical ideologues to hijack American culture–all in the name of the highest ideals: peace, justice, equality (sound familiar?). I’m afraid it will take a similar event to break the BLM fever that currently has Madison in its grip. Oh, and don’t expect the socialist cow in the manyor’s office or her minions to learn anything from history–they’re too busy trying to erase it.

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    • sentient7 says:

      No comparison to Sterling Hall death. Consider the current nihilistic climate:

      Black Man Arrested For Allegedly Executing White Five-Year-Old Boy In Front Of Sisters (https://www.dailywire.com/news/black-man-arrested-for-allegedly-executing-white-five-year-old-boy-in-front-of-sisters )

      The ghost of George Floyd? Invisible. Anyway, the picture is clear. Time for those who claim injury from wascism to return to their ancestral homelands.

      Re-imaging the police? Better to re-imagine society after some communities leave Dane to return to Nigeria, Congo, Iran, Liberia; homelands where racism will not oppress them and their families. Time to re-imagine the wisdom of Marcus Garvey.

      Dem’s are right. Time to embrace identity politics. BLM will rejoice by finally escaping the yoke and oppression of wascism when they reach the shores of Africa. How liberating.

      Re-imagine MadCity as it was during the first 60 years of the Twentieth Century….where there was little/no violence, no gangs, no drive-by murders, no illegal drug use. White society and culture has no interest in exploiting “others.” No interest at all with the dysfunctional culture of the those who extol the virtues of hip-hop and gangsta rap
      — Dr.DRE, Snoop, NWA, 6ix9ine, and Fiddy. Our lives and culture would improve vastly if “others” emigrated back to their homeland nations where wascism would not oppress them and where everyone could embrace Ebonics as a cultural virtue..


  2. WashCoRepub says:

    How the modern media operates:
    ASSIGNMENT EDITOR: “Here’s the conclusion we want to arrive at. Now, find some experts and professors to back up the conclusion. Manipulate statistics any way necessary. Include a few token sentences from someone who disagrees, but make sure to use the verbs “defend’ and ‘insist.'”

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  3. “The Marquette Law School poll finds that support for BLM is eroding. Now 51% of voters have a favorable view of BLM and 46% do not. That’s down from 61% favorable and 36% unfavorable in June.”

    When those numbers are much further apart then I think the poll will be revealing something significant, right now those numbers are still way too close together. Take the population of Madison 258,054 (2018) and apply those percentages; that still the numerical equivalent to 118,705 people that support BLM right in Madison which is a change from the previous 61% of only 38,708 people. Five percent change in favorably “might” show a slight trend shift but it isn’t squat in the overall scheme of things when there’s still over 100,000 in support of BLM. Even half of that hundred thousand people taking to the streets with violent destruction in their minds could burn Madison to the ground – we’re talking apocalyptic kind of destruction. Talk to me about these kinds of polls when the numbers are pushing or are between thirty and forty points apart from each other – in other words when BLM’s polled support is less than 35%.

    As far as I’m concerned; in these United States of America support for the irrational Marxist BLM totalitarian racists should never exceed five percent.

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  4. Batman says:

    “Brandi Grayson, M Adams, Bianca (“F * * * White People”) Gomez, and the other professional “community organizers” responsible for the boarded up and looted stores in Downtown Madison and in many places throughout the city (and surrounding suburbs, including Sun Prairie).”
    (Don’t cooperate with the police, they advise.)

    Please explain how these folks are “responsible” for what you say including the Sun Prairie incident you reference.


    • David Blaska says:

      Explain how they aren’t. They have created the intellectual framework for violence.They have refused to condemn that violence. They have disrupted governmental meetings. They have closed down heavily trafficked thoroughfares. They have explicitly counseled rioters not to speak to the police. They have called for eliminating and/or defunding the police. They have kept police at bay. They have elected local officials — alders and Mayor Satya — and cowed others into excusing violence, as when Satya demanded the immediate release of Devonere A. Johnson, the thug with the baseball bat and the bullhorn. And now it’s just a “coincidence” that shootings are off the charts; teens are stealing cars and endangering lives? Don’t be stupid.

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      • Batman says:

        Batman is a stickler for the principle of personal responsibility Dave, and that has been an ongoing theme in your writing. Why not now?
        Any individual who made a personal decision to commit some form of violence is solely responsible and no one else, plus how many of the destructive anarchists were from out of town like what is happening across our country?

        And since you know positively that Batman is not stupid, what is with the accusation?Defend on the merits alone because name calling isn’t a good look especially from a Squire. I’ll let it slide this time.


        • David Blaska says:

          Did I say the looters were not responsible? But so are the professors and politicians who rationalize, excuse, and defend them — to varying degrees (and not always criminal). The drug lord that orders an execution. The executioner is responsible, so is the drug lord. Words have meaning. Mayor Satya has created this climate by denigrating police, telling them to stand down, soliciting propagandistic “art” for the plywood covering shattered store fronts. Second-guessing every police action, especially if an officer accosts a favored race. I know you are not stupid and you are my friend. But damning the trigger finger without blaming the one who loaded the gun is missing a big part of the picture. How’s that?

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    • These irrational people are seditious instigators and enablers with subversion and ultimately revolution as their end goal. They are professional traitors to the core foundations that have built and maintained the United States of America for over two hundred years. These people are preaching get rid of the police, empty the jails
      and they want the “system” to ignore criminal activity especially if the criminal behavior is from a black person; how are they not directly and indirectly responsible for instigating violent riots, general criminal anarchy, and societal intimidation?


      • Batman says:

        Directly you ask? See my response above.
        Indirectly perhaps but that could be argued about almost anything. There are multiple ways to go after the instigators but that is a separate issue from the idea, concept, of personal responsibility.


        • pANTIFArts says:

          Powerful arguments from all three of you, however, y’all aren’t talking about the same thing. What is personal responsibility? (1)Preemptive personal responsibility involves empathy, and respect for rules and laws. You see the impact your potential actions could have on others, and adjust your life accordingly. “Fear of consequences” factors in as well, (being reincarnated as a toad, going to hell, prison time, etc.). (2)Ex post facto personal responsibility is all about the punishment if caught. You know the risk, but go for it anyway. (popular among career criminals and drunk drivers) When you ARE called to account, you step up and take your punishment. Everyone here lives in a world of example (1), and have varying experience with example (2), but we’re not talking about “everyone here”. In the world of rioting mobs and gunslinger hood boys, personal responsibility Does Not Exist. Antifa, BLM, and all the people you named, see themselves as a populist army (with no rules of engagement), whose ends justify any and all means. The mob is a singular organism, with no conscience, or fear of reprisal. If war were an “Individual” effort, there would be none. The chaos of war starts with recruitment officers, drill sergeants, range officers, etc, and eventually ends with “killin’ people and breakin’ stuff”. Everyone involved plays their part, but no one feels personal responsibility for it. And so it is with the riotous protests, everyone involved shares the blame for the result (enablers at the top, instigators, mindless pawns, even the restrained police presence- NOT their fault) Now, as to the gunslinger hood boys – They lack the ability to even FEEL empathy, and thanks to your civic leaders, the fear of legal consequences is rapidly disappearing. Batman, if you want to do a Diogenes-like search for “personally responsible” people, then stay away from City Hall, State St., and the “hoods”, etc. (or take your wood chipper with you)


        • “In the world of rioting mobs and gunslinger hood boys, personal responsibility Does Not Exist. Antifa, BLM, and all the people you named, see themselves as a populist army (with no rules of engagement), whose ends justify any and all means. The mob is a singular organism, with no conscience, or fear of reprisal.”

          Let’s dig into that just a little bit.

          1. Would the local movement leaders Madison, Brandi Grayson, M Adams, Bianca Gomez and absolutely everyone of their followers that are rioting in the streets mind if a mob of people went to each and every one of their homes, broke out all the windows, stole anything of value, painted hate filled language on their walls, and threw Molotov cocktails in the windows of their homes and cars? Does ends really justify the means?

          2. If they see themselves as a populist “army” then would they mind if an opposing “army” of citizens mobbed up and exerted overwhelming violent physical force against their army? Does ends really justify the means?

          They can’t have it both ways but that is EXACTLY what these irrational snowflakes that are protesting and rioting in our streets expect from society, they expect society to ignore their criminal violent behaviors but at the same time be intimidated enough by their behaviors to kowtow to their demands, but when an opposing force of any kind shows up to put a stop to their behaviors they whine and bitch like a bunch of immature little snowflakes.

          So if in fact the ends does justify the means then eventually when they reap what they’ve sown there shouldn’t be any complaining from them. But these irrational snowflakes are counting on civil society as a whole to not react to their violence in kind, thus they fear no reprisal and in many ways they’re correct about most of society, THIS IS THEIR POWER!!

          Personally I do not believe that rationalizing criminal behavior is appropriate, but if these irrational snow-flaking fools are successful at intimidating society into basically tying the hands of police so badly that they cannot be an effective force against violence and crime and they get the jails emptied then the only thing left for citizens seeking a lawful society will be to directly engage in the anarchy and respond with a violent vigilante force. When you back anyone into a corner with violence or the threat of violence they will respond with violence.

          These fools marching in the streets do not see the ultimate consequences to their foolish demands.

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        • I stated earlier…

          “how are they not directly and indirectly responsible for instigating violent riots, general criminal anarchy, and societal intimidation?”

          Let me add some clarity to that.

          Instigating riot is a felony, those that instigate riots are directly responsibly for those personal actions; they are also indirectly responsible for all of the individual acts of violence that take place during the riot that they instigated. It matters not whether these people personally choose to take responsibility for their actions, they are still 100% responsible for their own actions whether those actions are a direct or indirect cause for criminal activity.

          Consider Martin Luther King Jr. for a moment; he was directly responsible for his personal actions in instigating civil rights protest marches that he took part in and he was indirectly responsible for the actions of those that took part in those civil rights marches. Compare the differences in the conduct of those that took part in his civil rights marches as compared to the conduct of those that are taking part in the “protests” across the United States right now.

          When these local “protest” leaders across the USA are stating things like “If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it”, “F**k White People”, F**k The Police”, All Police Are Murderers”, All Police Are Racists”, All White People Are Racists”, etc, etc, etc and those local leaders absolutely refuse to condemn the violence and instead rationalize the violence these local leaders are all directly and indirectly responsible for inciting the violence.

          What’s happening in our streets is subversion and sedition.


    • Gary Kriewald says:

      When it comes to who’s “responsible” for the current crime wave in Madison, the best answer is that there’s more than enough blame to go around. Of course, those who commit the crimes are responsible, but so are those, including our civic “leaders” who have created a climate that sends a message to potential criminals that they have a much better chance than they did a mere two and a half months ago to commit mayhem and get away with it.


  5. Nancy Germann says:

    You forgot to mention the Free The 350 Bail Fund. Lost track of how many they were able to get released. I wonder if any of those they bailed out are responsible for the recent shots fired/shootings. Wouldn’t that be something. Guess we will have to wait and see.

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  6. georgessson says:

    Excellent & noteworthy links in Dave’s post: BLM, The so-called Mayor, Protests (including how in CHI & Madison criminals have gotten even more brazen and destructive), and Police “Reform”.

    A short yet compelling video of the sequence of events in sad old Madison:


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  7. madisonexpat says:

    Infuriating. BLM/Urban Triage/ Freedom My Ass are to blame for this. One brave shop keeper should run a civil suit against these fomenters of so much damage. Better yet, a class action. These race hustlers should be a target of a RICO investigation.
    East Wash. is Chicago.
    BLM is just a joke. One lie after another.
    Defund these fat fools soonest. They’re getting fatter off public money. Lots of it.

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  8. Batman says:

    How is that you ask?
    Not bad, pretty good in fact and should have been in your OP along with what I brought to the table. Glad I teased it out of you. There is method to my madness.
    Yes, we are friends and happy you feel the same. We are certainly on the same side.
    You would want me in the foxhole beside you.


  9. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    11-Year-Old Girl Shot On Madison’s East Side To Be Taken Off Life Support Thursday Morning

    Congratulation, criminal, feral, POS, miscreant wannabe THUGS; another life snuffed out, and a family irreparably altered, because of yer POS criminal, feral, miscreant THUG lifestyle!

    May You Rot In Hell!!!

    The Gotch

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    • Batman says:

      Ozanne and Madison’s bleeding heart judges would figure out a way to strike a deal with the devil himself for a quick release from hell to insure several more do-overs.
      It is the Madison way…


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        The Gotch is not a vindictive man by nature, but this is beyond the pale, and he longs for some real REAL Old Testament justice!

        The evereffin’luvin’ hell of it?

        The coddled, enabled 13-14 year olds crashing stolen cars now (with White Lefty Guilt inundated Lefty’s de facto blessing, convincing them nothing’s their fault) are the next generation of criminal, feral, POS, miscreant wannabe THUGS!

        Norm Sannes’ (whom posts to this blogge) 08/10/2020 WSJ LTE:

        Folks Are Scared Of RISING VIOLENCE.

        Every Normal Man Must Be Tempted, At Times, To Spit On His Hands, Hoist The Black Flag, And Begin Slitting Throats. H. L. Mencken

        The Gotch can resist anything….but temptation!

        Paging Paul Kersey…..

        The Gotch

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  10. Robski says:

    Could it be that there is a correlation between Keldas two touchdown win over Nada and eroding support for the “movement”? Before I 5150 myself could it be that Madisonians are hungry for change? Well not exactly change but maybe some return to normalcy in government? It wasn’t exactly a magnificent seven but it looks like Rissers District prefers a garden-variety Democrat as opposed to a far left progressive extremist. I have doubts but there could be a ghost of a chance that it is a sign of shapes of things to come! Nada’s banner sadly hangs on the Campus Dr. bridge as of early this evening 🤕


    • Batman says:

      Apparently the head scarf wasn’t enough to push the over sized, eating more than her fair share, grievance mongering victimologist over the edge.


  11. Bill says:

    I think that it can be said that there is a lack of personal responsibility on the part of the person doing the shooting as that person probably see’s himself as a part of a group and what he did as just following orders.

    Sad, so sad. A beautiful young lady with so, so much promise for the future cut down and will die by a bullet fired by a thug.

    My question to those of you in BLM is: When she dies, will BLM protest HER DEATH? Does HER Black life matter to them?

    To Anisa’s family: I don’t have much in the way of offering anything to say to console you other than a prayer that I would like to offer for Anisa from Psalm 23.

    The LORD is my shepherd;
    there is nothing I lack.
    In green pastures he makes me lie down;
    to still waters he leads me;
    he restores my soul.
    He guides me along right paths
    for the sake of his name.
    Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
    I will fear no evil, for you are with me;
    your rod and your staff comfort me.
    You set a table before me
    in front of my enemies;
    You anoint my head with oil;
    my cup overflows.
    Indeed, goodness and mercy will pursue me
    all the days of my life;
    I will dwell in the house of the LORD
    for endless days.


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  12. Batman says:

    So many good comments.
    One thing I will add is to highlight the McCloskeys of St. Louis and how the proglibocrat DA is attempting to make an example of them as a warning to others not to stand against the mob with force. I can easily see the same thing occurring in Madison. It is all part of the bigger plan of tearing down the existing social/governing structure/order with as little resistance as possible beginning with dem run cities to gain a foothold, spread intimidation, and refine tactics.
    The gang bangers terrorizing Madison are displaying classic sociopathic behavior and must be confronted and treated accordingly.

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    • Good Dog,Happy Man says:

      Law enforcement works every time it’s tried.
      It’s time to try it once again.

      Good law-abiding citizens should insist that all Burners, Looters and Murderers be brought to justice.


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