Who is driving this college town nuts?

How delusional? Counting flowers on the wall delusional!

In his many years, your genial bloggeur has worked both sides of the journalism game. As an ink-stained wretch at The Capital Times we saw the corrosive effects of progressivism up close. Hopped into the sunshine with Tommy Thompson wherein we wielded whip and chair on the scribblers and on-air personalities.

In the latter role, the Head Groundskeeper at the Werkes was sucker punched just enough to learn how they lean before spewing. Tried to remember Michael Deaver’s commandment: Be a well, not a fountain. May have spun a little but never fabricated. 

Which is to say, our federal lawsuit against the City of Madison for imposing racial quotas as a condition for membership on the Police Civilian Review Board is not our first rodeo. Had to laugh when the young woman announced that she was from WORT community radio here in Madison WI and then interjected, “Please Don’t Hang Up!”

Never do. Will talk to anyone. So few Madison progressives encounter an “Out” conservative that we take it as a public service — a religious obligation — to heal the heathens. Spread the gospel of personal responsibility, opportunity, and optimism.

So we talked to The Daily Beast. It’s one of those new media news/opinion outlets, entirely on-line and progressive as a sociology professor on George Soros’ payroll. (The Beast takes its name from the fictional newspaper imagined by satirical British novelist Evelyn Waugh.) Had to pay One Dollar to get the article out from behind its pay wall. (Where is Biden’s 16-cent holiday dividend when you need it?)

Headline in Daily Beast "Right-wing blogger pro-cop crusade drives college town nuts"

How bizarre!

Starts out this a-way:

David Blaska is no stranger to political controversy. But the 71-year-old provocateur’s latest campaign might be his most bizarre yet.

The conservative blogger, who says he’s been “annoying liberals” in Madison, Wisconsin, since birth, took his game to another level this week when he filed a federal lawsuit against the city, claiming that he had been the victim of racial discrimination.

His beef? He says he was not chosen for a seat on the city’s new police oversight board because he’s white — and he’s pushing everyone from officials to police-reform activists in the progressive state capital and college town toward despair.

“I’m sort of like John the Baptist,” Blaska told The Daily Beast. “Eventually, I will get my head served to me on a platter.” 

Card refused for lack of funds

In the course of putting together his story, Daily Beast reporter Andrew Boryga called back from New York to inform me that Madison Alder Brian Benford had played the race card. 

Ald. Benford, dues-paying Socialist.

According to Benford, Blaska is the “token conservative” in the city. He said he didn’t mind Blaska questioning the resolution passed in September. But he said filing a lawsuit against it and simply rejecting the core reasons why the board was created, such as the over-policing of minority communities, displays a certain level of dismissiveness he can only chalk up to racism.

“This is a social justice issue and he’s clearly a racist,” Benford said.

Yawn. It’s what they do.

Blaska’s Bottom LineHey! If it is a social justice issue then it must be … Monday in Madison. 

What are YOU doing to drive this college town nuts?

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  1. George Mitchell says:



  2. Alder Brian Benford, “said filing a lawsuit against it and simply rejecting the core reasons why the board was created, such as the over-policing of minority communities, displays a certain level of dismissiveness he can only chalk up to racism.” and “This is a social justice issue and he’s clearly a racist”

    Ald. Benford,
    No you foolish, foolish man; filing a discrimination lawsuit against the City of Madison to stop ACTUAL INTENTIONAL RACIAL DISCRIMINATION of a city government doesn’t reject any of the core reasons why the board was created, it rejects the unconstitutional racism that the City of Madison intentionally used to create the board. The board can do it’s job just as well without violating federal anti-discrimination laws. Also, this is a legal issue regarding discrimination not a social justice issue. Your ignorant statements reflects a complete lack of logic and critical thinking. Have you ever heard the phrase “it’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt”.

    Also, calling Blaska a racist for filing a discrimination lawsuit because the City of Madison literally violated federal anti-discrimination law is anti-logic, Blaska is actually trying to STOP the City of Madison’s intentional discrimination and racism. There is absolutely zero reason to call Blaska a racist for this lawsuit.

    “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Martin Luther King Jr.

    There are way too many unethical and immoral social justice warriors in the 21st century, and that appears to include Ald. Benford, that are more than willing to bastardize King’s dreams, flip them on their metaphorical heads and make their judgements solely based on the color of their skin and not the content of their character – that is exactly the kind of blatant racism that King fought against. When social justice warriors get called out for their intentional discrimination and outright racism what to they do, they falsely accuse others of racism in public defamation crusades; it appears to me that that this is exactly what Ald. Benford is doing with his ridiculously false claims that Blaska is a racist. I’ve challenged other foolish Madison race baiters that have falsely accused Blaska of the same kind of thing and not a one of them has ever been able to produced one shred of fact based evidence to support their public defamation.

    It’s time for Ald. Benford to either support his slanderous/libelous claims or retract the claims.

    I directly challenge Ald. Benford right here and right now to produce fact based evidence that Blaska is a racist; innuendo and accusations are not acceptable evidence.

    I suspect Ald. Benford will be like all the other unethical, immoral and cowardly race baiters that have been directly challenged to support their false claims of racism, they’ve all hid behind silence or personally attacked the challenger. Personally I hope Ald. Benford is a man of good character and accepts the challenge to support his accusation or publicly retracts the claims. The choice is up to Benford – choose wisely.

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    • I shared a link to my comment above on Alder Brian Benford’s apparent official Alderperson Facebook page where he shared the same Daily Beast article that Blaska shared above.


    • georgessson says:

      Good on ya, Steve. I do believe that we not only hafta have a more palatable candidate next time, we also need to beard the lion in his den. After all, we’re not obnoxious about it, but just givin’ ’em pause fer thought when they make really dumb UN-empirical comments… So I posted this to Stu Levitan’s comment on Benford’s FB page.

      “Stu… Any chance you could identify/qualify the “we” in your comment? RE: “WE aren’t even paying attention to him.” I thank you in advance. 😎 “


  3. Wm. Tyroler says:

    Soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-oQbA9GL2I.

    Whoever heard of a lawsuit filed in Dane County challenging governmental action? Shocking.


  4. A Voice in the Wilderness says:

    Squire: Now you’ll be in demand for the national TV news shows. Maybe we’ll see you amongst the “talking heads”.


  5. How do I drive Lefties nuts?

    I speak some inconvenient truths.

    When I confront them I always use the f-word, … facts.
    But even confronted with the facts, reality-impaired Lefty woketopians always rationalize,
    “But, … but, … but, …it’s ‘muh’ truth.”

    Sorry, Lefty-dawg, … there’s ain’t no such thing as “your truth”.
    There’s THE TRUTH , and then there’s your opinion.

    Affirmative Action is a blatant system of racial discrimination. It’s also bad public policy, that produced few of the benefits Lefties claimed. In fact, AA caused many negative unintended consequences. AA created and perpetuated MORE racial divisions, … not less. It’s high time for this failed attempt at social justice engineering to evolve and go the way of the proglobotic paleo-lib proglosaurus and become extinct, because it harms both the receiver of special AA preference and our society at large.

    An individual will always doubt if he really earned his position or if he was bequethed it due to the color of his epidermis. It’s also “Lefty Privilege”. They feel that it’s OK to discriminate if the cause is just. It’s not.

    As a person of color myself, (I’m kinda “golden toast”), I resent the soft bigotry of racial identity quotas in government. But this Citizen Police Oversight Board is not even Affirmative Action.
    It”s a quota. And it’s illegal.

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  6. One eye says:

    I read that article and didn’t have to dole out a dollar.
    Annoying liberals since birth? Didn’t you used to be one?
    Benford is scum. Like many BLM leaders he is a race traitor.


  7. fritzderkat says:

    Keep it up, Dave. Your word’s gettin’ round.


  8. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Has Tucker called yet? He ought to. Maybe Madison, or specifically your willingness to stick your thumb in the collective nose of Madison’s smug liberal elites (of all races), will embolden others in similar venues (Boulder, Ann Arbor, Champaign-Urbana, Austin, perhaps even redoubts like Berkeley and Cambridge) to challenge the totalitarian orthodoxy that makes them equally insufferable.


    • georgessson says:

      Great point Gary & well worth pursuing. MDSN is not the only city experiencing exactly the SAME discriminatory & UN-elected advisory advisory boards. However, with so many juicy current disparities to deal with, it may take Tucker awhile. Tho… I wonder just how we could get his attention…?


  9. Mr. Forward says:

    Blaska was advocating turning the Oscar Meyer location into a youth opportunity center months ago. That could be a useful discussion.


  10. Marginal says:

    Obviously Alder Benford would rather accuse you of being a racist rather than engaging in meaningful conversation. The label racist is thrown at people to shut them up. Fortunately that won’t work with you. Your background in journalism & govt has prepared you to talk with lefties without backing down .Most conservatives don’t have your skills in speaking.


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