Blaska is going federal

Change in venue

→ UPDATE: Lawsuit is filed today 06-30-21.

This bloggeur is filing his racial discrimination lawsuit in federal court instead of state court. Doing so Wednesday 06-30-21. Suing the City of Madison for mandating that persons who identify as white (to talk their lingo) can comprise no more than two of the 11 voting members of the Police Civilian Oversight Board.

Because federal courts do not give standing to “taxpayers” as a class, the six other citizens in the originally anticipated state action cannot be plaintiffs. The proprietor of this blogge applied for appointment and was rejected. Federal court has the advantage of setting a nationwide precedent. Represented by WI Institute for Law & Liberty.

Even if Madison were only 18% white instead of 72%, the City’s racial gerrymandering would be unconstitutional.

The entire premise of the Police Civilian Oversight Board is injurious. Its race-based composition supposes that Madison police are racist because arrests do not correlate exactly with the city’s demographics. Its effect will be to codify race as a consideration in law enforcement — creating two (or more) separate but unequal standards. The very harm the Constitution prohibits!

→ Think about it: What other governmental body is elected or appointed based on race? None!

federal courthouse, Madison WI

Critical race theory in government

Which is why political moderates like Bret Stephens advise snowflakes who read the New York Times that “The new racism won’t solve the old racism.”

Stephens relates the absurdity of two Jewish clinicians at Stanford University ordered to attend a “racially segregated ‘whiteness accountability’ affinity group, which was created for ‘staff who hold privilege via white identity.’” The two argued that “No affinity group was created for persons of Jewish ancestral identity.”

Discrimination in the service of equality is exactly as Orwellian as it sounds,” Stephens concludes.

This racial hair splitting leads to such Woke nonsense as the conscientious progressive who asks — in the very same issue of the NY Times,Which black people should I believe?

“White people are often admonished to defer to black people on issues of race and racism. But black people don’t hold monolithic opinions. What to do?”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: News flash: white people don’t hold monolithic opinions, either.

Aren’t you glad you’re a free, unbiased American?
Don’t you wish everyone was? 

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16 Responses to Blaska is going federal

  1. One eye says:

    My affinity group is bald, ectomorphic, pasty faced, introverted people who’ve had at least 2 broken bones and had a lazy eye as a child. Need help with a good acronym for that.

    Notice I said PEOPLE. My affinity group is definitely not sexist!

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    You know why Lefties have no sense of humor?

    There’s nothing funny about being one.


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  3. Good Dog, Happy Man says:

    Good Dawgs, please enjoy a Twofer Tuesday.


    If I were a member of the D卐M☭CRAT Kancel Kulture Klub,
    … I’d want to culturally cleanse and erase my racist history, too.


  4. Kevin S Wymore says:

    Best wishes, Mr. Blaska. If you’re successful, this could pull the house of cards down on other community citizen police review boards (with strikingly similar “majority/minority” language.)

    Come to think of it, the modus operandi of the Wisconsin Partnership Fund’s $400 million plus public health grants. On a “health equity” philosophy, that UW Medical School committee doles out $1 million grants largely, or even explicitly, to persons and organizations of color. While that might be appealing on the face of it, many people don’t understand what health equity is. And it leaves many competitive grant proposals to needlessly, and groundlessly, invent complaints against the white majority population in Wisconsin.


    • John says:

      It will not be successful. A man would have to be a sheltered fool to take that case to the 7th Circuit. But to take it to WWDC in communist Madison is retarded.

      You will NOT find justice in the WWDC!

      “Blaska is going federal”!!! HAHAHAHHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA!

      I can’t wait for Crocker or Conley to play stupid and ask you to prove jurisdiction! They will either lie or play stupid. You won’t find integrity or constitutionality at the WWDC.

      Good luck learning your lesson.


      • Liberty says:

        Perhaps it won’t succeed, but a least Blaska is doing SOMETHING, unlike most keyboard warriors in this county who don’t lift a finger when it counts.

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  5. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Do you know which judge will hear your case? In Madison it’s most likely to be an activist/radical/progressive who will deftly twist the law in favor of his/her fellow activists/radicals/progressives who support the PCOB. Any sane person can see the merits of your case at a glance, but that serves you not a whit in this little slice of Progressive Paradise.


  6. georgessson says:

    Good switch, tho I’m too dumb to unnerstan’ why this segregation ain’t against WI law, even considerin’ the Lib majorities. Seems like, racism is racism. I DO think you will (should) get traction w/ the FED. After all, isn’t this what we all fought against in the 70’s, and accomplished/improved so much? Oh, Snap, maybe the whole STATE is…. “Forget it, Jake, it’s Chinatown.”


  7. One eye says:


  8. One eye says:

    Nice Phil Mickelson shrine in the video testimony.

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  9. marci Kleinman says:

    What damages do you allege? Monetary? Personal? This will be hilarious even if it isn’t laughed out of court.


    • David Blaska says:

      Attorney costs. Stop laughing long enough to name me one other taxpayer-supported government agency any where in the U.S. whose membership is determined by race. Still laughing?


      • Batman says:

        When communicating with a proglibot; it is helpful to remember the context in which they live, think, and operate, which is the Constitution is best understood more as a suggestion for how to govern and structure our democratic republic as opposed to an actual blueprint. Plus, proglibot’s cannot read blueprints anyway because they do not attend trade schools.


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