We’re taking the Police Civilian Oversight Board to court

Racism is racism

Since our college days marching in Milwaukee with Father Groppi, patron saint of bus drivers, the Head Groundskeeper hereabouts has fought racism.

Which is why David Blaska is lead complainant against the City of Madison WI, Mayor Satya, and the Common Council for instituting a race-quota’d, $482,000 taxpayer-paid assault on Madison police. We refer, of course, to the resource-wasting Police Civilian Oversight Board. Fruit of the progressive agenda to Defund the Police — or, as they repackage that increasingly toxic tactic, “Re-imagining policing.”

By ordinance, this eleven-member board, with the power to subpoena front line police officers, must have at least six African-Americans, one Asian, one Latinx, and one Native American. Which means a majority of Madison citizens are ineligible for nine of the eleven voting seats. (“Madison stacks deck against police.”)

Blaska brings suit with six other Madison residents, who include former alder Dorothy Borchardt, because the federal and state constitutions — and Madison ordinance! — ban racial classifications. The whole idea is, as our lawsuit states, “repugnant to basic American values.” Yeah, Blaska applied for membership (and was denied) in order to stem the War on Cops.

Our lawsuit quotes Parents Involved in Cmty. Sch. v. Seattle Sch. Dist. No. 1, 551 U.S. 701, 730 (2007). “At the heart of the Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection lies the simple command that the Government must treat citizens as individuals, not as simply components of a racial [class].”

Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in 2007, “The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.”

U.S. Constitution

The lawsuit demands the City of Madison disband the Civilian Police Oversight Board and reconstitute its membership without regard to any applicant’s membership in a racial group. The lawsuit will be filed in Dane County Circuit Court next Tuesday 06-29-21. Daniel Lennington of the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty is lead counsel.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Or better yet, just abolish the damn thing altogether. Learn from New York City, police are not the problem; crime is.

When will Madison quit playing the race card?

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25 Responses to We’re taking the Police Civilian Oversight Board to court

  1. You’re fighting the good fight!


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  2. lmays says:

    Best wishes on the lawsuit. The mayor doesn”t live here on planet earth.Sent from my Galaxy


  3. Dave says:

    Right on Dave! Give em hell.


  4. One eye says:

    Haven’t heard much from that board. Are they still working out their pronouns?
    Good luck although you may only get a symbolic victory. Nothing to prevent them from removing the race requirements and ending up with same people.

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    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Will this lawsuit be heard by a judge in Dane County? If so, I think we all know the outcome.


      • Kevin S Wymore says:

        That’s not true, if you’re suggesting a Dane County Circuit Court judge will only render a decision aligned with liberals’ interests. My open records lawsuit a few years back found in favor of open records (and the people) even though I sued the (vastly more powerful) University Medical School committee over the $400 million-plus Wisconsin Partnership Fund grants.


  5. Pasco says:

    No racial representation is tyranny. Hope you’re asking for reparations too!
    Good luck!


  6. Normwegian says:

    Tuesday, June 29th….it’ll be interesting to see how the MSM covers this. If they do, we’ll be be the subject of many descriptive adjectives.


  7. In order to satiate their unquenchable thirst for more political power, the godless secular-progressives running the Glorious People’s RepubliKKK of MaKKKistan want to gild the lily, grow the bureaucracy and add another layer of Social Justice Oversight.

    Rather than calling it “the civilian police oversight committee”, let’s more accurately call it the “Department of Redundancy Department”, because that oversight responsibility is already legally assigned to the PFC, …. The Police and Fire Commission.

    Right arm, Dave, racism is racism and should always be called what it is: evil.
    Thank you, Dave for YOUR oversight of Corporate Chityhall Corruption.

    “I’m sorry, Mayor Satya, … your race card is no longer accepted here. It’s been denied. Do you have any other form of argumentation? Would you like to apply for a Trump card?”


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  8. sentient7 says:

    Wid ya on this crusade.

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  9. Boris says:

    Blaska still believes in the “justice” system! Adorable.


  10. fritzderkat says:

    Strongly approve.


  11. Attila says:

    Good luck with this I applaud the filers.
    It’s about time more people stand up to this narcissistic, vindictive, bully of a mayor.
    Have any of you watched this board? I’ve virtually watched ALL of them.
    They can’t get along because they all want to be the boss. Lots of internal fighting. Ankita Bharadwaj wanted to be the chair, didn’t get it, and clearly is bitter. There are “some” common sense folks on the board, but they are outnumbered by mayoral and council appointees who are cop-haters.

    Unfortunately in today’s world (and especially Madistan) it’s legal to discriminate against whitey. I don’t see this lawsuit going anywhere.

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  12. AdamC says:

    I hope you win.

    The Mayor and others behind this racist action should face severe financial penalties and be held personally liable for violation our state’s and nation’s principles and laws and their oaths to uphold same.

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  13. georgessson says:

    Absolutely: What ya’all said. Segregation is segregation, as is discrimination, simple as that. This suit should have legs…

    What’s discouraging? Nary a word by parents here opposed to “woke” politics (CRT) in the classroom, like Loudon school district and so many others. “Sheeple”? Yep, ya got it. Whether minority or not, no one seems to really care about education, much less their safety and security.


  14. US930894 says:

    Go David Go


  15. Kooter says:

    Rock on Righteous Brother!


  16. Larry says:

    Good luck Dave. This should be a slam dunk.


  17. Kevin S Wymore says:

    What’s fascinating to me is the community to which I have moved in Iowa just appointed a similar “racial quota’d” majority for their Police Oversight Board. I warned our City Council that requirements for explicit racial discrimination in favor of the Black Lives Matter group can’t be legal, or a good thing.

    All of this comes amidst a mayoral election here. At least this issue will attract some protracted attention here, since the ordinance was hammered out quickly, and in the Zoom meeting paradigm.


  18. This is something that I’d contribute some cash to the cause, how can I do that?


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