Madison stacks deck against police

On that civilian police oversight apparatus, which was approved early this morning (09-02-2020) by the Madison Common Council:

The proposed ordinance creating the board requires that it have members from minority communities and members with experience in mental health, youth advocacy and substance abuse. At least one member is required to have an arrest or conviction record.
Half of the board’s members are required to be Black.

Retired UW law professor Ann of Althouse observes:

Explicit race discrimination is required in the composition of this board. The Black population of Madison (according to the 2010 census) is 7.3%, yet 50% of the board must be black. …. Did anyone agonize or tremble even slightly over the constitutionality of the explicit race discrimination or would any acknowledgment of this problem be a politically unacceptable display of white privilege?

Blaska’s Bottom LineWatch Freedom Inc., Urban Triage, and Amelia Royko Maurer’s Community Response Team flood the police monitor with a thousand paper cuts — all judged by a kangaroo court of cop haters. While Downtown Madison is boarded up by violent BLM/Resistance/BernieBois anarchists and high-speed shootouts in stolen cars roil the streets.



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  2. Paula Dent says:

    Balboa: You’ve made your point, kid. Happy? Personally I would be mindful when using the word “fascism” but I will always defend someone else’s right to use it. Social distancing, sheltering and masking are necessary to reduce infection rates during this pandemic.


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