A kinder, gentler Republican party?

A most decent man is Senator Ron Johnson

Just returned from the Wisconsin Republican Convention in Wisconsin Dells today 06-26-21. Some quick thoughts:

Blown away by Sen. Ron Johnson again this fine Saturday in June. His talk was more Saturday sermon than political peroration. Urged Republicans to be better people, about not responding in kind to the vitriol and hate from the Left. (Those people are always angry!)

Described how a small gaggle of provocateurs F-bombed him at the Milwaukee Juneteenth out of hundreds who welcomed him. Told of a flight passenger who screamed into his face.

Trump 2021
May need to revise the MAGA caps

I’m getting exhausted and depressed by all the hate, Johnson admitted. “Our mission statement should be unify and heal this nation, not by being angry or nasty like they do. Let light pierce the darkness.”

→ Makes one wonder whether he will seek a third term. Didn’t say either way Saturday in the Dells.

Put me in mind of that hateful Capital Times “editorial” calling Sen. Johnson “a sick and twisted excuse for a human being.” That is how the Left dehumanizes political adversaries. In other words: feel free to destroy the man — literally. Progressives have given up on persuasion in favor of intimidation. If you don’t agree, you are a racist.

Johnson takes on all comers. Related that a black radio host on Milwaukee’s WNOV radio asked if the senator succeed because of white privilege. He admitted that, despite working his way through school he was privileged: “I was raised by two parents of deep faith.” Republicans are making inroads in the minority community.

→ None of Biden/Pelosi’s trillion-dollar spending sprees are going to accomplish half of what reinstating responsible, two-parent families can.

RonJon talked about “the power of living a good life” and “individual, extraordinary acts of kindness.” How a member of his senate staff donated a kidney, although it wasn’t a match for another staffer who needed a kidney it helped someone else live. He talked about his involvement in the Joseph Project, which helps disadvantaged minorities acquire in-demand skills.

The party is pushing Derrick Van Orden pretty hard. He is a lanky former Navy Seal with a white beard, stage presence, and a quick wit. Emceed — and impressed — the convention. Ran a close race against Ron Kind in the La Crosse/Eau Claire Third Congressional District last November.

UW-Oshkosh professor Duke Pesta had the quote of the convention. About critical race theory:

“Ten years ago you had to go to college to learn how to hate your country. Now … it’s in the elementary schools.”

The great election snipe hunt

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos announced that he had appointed former WI Supreme Court Justice Mike Gableman to lead the retired lawmen looking into irregularities in the state’s election. No inside information but can’t help but think Vos is trying to stave off criticism from the Election Deniers by making a show of actually doing something.

Ex-Marine Mike Gallagher, congressman from Green Bay, is a rising star but angered some of the RITOs by criticizing the January 6 assault on the Capitol. (Imagine that!) To take some of the heat off, Ohio’s Jim Jordan is doing his Lincoln Day dinner July 8.

The Trump card

If we had to guess, probably a third of convention delegates do believe the election was stolen but even most of them just want to move on (no dot-com). Couple vendors hawking No More RINOs merchandize but no one was wearing any. The talk was about growing the party from local school and village boards on up — not Stalinist/Trumpist purges. Critical Race Theory and boys in girls locker rooms will elect many moderates and conservatives.

Speaking of#45, he appeared in a one-minute video thanking WI Republicans and whining about the outcome. Received decent but not ecstatic applause. If anyone got an ecstatic reception, it was Ron Johnson.

For lunch, sat with wives of two physicians who practice in Columbus and a physician at Marshfield Clinic who, with a lady from Clark County, firmly believe the election was stolen; also a man from Fond du Lac County who did not commit either way.

Being the provocative S.O.B. readers have come to expect, Blaska wondered aloud why Ivanka and Jared Kushner couldn’t just put the old man under a conservatorship like Britney Spears. The table laughed.

Blaska’s Bottom LineMaybe Sen. Johnson’s speech was resonating at our table.

Can kindness beat hate?

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14 Responses to A kinder, gentler Republican party?

  1. sentient7 says:

    Ron Johnson….a contemporary character who mirrors the virtue of Jesus Christ……….. RJ would, if elected, be our finest President. He is honest, intelligent, and a voice for “the people.” No accolade for his recent history of action is too extreme. He is a walking, breathing human saint, in both the Christian and secular churches! He is a contemporary Ike, Churchill, FDR and MLK, Jr. composite.

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  2. Liberty says:

    Thanks for the great summary.

    Beautiful messaging from Senator Johnson. I also love that Republicans are reaching out to diverse communities. That will be our party’s and country’s strength.

    ““I’m getting exhausted and depressed by all the hate, Johnson admitted. “Our mission statement should be unify and heal this nation, not by being angry or nasty like they do. Let light pierce the darkness.”

    I think though, that some of the healing and kindness needs to occur from within the Republican party. Belittling other conservatives who rally behind Trump breeds resentment and division. Just sayin’.


    • David Blaska says:

      Then again, Blaska is not purging “RINOs” who refuse to believe the Stolen Election Myth. He sits down and breaks bread with them.

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      • Liberty says:

        It’s admirable that you meet with people who disagree with you. I like that about you. It’s a rare quality.

        Your post was mostly excellent and I especially loved that you talked about kindness trumping hate, but then you insult Trump supporters. People aren’t stupid for questioning the election. Maybe the information they have differs from yours. Everyone comes to conclusions differently. Don’t confuse people who have valid questions about the election with the small portion of provacateurs.

        I miss some of the people who used to come here to post.


  3. patrickmoloughlin says:

    The biggest problems I had with Trump’s accusations of voter fraud, was that he accepted and promoted ALL of them, no matter how far fetched. It was the “throw everything on the wall and see what sticks” approach. That allowed Democrats to dismiss all claims of fraud in masse. Republicans have not been able to make a distinction between the legitimate, credible evidence of cheating (such as the affidavits from election officials in Georgia and pristine, unfolded mail-in ballots) and the crazy conspiracy stuff. And they are still exploiting this aggregation. Every time you see a MSM reference to Trump’s accusation’s, they follow it with adjectives like “baseless” or “debunked.”

    So I’d like to make a distinction on the whole stolen election narrative. I firmly believe there was cheating (old fashioned ballot box stuffing), particularly in GA and PA. There were definitely illegal votes cast (harvested) in WI, as Judge Troupis PROVED. But I don’t believe the election was stolen. If we can make it clear that we are not interested in returning Trump to the White House, we just might be able get the fraud investigated and reforms instituted.

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    • David Blaska says:

      To reinstall Trump in August as the RITOs believe would be to MAAA (Make American Afghanistan Again). Yes, WI allowed ballot harvesting — a shameful practice. Were those real voters casting real ballots? Probably and not proven otherwise. Ballot harvesting must be stopped before, not after, lest real voters be disenfranchised.

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    • georgessson says:

      “If we can make it clear that we are not interested in returning Trump to the White House, we just might be able get the fraud investigated and reforms instituted.”

      More importantly, that would allow Republicans to find a more palatable, less disagreeable, and BETTER 2024 candidate. DeSantis pops into my brain for some reason…

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      • Batman says:

        Ron DeSantis/Tim Scott would be superior to Trump/_____ who was a great president but served his purpose and could be a valuable advisor if he could manage his ego and his mouth although one cannot blame him for being majorly ticked off after having the election stolen right out from under him, plus there are several gifted conservatives to fill cabinet positions.

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    • A Voice in the Wilderness says:

      How do you know there was “ballot box stuffing” in GA and PA? Sounds speculative and lame, Patrick.


  4. Good Dog, Happy Man says:

    Dear Dave,

    Sen Johnson is indeed a genuine Christian gentleman, but please note that he doesn’t turn the other cheek, … he fights back. Politics ain’t beanbag, Davedawg. Ron Johnson knows if he rolls over onto his back begging for a bellyrub from the hive-minded media, he’ll get rolled. You can’t fight very well from the default fetal position that establishement, well-fed elite Republicans always assume. Like it or not, right now the juice is with Trump and his bare-knuckle populist political style. The GOP IS Trump’s party. Besides, If he’d fought by the Marquis of Queensbury’s Rules, he wouldn’t’ve ever been elected in the first place.

    A fighting spirit makes establishment Conservatives uncomfortable. What President Lincoln said of Gen. Grant still holds true today. “‘At least he fights’ became kind of an unofficial mantra of the Trump brigades,” sniffed Never-Trumper Jonah Goldberg. Such disdain for Trump’s fighting spirit was ubiquitous among the perennial losers at the The Dispatch, The Bulwark or the Washington Post’s token house conservatives. Ultimately, these mushy moderates despise the fighting spirit of Trump and other grassroots Conservatives so much because it exposes their own lack of it. We shouldn’t waste time arguing with them, because their north star is cowardice, a soft gelatinous middle-of-the-road squishy center and puppy submission, … “waiting for a bellyrub, and the obligatory rhetorical question: “‘who’s a good boy?'”

    William F. Buckley wrote in his initial publisher’s statement in National Review that “radical Conservatives in this country have an interesting time of it, for when they are not being suppressed or mutilated by the Liberals, they are being ignored or humiliated by a great many of those of the well-fed Right, whose ignorance and amorality have never been exaggerated for the same reason that one cannot exaggerate infinity.” We have the same problem with the “well fed” Right today, and that is why the GOP must embrace, employ and educate,… not marginalize,… its firebrands.

    They have courage, without which victory is not possible. (h/t: Ace, Goody).

    This is most certainly true,

    The Most Right Reverend Doctor Good Dog, Happy Man

    PS: Never-Trump RINOs: Pierre Delectos, Goldbergs, Frenchs, Sykes’, Kristols and other gutless wonders are more at-risk of getting the Woo-Hoo Flu 2 because of their low testosterone.
    Besides, God hates a coward.


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    • David Blaska says:

      Blaska turns no cheek himself. Neither do we disparage a woman’s appearance.

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    • Good Dog, Happy Man wrote, “The GOP IS Trump’s party.”

      Maybe you don’t realize it but that’s how totalitarians talk and I really don’t think you’re a totalitarian. Be very careful how you allow your thinking to morph.

      No GDHM, the Republican Party is NOT Trump’s party, Trump is just a prominent person in the Republican Party, maybe even the most popular at this moment in time but the party is NOT his.

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  5. Bill says:

    I gotta say that both Good Dog, Happy Man and David made some really good points here. Lincoln’s words about General Grant, “At least he fights..” are very fitting in this time and space we presently are in.

    I guess what it really comes down to is; what do we who are Republicans do to separate ourselves from the democrats? How do we act and behave in such a manner that everyone knows you are a Republican in mind, body and spirit?

    Recently, I have been donating a small amount of my time, as I still have a full time job, to a wonderful organization called Habitat for Humanity. I have gotten to meet and work with a group of very wonderful people who really strive to do the right thing and make the world a better place. We are helping to build houses for people of all different races, colors and creeds from all over the world. They have to work with us, it is called sweat equity, to not only build their own homes, but build the homes of others who are also helping build homes.

    In talking to some of these people, I have found out that they have come to America to have opportunities that they would never have had where they came from. They also want the same for their children who are, if they are old enough, work right alongside their parents.

    The liberal, socialist vision of supplying everyone with everything they need based on race, is let’s face it, total BULLSHIT!

    My way of thinking is that we as Conservatives who call ourselves Republicans need to adopt a similar platform as Habitat for Humanity has. That platform should be for one and all. That platform should be: Together we will come together and build a great nation for one and all people who come to this great land of ours to be FREE!

    Under this model, no matter what your color, race or religion, if you are a person who is poor, you will come together with people like me, who are volunteering their time to build your condominium, home, and community. You will provide the sweat equity to build not only your abode but the homes of others as they will do the same for you.

    Our public schools shall open their doors to people who can, by their life experiences, teach our young people a thing or two about life. Trade people and business people alike should be able to go into our schools and work with our young people to teach them about what it takes to do their job. After all, how do you teach accounting when you are not an accountant? How do you teach someone how to read and interpret a blueprint of a building, lay it out for real and build it when you have never done so for a living.

    We can also open our schools to those people from other countries to come into our schools to tell our children why they came to this country. What reasons motivated them to come here. In doing so, American children of every color will see that all of us have a tremendous advantage of being an American.

    In doing so, we will build a community. Something we can all be proud of and want to take care of. We will be proud of the fact that we came together to build our future. Despite our differences, we will see ourselves as Americans, who as FDR put it, all wanting the same thing for ourselves and our prosperity, freedom of speech, freedom to worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear.

    This is what I hope for. This is what I will fight for!

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  6. David asked, “Can kindness beat hate?”

    Kindness cannot win battles or wars but in the long run it’s what can end wars.

    The problem we are facing in the United States these days is an ideological war and the ideological battles are being fought in the media and the streets. Kindness will not win these battles or this war, an unbending firm resolve is what will win and right now the stupid social justice warriors and their progressive counterparts are the ones with the firm resolve in the streets and they have the Pravda like propaganda laced left leaning media directly and indirectly supporting them, this MUST be countered en masse.


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