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Democrats married an idiot!

But he’s woke as an espresso grande! Someone posted a photo this morning of a grey fox in front of West high school. Know what’s an even more rare sight in Madison? A Ron Johnson lawn sign! Saw one just … Continue reading

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Hey, flip flopper!

Time for a little Mandela Barnes-storming! Blaska breakfasted with a committed Democrat Tuesday. Another cause to suspect your irascible host! He is already under fire among Republican party purgers for once citing CNN as a source. Even so, we noticed … Continue reading

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Are we not supposed to fear crime?

Playing the race card didn’t work for Dukakis, either. Recharged the battery for Blaska’s e-bike last April so maybe this mid-October day, with sunny skies and temps predicted in the upper 60°s F,  it’s time to take it out. Think … Continue reading

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Mandela v. RoJo — who won?

We’re one month out from the mid-term election! You-know-what is starting to get real! A few quick thoughts on Friday night’s Senate candidates’ debate between Mandela Barnes and Ron Johnson. Mandela Barnes was a revelation. He was light on his … Continue reading

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Why Ron Johnson will win re-election

Because he’s smarter than the average bear! Republicans running for election in purple, battleground Wisconsin are not going to pick fights with voters. They are not going to name-call potential voters “Deplorables” or (for that matter) RINOs. They have no urge … Continue reading

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Pissed-off Americans meet in Madison

No pouty faces! Just returned from the Republican Second Congressional District caucus here in Madison this morning. Kevin Nicholson gave one of the worst speeches since Jimmy Carter wore the wool cardigan and told his TV audience to burn their … Continue reading

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