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Why Ron Johnson will win re-election

Because he’s smarter than the average bear! Republicans running for election in purple, battleground Wisconsin are not going to pick fights with voters. They are not going to name-call potential voters “Deplorables” or (for that matter) RINOs. They have no urge … Continue reading

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Pissed-off Americans meet in Madison

No pouty faces! Just returned from the Republican Second Congressional District caucus here in Madison this morning. Kevin Nicholson gave one of the worst speeches since Jimmy Carter wore the wool cardigan and told his TV audience to burn their … Continue reading

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Democrats: ‘Too woke, too extreme’

Do Not Resuscitate! Four factors will make Tony Evers a one-term governor next November: 1) Woke public schools — in particular, their capitulation to critical race theory, transgenderism, chaos in the classroom, and dumbed down academics in the name of … Continue reading

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This time — like last time — fair maps

All politics is loco A progressive putsch? The previous installment of your favorite Blogge reported that Madison is redrawing its aldermanic districts to conform with the 2020 Census. Now the context: The maps throw council moderates Gary Halverson, Sheri Carter, … Continue reading

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A kinder, gentler Republican party?

A most decent man is Senator Ron Johnson Just returned from the Wisconsin Republican Convention in Wisconsin Dells today 06-26-21. Some quick thoughts: Blown away by Sen. Ron Johnson again this fine Saturday in June. His talk was more Saturday sermon … Continue reading

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Blaska gets out of Facebook jail

Facebook redemption  We have escaped Facebook Jail! For three days and nights we rotted inside the rank hole of oblivion, unable to share our paranoia and recrimination with the rest of the world. Was it something we said? We crawled … Continue reading

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