The choir won’t listen

Unless it hears its own song.

The Squire of the Stately Manor has traced the improved morale of his indentured servants to their clandestine viewing — on company time — of a rival blogge. Goes by the name “Yellow Stripes and Dead Armadillos.” Run by a fellow named Dave Cieslewicz. (That last name, we believe, is pronounced exactly as spelled.) Used to be mayor of Madison WI, where the political debate is over and decided, eternal truth revealed, acceptance required, or the social justice warriors will pay a midnight visit to your address.

In this house

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Dave Cieslewicz in “The wrong kind of social distancing:”

My neighbors are … very big on Black Lives Matter signs … and many of those insufferable In This House We Believe… yadda, yadda, yadda signs. (The last line on that sign is, “Kindness is everything.” …)

What’s curious about these signs, though, is that they don’t have a chance of convincing anyone. This is about the most homogeneous neighborhood — both politically and culturally — that you can imagine. We went about 85% for Biden in November. We may believe that Black Lives Matter, but very few Blacks are actually living their lives right here. So, people can’t be putting up these signs with the idea of advancing the cause. The choir has been spoken to and they’ve already sung.

I know Trump voters are out there. About 15% of my neighbors voted for him, but none of them felt comfortable putting up a sign. That reflects poorly on us. It even suggests that, if a neighbor were to put up a Trump sign, some of us might be unkind to him.

We Believe - Lawn Yard Sign

What our sign reads!

True of our neighbor bold enough to post a Trump campaign sign last Fall, replace it when it was vandalized, replace that one and then the next. We recounted the Battle of Orchard Ridge in “Our struggle against the Left’s cancel culture.” 

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Thank you, former mayor, for not preaching to the choir. We’ve been doing a little of that on our side of the fence lately, as well. Lost a few allies and our side of the fence was small enough to begin with. 

Exactly what is progressive about intolerance? 

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32 Responses to The choir won’t listen

  1. Kevin S Wymore says:

    Bold of him to suggest that educated people might have reasoned differences of opinion!


  2. Liberty says:

    “What’s curious about these signs, though, is that they don’t have a chance of convincing anyone. This is about the most homogeneous neighborhood — both politically and culturally — that you can imagine.”

    Kudos to the former mayor for recognizing this. Those signs ARE pretentious and do absolutely nothing to improve the lives they purport to care about.

    They’re also hypocritical. How much diversity do you see in the Monroe Dudgeon area? Anyone can talk a good liberal game.

    It’s also easy to put up a sign or speak out when most of the people in your group agree with you. Non courage required. It takes a heck of a lot more guts to stand up for something you believe in that’s unpopular with your cohorts.

    “Thank you, former mayor, for not preaching to the choir. We’ve been doing a little of that on our side of the fence lately, as well. Lost a few allies and our side of the fence was small enough to begin with.”

    Maybe temporarily. They’ll come back. If not, no worries. This past election was an emotional one for a lot of us. We need time heal.

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  3. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Pretentious yard signs certainly “don’t have a chance of convincing anyone,” but that’s not their purpose–they’re yet another manifestation of virtue-signaling, a pastime that never seems to lose its appeal for Madison’s liberal elites. Speaking of signs (not wonders): on Saturday, I noticed a huge billboard looming over University Avenue depicting Charles Darwin wearing a covid mask; the caption reads (drum roll) “In Science We Trust.” As if no one had noticed that science replaced the Deity in liberal circles long ago. Speaking yet again of signs: I put my Trump yard sign in my living room window (facing out) to prevent theft and/or vandalism. My neighbors, at least half of whom had Biden/Harris signs in their yards, discreetly never mentioned my apostasy.

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    • Good Dog,Happy Man says:

      Lefties who follow the science believe that wearing a face diaper will stop the transmission of Covid. Wearing a mask to stop a SARS virus is like putting up a chain link fence to stop a mosquito.

      I still have my 4×8 Trump sign out in my front field facing the county road, I may leave it there just to piss off some proglobotic pajama boy.

      Lefties believe in science, but it’s none of that “sciencey” science, … you know where you make a hypothesis, test it, rinse and repeat, … rather, it’s political science.

      Since Lefties are mostly self-made men who worship their own creator, they believe there’s no room for God or religion. Lefties think it’s a dichotomy, an either/or. I think it’s a dialectic, a both/and. Science and Religion dovetail perfectly because they try to answer different questions. Science seeks to answer, “How?” while Religion seeks to answer, “Why?”

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      • Liberty says:

        “Wearing a mask to stop a SARS virus is like putting up a chain link fence to stop a mosquito.”

        Exactly. Masks offers SOME protection, but leftists treat them like they’re the Holy Grail.

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        • pANTIFArts says:

          pANTIFArts the “Science Guy” says:
          –You want science? Let’s do science then.
          (1) Put on your mask (the one you usually wear).
          (2) Get some of your wife’s perfume (or yours, I won’t judge), and give 2 or 3 “spritzes” into the air. This will represent a small sneeze from an active Co-vid sufferer.
          (3) Step into the area and take 3 or 4 breaths. Smell anything? That is active Co-vid virus !! (Actually “aerosolized aromatic oils” in droplets too tiny to be seen, but large enough to transport “legions” of virus.) The virus is less than 1/100th the diameter of a human head hair.
          (4) Leave the area. Remove your mask. Still smell anything?–that would be active virus in your nose and throat. Smell your sleeve, your mask, hands, etc..(you get the point)

          —Masks never were an answer, only a simple thing folks could do to feel better about going outside. And they couldn’t hurt, — they’ll keep you from blowing out snot on others, and (vers-visa). As you saw in the experiment, masks do not stop viruses, and actually collect large quantities of them to be inhaled at your leisure.
          WHY are they now a RELIGION?


      • Liberty says:

        “Lefties believe in science, but it’s none of that “sciencey” science, … you know where you make a hypothesis, test it, rinse and repeat, … rather, it’s political science.”

        Right, they first formulate the “theory” then work backwards from there.

        Anyone who says “follow the science” doesn’t understand that science is only as good as the people formulating the questions and designing the studies.

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    • No Body says:

      I noticed a huge billboard looming over University Avenue depicting Charles Darwin wearing a covid mask; the caption reads (drum roll) “In Science We Trust.”

      Well, I’m old enough to remember how it was way back, a whole year ago. Yep, it was a little over a year ago Tony Fauci was adamant that Science proved masks were useless. So there was no point in wearing one. Then Science changed its mind and we should all wear a mask. Now it’s up to two masks?

      If Science is gonna be our new god, it needs to stop being so danged fickle!

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  4. One eye says:

    All of those signs say the same thing.

    “In this house, we believe:

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  5. BB says:

    That’s a good alternative sign to prick the pretentious ones. I just got myself a multi-colored sign for the lead-up to Easter…it has the Trinitarian verbiage from the Apostle’s Creed. It also includes, maybe as a hat-tip to the pretentious ones, the mention of a guy named Pontius Pilate. That’s a creed worth believing!


  6. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    Dave, you’ve cut a wide swath through the madness in the People’s Republic of Makistan, … from acknowledging the virtue-signaling, posing, pretentious proglibocratic Pharisees, … to being aware of losing some of our good friends, and they are our good friends.

    Of all our good friends you’ve alienated, I think I miss Cornelius Gotchberg the most.

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  7. Balboa says:

    Ole Mayor SwizzleStick is many days late and many dollars short with his hind sighted proclamations. I have about as much respect for him as I do for Bill Maher, whom diatribes about China, after he ridiculed Trump for 4 years of playing hard ball with those EVIL Bastages. They both do it to gather a following but and it all sounds nice in the end means absolutely nothing. Is he getting donors to support and vet and promote Candidates to run against these complete ignoramuses’ , if not then I don’t give a crap what that crazed CHOO-CHOO, bike round about loving ex-mayor has to say about anything for the city of Madison. He lost popularity when he gave into those Regressives and lost badly to for re-election to a partially reformed Hippie.

    It all sounds hollow to me and I compare it to Trump saying he repents and now supports tradition globalist, open border republicans. He now supports the likes of Paul Ryan, Murkowski, Collins, John McCain, Romney ideals. It just does not fly with me. Glad you have nice things to say about the Ex-Mayor I just do not share those feelings and nor will I ever trust his convictions or intentions.

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  8. jimydandy says:

    What’s this dog smelling another dogs posterior with Dave and Cheezewhiz Boy? I went up against Cheeze once and he bashed me. Bill Leuders ripped him a new one in the next issue of the Isthmus. So no, there is no luv.

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  9. pANTIFArts says:

    –This thread seems to kinda be about yard signs, and the love affair Progs have with them. I’ll give you a sign suggestion everyone can enjoy (for different reasons).
    –Premise 1: Most Progs do NOT support your 2nd Amendment rights. They prefer to believe that if it were possible to disarm YOU, all gun violence would cease. (I suppose all the fine young “gangsta’s” would disarm voluntarily, on their own.)
    –Premise 2: The uncertainty of exactly WHICH homeowners are armed, and WHICH are not, keeps many fine young “gangsta’s” out on the sidewalk (and not in your house).
    –The next time you find yourself in a spirited debate about “why ANYONE would feel they need to own a gun”, offer them a yard sign. Heck, offer to INSTALL it for them.

    ——-End gun Violence NOW!!
    ——-This Home Is Proudly
    ————-GUN FREE!!
    (The moral is something about them allowing their mouths to write checks that their a$$es aren’t willing to cash.) Feel free to replace the first line with the Progressive “bait” line of your choosing. Keep a couple in your car, so you’re always prepared.
    Ain’t bein’ WOKE great?

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  10. madisonexpat says:

    This just in… the January 6th Commission seems to be fizzling out. Apparently the alleged impeachable event has little if any “there” there. Perhaps the alleged exhortations to murder, hang and overthrow our government by means of a pointy hat and a spear were not the revolution we were told.
    So now the Trump Exhortation to murder cops, hang the VP, occupy the capitol, chase AOC under her desk and alarm the Squire has benefitted whom?
    How does The Insurrection get put right by a couple glaziers and some vacuuming?
    How many guardsmen, razor wire spools and barriers were justified by the political panty raid?
    How did they manage to assemble all that Green Zone security so fast?
    How long will it remain?

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  11. Balboa says:

    Remember that Time the Washington Post got caught making up a story about Trump asking GA Sec of State to overthrow the election results in GA. HMM, within hours many other MSM new sources had corroborated this outright lie. Heck a 2nd impeachment trial used these false stories as evidence of the Orange Dulce. Tapes have been released showing they made this up completely and whole heartedly. btw it was mentioned in this very blog. It did not happen. They even wanted to open criminal charges against Trump for this supposed Call.
    It took under 200 years for the great experiment to revert back to Chaos and Serfdom.
    Madison is just one example of such catastrophe.

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    • madisonexpat says:

      I have heard that many journalists have often made up things to blame on President Trump. Will they become honest in his absence? Will they research and report honestly on President Biden?
      No. Journalism is as obsolete as the traditional political parties.
      And as dishonest.

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  12. Kooter says:

    Good to see (ex)-Mayor Dave’s Epiphany however he is one of the reasons Madison is where it’s at now politically speaking. You reap what you sow!

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  13. Serendipity says:

    Another Ode to The Gotch

    The elusive one known as “The Gotch”,
    Did turn up the discourse a notch.
    Was it something we said
    Or perhaps left unsaid?
    Is known only by Gotchety Crotch.


  14. georgessson says:

    “Citizen/Mayor Dave” warrants scrutiny…. Yes, he has backed off on the Progressive perspective. Who wouldn’t these days. And I applaud his stance on yard sign hypocrisy.

    He still promulgates trolley cars and whimsical changes to State Street tho what is required is the safety to tear down the plywood and guarantee a decent experience for the patrons/ biz owners. And his pitting of Law Forward against WILL (in a recent Isthmus opinion) betrays a further lack of seriousness. RE: how trivial is “bird safety” (via glass in new construction) versus securing a better Madison downtown?

    Thus far, IMHO, Mayor/Citizen Dave is a tad too schizophrenic.


  15. White Hills says:

    Why don’t they just be honest with themselves and put up one sign with a middle finger with the phrase “normal people” alongside another sign sporting an andro symbol with the phrase “don’t tread on me, I’m special”? Stop pretending that you care about exploited immigrants who cook your food remotely at some “local” unseen cloud kitchen.


    • AdamC says:

      The lot of them would pee their PJ’s and call 911 in a heartbeat if BLM chanted loudly and pounded on their windows at 1 a.m. demanding reparations payments, or if illegals jumped their white picket fence and pitched a tent in their backyard (you know, to reclaim stolen indigenous territory), or a bunch of Drag Queen Story Hour characters had a nude Love Is Love orgy on their sidewalk.

      It’s all for show and to one-up neighbors in the ongoing Madison Virtue-Signaling Olympics that perpetuate white wealthy lovingly restored Craftsman homeowners in near West and near East Side neighborhoods.


  16. madisonexpat says:

    President Biden… Tear down this Wall!
    (Referring to Fort Pelosi)


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