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Two cheers for divided government!

One takes solace where he can find it. Wisconsin, as the Werkes predicted, narrowly fell to Joe Biden, who looks to be the next President, as we also predicted. Not that this thing doesn’t have weeks to play out, courts to convene, and commentators to comment. Donald Trump fought like a Marine, did helluva lot better than predicted, but we think he is toast.

Map of U.S.

The electoral map 202 created by Ol’ Sparky

A blessing in disguise? (“At the moment, very well disguised,” Winston Churchill lamented after a defeat.) The head groundskeeper will stray from the plantation to suggest that, going forward, my political party can prosper from the policy prescriptions of Donald Trump without his maddening, unpredictable solar eruptions. Thanks to Trump, the Republican party has become the party of the working man and woman, newly averse to foreign adventurism, constitutionally sound, the friend of the police officer on the beat, respecting religion and social mores, refusing to play identity politics.

The headline in Politico provides succor: Biden looks screwed even if he wins.” It looks like Mitch McConnell will continue to lead a majority of Republicans in the U.S. Senate. That bodes well for blocking Biden/Kamala Harris’ more extreme judicial appointments and redistribution. And for continuing investigations into Clapper/Comey/Brennan-style corruption.

Because Democrats seriously under-performed across the country. They flipped only two seats — Cory Gardner in Colorado and Martha McSally in Arizona (as we and virtually everyone predicted) — despite an expanded battleground map and a massive cash advantage, as Politico observes.

That’s the other big take-away from Election 2020money doesn’t buy electoral happiness. Lindsay Graham’s opponent raised $57 million during the third quarter alone — twice as much as Graham had raised in the previous six quarters combined. Democrats threw $100 million at Mitch McConnell’s challenger. To no avail. Democrats had what the New York Times called a “stunning fund-raising advantage.”

Meanwhile, in Pelosi-ville

Democrats failed to pick up the 10 to 20 seats forecast. Indeed, it appears Republicans will actually add to their 198 while the Democrats lose a few of their 232 seats. Former UW-Madison chancellor Donna Shalala lost her House seat in the Miami area — one of two Democrats to lose to Cuban-American Republicans. The GOP also reclaimed New York City’s Staten Island seat. Next door in Minnesota, the Democrats chairman of the House Agriculture committee, fell to a Republican woman — one of fivewho toppled Dem incumbents last night. (The Ron Kind race in La Crosse has not been called.)

Here in Wisconsin, congratulations to State Rep. Todd Novak for turning back Kris Marion, a Bernie Sanders-endorsed socialist. Comrade John Nichols savaged Novak on her behalf, to no avail. State Senate Republicans actually picked up two seats — in New Richmond and Green Bay. But Assembly Democrats flipped seats in once heavily Republican Mequon and Brookfield where, likely, Donald Trump and his toxic personality lost Wisconsin.

We’ll leave you with the words of the youngest U.S. House member in recent history, a barely eligible (according to the Constitution) 25-year-old named Madison Cawthorn. A paraplegic, the North Carolina Republican tweeted on election night: “Cry more, lib.”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: America Tuesday 11-03-20 was weary of the Orange Meanie but still said no to socialism, chaos, and crime.

Are YOU hoping for gridlock, too?


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  1. RAVENOAKS says:

    4 November 2020 10:49 PM

    Lieber Dave:
    Ich habe beschlossen, für die unmittelbare Zukunft eine Pause vom Posten in diesem Blog einzulegen.
    Es ist zu viel mit dem bevölkert, was Bill Maher nennt. “Whiny Bitches.”
    Ich überlasse es ihnen, sich in ihrem Elend nach den Wahlen zu suhlen und zu weinen.
    Ich werde es nach 4 Jahren endlich genießen, das Amt des Präsidenten der Vereinigten Staaten bald zu respektieren.
    Gott segne die USA.


  2. Bill says:


    Before you go could you please watch these three interviews with Dr. Thomas Sowell.

    I would very much like to hear your perspective on these video’s.

    Thank you.

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  3. Gg Mo says:

    “When everything Americans believe is false, our misinformation campaign will be complete.”
    William Casey CIA Agent Head under Reagan
    Yes, Trump will enevitably win. The fraud commited by the Dems has reached such ridicuolous levels that this could only be more epic WWE engineered (soap opera) DIALECTICS.
    This means only a slower boiling-frog,and DO pay attention to those that “SAVE” the “integrity” of the “election”.. It most likely will be framed that “our greatest ally” did this TOlam , So, as “white” professors screech, and moan about their horrible ,entrench “racism” , and “1,500 rabbis agree/sign on, that (iillegal) immigration is a “human right” , the other side of the PINCER “saves” our country as founded by Christian (they hate Jesus though) , Constitutional (soon to be in-your-face NOAHIDE Laws , as purposed at the UN !), “Conservative” (SOCIALLY , alone, and not even that ) “Conservative” America………………………..


    • Gg Mo says:

      Oh, And it will be “democracy” they’ll save NOT our Constitutional Republic. They like mob-control, and have been working for over a century on this “Problem” of personal , individual sovereignty (free will as given to us by our Lord) , and those who submit their will, and worship to the Lord Jesus the Christ , in the Trinity.


  4. dad29 says:

    “When everything Americans believe is false, our misinformation campaign will be complete.”
    William Casey CIA Agent Head

    We note that not one damn thing has changed in the CIA; they’re still pumping out the One Volk One World, One Order, crapola through Time magazine, their vehicle of choice since 1950 or so.

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    • Gg Mo says:

      A decade ago, I had a subscription to Harper’s mag. Lewis Lapham era, I switched to Lapham Quarterly when I began noticing a Eugenics agenda from advertisers, and a STRONG stench of a globalist, demoralist angle aimed at REAL Conservative Patriots , from the “journalists” enscounced under the wing of tag-team Editors, Macathur/Silverstein (no relation (?) to 9/11 Billionairne proffiteer Larry) ,and Ellen Rosenbush (no relation (?) to Joe Rosenbaum) . I still picked it up from time-to-time , just to check if my observations were correct . They were. And then I started noticing the same damndible thing in , of all things, The Saturday Evening Post (“saved” by Buert ,and Cory SerVaas 1970-2008) which i’d pick up randomly from time to time . A FULL on CIA/PhRma opperation for all intents and purposes. A “war” (in various guises) against our elders/history that continues on …Lord have mercy.


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