Blaska is voting for that bastard, Trump

And you don’t have to like it!

Donald Trump is his own worst enemy. He steps on his applause lines, he gets in the way of his message. He is a classic narcissist. His tank of human empathy reads “empty.” He’s that co-worker you avoid: never wrong and blaming everyone around him when things don’t go right. He lies like a bad toupee. The best leaders can laugh at themselves (“I forgot to duck.”) and show a little humility — even if it is faked. Not this guy. 

The head groundskeeper hereabouts does not know if he can take another four years of The Donald’s needy preening. Four years ago we were Never Trump despite being an alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. (Good times!)

This time around, we’re voting Trump/Pence, anyway!

Joe Biden is only a placeholder for Kamala, Corey, and crew. Bernie, A.O.C., Ilhan, and Pocan are not your father’s Democrats. Blaska knew (about) JFK growing up. Today’s Dems are no JFK, who was pro-growth, low-tax, anti-communist. (The economic tide rose under Donald Trump; it lifted all boats; Black unemployment was the lowest on record before the pandemic; America exports energy; 401(k)s are fat and sassy.)

Biden would cede sovereignty to unelected “experts” who would leverage the environment to determine economic, political, and social policy aka the Green New Deal. Rule by expert (they’re never wrong, right?) is the essence of progressivism.

Democrats’ platform boils down to more free stuff — some form of reparations, “free” college, and nationalized medicine. Speaking of Castro’s Cuba, we’re still waiting for the first liberal to call out the cancel culture. Invite Condoleezza Rice to your commencement exercise and then we’ll talk.

Margaret Thatcher said “democratic” socialism had a smell, that of uncollected garbage by striking workers. Today, it smells like fire-bombed dumpsters. You can also see socialism; it’s boarded up like State Street, Madison WI. It has a sound, F-bombers drowning out dissent.

The cult of victimhood

The Left is Portland, Baltimore, and Kenosha. It is blame, resentment, and grievance. Defund the cops, Derail the jail. Destroy the culture. Lock black kids in failing schools to placate the teachers union. The progressive project feeds on victimhood, like a wonkish Nosferatu. Blacks, women, even taxpayer-subsidized college students — all are victims of oppression! Aspiring martyrs like Jussie Smollett and Madison’s own Althea Bernstein fake victimhood to become heroes. What a twisted value system!

Foreign policy? Trump/Pence extinguished ISIS, rubbed out terrorists like Soleimani and al-Baghdadi (to the shrieks of MSNBC and the NY Times), recognized Jerusalem, brought Arab countries and Israel together, started no new wars, withdrew from old ones, and is holding China and Iran to account.

Democrats’ have politicized Covid-19. But while Trump was sealing off Wuhan’s contagion from the U.S., Democrats played the race card. Nancy Pelosi was walking arm in arm with Democrats into San Francisco’s Chinatown. No face masks, no social distancing.

You want irony?

Donald Trump is a tribune of the downtrodden working man — “the Deplorables” once claimed by the likes of Wm Jennings Bryan and Woody Guthrie. Trump is the antidote to the twisted histories of the professoriate, the sneering hubris of Hollywood, and virtue-signaling mainstream media elites who:

  • Defenestrated venial sinners like Al Franken in the #MeToo frenzy.
  • Crucified that kid from Covington Catholic high school for being White, Christian, and MAGA.
  • Promote drag queen story hour at the elementary school.

If you don’t agree, you’re a racist! We will not reward what David Harsanyi in National Review calls “the American Left’s extraordinary four-year descent into insanity.”

I’m sorry, I have a hard time taking etiquette lessons from people who can’t raise any ire over the Virginia governor’s casual description of euthanizing infants.

Will Donald Trump accept the results of next week’s election? Maybe when Democrats respect the results of 2016. How can Robert Mueller conclude “Russian Collusion” was a hoax and not be the least bit curious about who hoaxed? Unless his team was riven with Obama/Clinton deep-state holdovers like Peter Strzok. (“We’ll stop Trump.”) Impeach over a telephone call? Are you kidding! 

Democrats who put the electron microscope to Brett Kavanaugh’s high school yearbook pretend — with the connivance of a curiously un-curious news media — there’s nothing to see on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Now they will pack the court to get what they cannot legislate.

Blaska’s Bottom LineMaybe this time the arrogant Left will learn its lesson.

For whom are YOU voting?

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  1. I’m voting strictly on policy, absolutely nothing else in the 2020 Presidential election.

    I didn’t vote for Trump or Clinton in 2016 because I thought they were both the worst that their party had to offer and a lose-lose regardless of which person sat in the Oval Office. What the last four years has shown me is that the personality and character of the person on the Oval Office is damn near irrelevant to getting things done in the political bubble of Washington DC. Trump is a terrible person to be in the Oval Office in all respects other than actually getting things done for the American people and striving for peace in the world. Regardless of President Trumps personality and character failures, he has accomplished a lot in the USA and around the world.

    I may never vote for a person over policy again when it comes to the President of the United States.

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    • Good Dog,Happy Man says:


      Good thing Trump trumps hate and substance still rules over style. I’ve little patience for the perpetually-offended special snowflakes clutching their collective PC pearls and loooking for the fainting couches because 16 years ago Trump said that loose Lefty women woould allow you to grab them by their p*****s. He”s probably right.

      The only thing worse than Covid-19 would be Quid pro Joe in 2020.

      It’s plain to see that The ‘Rona hit the First Family harder than they admit, … they won’t be leaving the White House until 2024.



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  2. Batman says:

    Nice to see you finally (only took 4yrs) figured out that policy is more important than personality Dave but then you say:
    “The head groundskeeper hereabouts does not know if he can take another four years of The Donald’s needy preening.”

    If The Orange Master is reelected you will not only survive but be eternally grateful you voted to MAGA!

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  3. Amos Roe says:

    “His tank of human empathy reads ’empty.'”
    I don’t agree at all. Yes, his narcism is over the top, but I agree with one of your posters who mentioned a while ago that he “has a big heart.” When I first heard of the guy in the 80’s, I just dismissed him as a bad joke. That changed after he first ran for president and I took the time to really dig into who he is. Numerous interviews with both him and people he’s worked with over the years, etc, etc. You ever notice how those who have actually worked with him and yet come out in personal attacks against his character are nearly always aligned with the Deep State?

    What the establishment hates about him is that he is not a phony, he has enough money to not be bought or intimidated by anyone, and he is a FIGHTER. His four years of battle has shown to the average American just how corrupt the establishment has become……including nearly all of the “progressive” or “leftist” media at this point. We’ve been living on borrowed time and it can’t go on forever. But IMO Trump’s accomplishment is truly historic in clearly exposing the deep levels of corruption within our media and government, together with a lack of empathy or TDS-induced ignorance in the average (usually entitled) people who hate him the most.

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    • Batman says:

      Thanks Amos, nicely put.
      If you think about it, who else could have done what you explain and there is a helluva lot more where that came from.

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    • Liberty says:

      Well stated, Amos!

      I had no idea how deeply the corruption ran in the federal government until I started paying better attention to Trump. No wonder Trump is hated so much.

      I’m amazed at the president’s tenacity. After all the attacks and impeachment and Russia nonsense, and not knowing whom to trust, he’s still out there fighting for us.

      I’m also proud of the people. Despite media’s blatant bias and big tech’s censoring, the truth is still getting out there, and people are waking up. There are of course those with some form of TDS who will probably never get it, but I think it’s safe to say that Trump has awakened a giant.


  4. gorwell says:

    “Trump is the antidote to the twisted histories of the professoriate, the sneering hubris of Hollywood, and virtue-signaling mainstream media elites…”


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    • Liberty says:

      You bet it is!

      People are sick of being talked down to like we’re idiots. And the elite STILL don’t get it.


  5. Gary Kriewald says:

    Voted for DT last Friday at the local branch library–took about 10 minutes. Couldn’t help imagining what those earnest poll workers would have done to me if they’d known how I voted.
    To your litany of the left’s sins you might want to add the toxic sludge of identity politics they’ve been ramming down our throats for the last 40 years–the source of so many other sins.
    “Maybe this time the arrogant left will learn its lesson.” Not a chance. To learn a lesson you have to begin by admitting the error of your ways, something the left is utterly incapable of.

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  6. Bob Dorn says:

    Just don’t agree with you about Trump unable to laugh at himself. We went to the rally in Janesville and he’s constantly cutting up at his own expense. Why does he draw so many people to his rallies and is so beloved by his followers to a level not seen before in American politics. He’s even having parades/rallies with him not even being there!

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    • Speaking of Trump rallies…

      I was referred to an article on written by Karlyn Borysenko on February 11, 2020 the article is titles, “After Attending a Trump Rally, I Realized Democrats Are Not Ready For 2020“. The article is a unique perspective that shows us a clear view, from the eyes of someone who’s lived it, of the disturbing popular 21st century societal trends of bigotry and hate within the Democratic Party (it’s not limited to the Democratic Party) and how those two things blind those it consumes.

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    • AdamC says:

      His sense of humor is marvelous! When I cut thru the leftist media filter on my own that was one of the first things I noticed…. he is really funny. He also DOES have empathy. And smarts.

      I hope he wins next Tuesday.

      -Longtime Madison Dem


      • Gary Kriewald says:

        He could never have gotten to where he is without those qualities–or a damn good simulation of them. It’s the partisan, humorless media that perpetrates this lie along with about ten thousand others about Trump’s personality. He couldn’t have succeeded in popular culture or politics without empathy and a sense of humor–often self-deprecating or ironic–a quality the literal-minded drones in the MSM couldn’t recognize if they tripped over it. Meanwhile they try to convinice us that a senile, washed-up old blowhard like JB is the very embodiment of statesmanship and vision.


  7. madisonexpat says:

    The Washington Party gave us both Bushes, Kerry, Romney, both Clintons and Obama. Our foreign policy has sucked since it the State Dept. took it over. Our military is wasted to enrich the Pentagon. Our manufacturing was shipped to China and Mexico. Our educational system is an epic failure. There are no government budgets.

    Biden is a Washington denizen for 47 years and voted against the liberation of Kuwait FOR the invasion of Iraq, AGAINST the Surge that won it FOR the withdrawal that lost it. This is all when he was coherent.

    You know who Senator Tammy LGBTQWERTY, Pooky Pocan, Satyaphatassdown, Ismael Ozanne, Progressive Dane and the rest of the Progressive Industrial Complex are all voting for and against.

    Trump! You magnificent bastard!

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  8. AdamC says:

    I voted Dem 4 years ago and instantly regretted it. Will be voting Trump with full enthusiasm. I wonder how many Never-Trump GOP voters will vote for him this time around?

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  9. Pasco says:

    Getting my vote this time. I will also never vote/write a check for the never trumpers associated with organizers like the Lincoln project. He has been successful despite himself and the obstacles that have been put before him.
    PS still puking over my support for the former Governor of Ohio.

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  10. georgessson says:

    As Churchill once said, “You’ll never reach your destination if you stop to throw stones at every dog that barks…” I, too, did NOT vote for President in 2016. But I sure as Hell did for 2020. The Left is scary demented. As Morton Blackwell said, “Winners aren’t perfect, They just made fewer mistakes than their rivals”.

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  11. Phil Strawn says:

    From the above post, I think we all will be making the right decision to vote for him. I am purely selfish in my reasoning. I am on SS and Medicaid, and would be in a shitload of trouble if that is taken away or diminished in any form. I am voting for my 401 K that will keep me eating for a while longer, and I vote to keep our country free of socialism and all that comes with it. He may not be our favorite candidate, but darn better than the alternative. Good post DB.

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  12. Balboa says:

    Heck David, you harken back to JFK, how about even the party of Tip O’Neill. What congressional democrat party would even work with the opposition parties president like the democrats did with Reagan. The gaps between parties were much smaller. His ability to keep working at everything at once, in mass chaos, and to constantly be pushing entrenched Republicans to start carrying their weight and start doing instead of being all talk and no action. All the while swatting away a millions mosquitos attacks from for the last 4 years has been nothing short of miraculous. He is the only person who gets stronger the more he is attacked.

    Please 4 more years of Trump.

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  13. Mike says:

    Democrats learn their lesson? Unlikely, given that they spend all those years in school learning absolutely nothing of value other then how to be a victim for fun and profit.

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  14. Almostarepublican says:

    I did not vote for Trump and yet I feel that he is still going to win this election. Why? Because of posts like this. I didn’t vote for him because I can’t stand his rhetoric about women. He’s everybody’s sleazy uncle and I’ve got a few of them in my family. They give me the creeps and I don’t want someone like that as President. On the other hand, I do like his rhetoric about having a strong country that works for everyone. He doesn’t play identity politics, which is one of the big things that I’ve grown to hate about the democratic party and why I may defect. Everybody wants their piece of the action and I believe that they already have it. This country is big enough to allow everyone a chance to succeed if you work hard and persevere. Uncle Joe will have his work cut out for him if he wants to keep the country moving forward if he wins. He will have the BLM folks screaming down his neck and that will not bode well for the police in this country. We need to support our police, which is another reason why I’m disgruntled with the Democrats. Who would have thought that it was cool to hate on the police? Yes, they need to improve, but not at the expense of runaway crime and downtown mayhem. They need to be able to do their jobs, not be hamstrung by the overly woke. Somewhere the middle ground of the Democratic party has been usurped by the far left. Lord help us. If Trump wasn’t such a doofus, I’d probably vote for him.


    • Amos Roe says:

      “I didn’t vote for him because I can’t stand his rhetoric about women. He’s everybody’s sleazy uncle and I’ve got a few of them in my family. They give me the creeps and I don’t want someone like that as President.”

      Cutting through the media-created false narrative, can you tell me where this rhetoric and attitude can actually be substantiated? I did due diligence before voting for him in 2016 and just could not find it at all. On the contrary, I especially remember an interview with one of his top executives who said that she would never have been given the opportunities she got with Trump had she been working with most other corporations. Sorry can’t find a link right now, if indeed YT or G hasn’t long ago disappeared it.
      But I did find another one which is well worth watching:

      Note, BTW, that in a DC world full of sleazy sexual assaults on women/girls, Trump has NEVER been seriously charged with credible allegations of this kind of behavior. Doesn’t this speak volumes more than anything else? Also, remember what he did immediately after he found out about the accusations against Jeffrey Epstein? Contrast that with all those enemies of Trump………..

      Of course, I’m open to correction if you can provide real evidence. Thanks.


      • almostarepublican says:

        His words are all I need to prove that he’s a sleaze ball. He’s said things about his own daughter that tell me his boundaries are poor. He used to walk into the dressing rooms at the Miss Universe Pageant and look at women. All proven. I know that many women have accused him of things, but I don’t know the details. I don’t need to. I know enough to form my opinion of him. Nuff said.


        • A Voice in the Wilderness says:

          And then there’s the Access Hollywood tape where DT clearly states his predilection for grabbing women he fancies by the “…..”.


        • A Voice in the Wilderness wrote, “And then there’s the Access Hollywood tape where DT clearly states his predilection for grabbing women he fancies by the “…..”.”

          Actually Mr. A Voice in the Wilderness that’s false; in that brash locker room banter Donald Trump said he “can” he did not say he “does” or “has”. That’s Mr. A Voice in the Wilderness, is what an actual unspun fact looks like and thanks for allowing me to clear that up for you.


        • Batman says:

          At least he didn’t have Jeffrey Epstein murdered. See the difference?

          Btw; the pussy-grabbin was always consensual, get over it.


        • Batman says:

          “He used to walk into the dressing rooms at the Miss Universe Pageant and look at women.”
          You mean like female reporters do all the time while in male locker rooms for post-game interviews? BFD, get over it.

          Got anything on policy?


        • AdamC says:

          Meanwhile Tara Reid this year accused her former boss Joe Biden of assault by ACTUALLY grabbing her by the pussy. Not crudely talking about it in locker room talk.

          BIDEN actually did it if Ms. Reid is to be believed. Of course that was the moment the #MeToo and “Believe All Women” rackets exposed themselves as the frauds they are. Complete silence.

          The mental gymnastics that pure progressives perform to excuse such utter hypocrisy is truly mind blowing.


        • A Voice in the Wilderness says:

          Batman: How do you know the “pussy-grabbin” was consensual? Were you there? Substantiate your claim. You’re the one who needs to get over criticism of the satyr-in-chief. (Look it up).


        • Liberty says:

          I’m sitting here watching Tucker Carlson interviewing Tony Bobulinski about the Biden Family’s corruption.

          I’m much more concerned (and outraged) at how these elitist bas#s have been screwing the American people for so long, than I am about locker room talk that happened years ago,

          If Trump was as corrupt as the Bidens, you get bet every media grifter would be on this story.


      • A Voice in the Wilderness says:

        Steve: Check the Access Hollywood conversation under discussion. “Predilection” was the word I used in my post, closely related to the word “can”. In that same reveal, in reference to beautiful women, DT says, “I LIKE to grab ’em and kiss ’em”. One assumes DT wasn’t talking about dogs. My post is accurate. It is not “spin”, one of your favorite buzzwords.


        • You’re making this way too easy to pick apart.

          A Voice in the Wilderness wrote, “Steve: Check the Access Hollywood conversation under discussion.”

          You’re relatively new here so I’ll give you a break on that one, but just this once. I did check the conversation, both the audio and the written transcript, before I wrote that, that’s what I do before I state that something is a fact.

          A Voice in the Wilderness wrote, ““Predilection” was the word I used in my post, closely related to the word “can”.”

          Are you actually attempting to out Spoon the Witherspoon? No, you damn fool, the word “predilection” is not closely related to the word “can”!

          Predilection: a preference or special liking for something; a bias in favor of something.

          There is nothing in any definition I can find that states or implies “can”. You’re not just wrong, you’re verifiably wrong. Check your facts before you write nonsense.

          A Voice in the Wilderness wrote, “In that same reveal, in reference to beautiful women, DT says, “I LIKE to grab ’em and kiss ’em”.”

          You can’t even quote that correctly after telling me that I should “check the Access Hollywood conversation under discussion”! Maybe you should check the conversation under discussion before you try to quote. What Donald Trump actually said is, “I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait.” That sir is how you accurately quote someone. Donald Trump’s brash locker room banter is crude and sophomoric.

          Joe Biden has been shown to actually grab women and young girls, engage in unwanted touching, shoves his head in their hair presumably to sniff it and whisper sweet nothings in their ears, and some of these women/girls literally cringe and pull away from him. Joe Biden does it in front of cameras too, there’s photographic evidence of what the #MeToo crowd has openly labeled as “sexual assault” (any unwanted touching) and justified their “canceling”. Where’s that #MeToo crowd now, I don’t see these partisan hypocrites trying to cancel Joe Biden?

          A Voice in the Wilderness wrote, “One assumes DT wasn’t talking about dogs.”

          Keep it up fool.

          A Voice in the Wilderness wrote, “My post is accurate.”

          Nope, your post was false and I’ve proven that fact. You doubling down on your claim after it has been proven false is very troll like.

          A Voice in the Wilderness wrote, “It is not “spin”, one of your favorite buzzwords.”

          One of my “favorite buzzwords”, nonsense. Where the hell do you get that nonsense from? I just search my archive and counted the number of times I’ve used the word “spin” on Blaska’s blog in the context I used it here and here is the results; I’ve used the word “spin” in the same context 12 times since I first came on the Blaska’s blog. I’ve been part of 314 separate comment threads. I’ve written many multiple comments in each of those 314 threads. So I’ve used the word “spin” in that context in 3.82% of the threads I’ve been part of. It is very rare that I ever post one comment on a thread and conversations tend to be long because of a few of the internet trolls roaming around here so I’m going to average my comments per thread to three (it’s probably higher than that), so that calculates out to a usage of 1.27%. That sir doesn’t sound like a favorite buzzword to me.

          Support your claim that “spin” is one of my favorite buzzwords or retract your lie.


        • Batman says:

          Wilderness: For the second time, got anything on policy?
          Didn’t think so.


        • Liberty says:

          How utterly tragic.

          I’m sitting here watching Tony Bobulinski bear his soul about the Biden Family’s corruption, as most of the media blatantly ignores this story, and big tech censors it. All so Biden can get re-elected.

          And all leftists have is locker room talk from years ago. While disgusting, it’s not nearly as heinous as how the Bidens have been screwing the American people. Oh, and Russia, Russia, Russia, which never happened.


    • One of THOSE says:

      Holy sh-t, and Biden isn’t the sleazy (creepy) Uncle (Joe) type? What planet are you on?

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      • Alfred E Neuman says:

        Once again batman talks out his rear end, over 26 women have claimed trump assaulted them, consensual? He also admitted he walked into the dressing room of the Miss Teen USA Pageant, that makes him a pervert. I guess like likes like.

        Again you make baseless claims. How do you know he didn’t have Epstein killed, if you know in fact who did isn’t it your duty to come forward with the evidence?


        • Batman says:

          All baseless claims Alfie unless you can produce the evidence.
          You seem more angry today than usual.


        • Alfred E Neuman says:

          Baseless claims you say? Thanks, now I know it’s not worth any effort responding to, thinking about or even reading anything you write. BS away mate.


        • Liberty says:

          Alfred & other leftists:

          Since you like to dredge up history, let’s discuss Biden.

          -Crafts a prison bill that sends thousands of Blacks to prison for non-violent crimes. Trump UNDID this damage with his reform measures.

          -Has 47 years in public service and accomplishes what exactly?

          -Gets rich WHILE in office. Trump was already rich.

          -Tara Reade.

          -Hunter Biden’s laptop and implications of the Biden family in dealings with China.

          -Saying things like “You ain’t black” “I don’t want my kids growing up in a racial jungle” and “Obama is the first clean-cut public facing AA”

          So please, save us the sanctimony. Answer these questions. Stop deflecting. Or STFU.


  15. Gg Mo says:

    I totally enjoy Trump’s schtick, and the role he has taken to of exposing corrupt media/journalism, the idiocy of the PROXY warrior Marxist SJW crowd etc etc Yes, Entertainment , w/ capital “E”…….. (never NAMING the actually ceo’s of MSM, and funders of the modern incarnation of “Journalism” Schools ,and programs, though, nor from whence this handy “VICTIMHOOD” weapon sprang?) BUT the “E”, that has always been Critical to Freedom ,(Economics) is my main Policy issue. I’ve enjoyed Rodney Dangerfield , “insult” the comic dog, WC Fields etc etc They have zero effect on my life/livelihood, and the FREEDOM of my children, and (future grandchildren, God willing). Biden is the trashy crack-dealing pimp who says “steal grandmas $$ coffee-can, abort that baby so’s you can keep macking the bling” , and Trump, signing away trillions (DEBT) , backing the Noahide Laws w/ his son-in-law and Pelosi, having his *** bailed-out by Wilbur Ross, and S. Adelson (who writes PRO-immigration Op-Eds in the NYT with co-authors , Warren Buffett, and B . Gates-of hell ?
    Again, a brigde too far. Signed , a Former registerd voter. (R) as if that matters anymore.


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