Green Bay Packers owner prays for police this Sunday


Start the perp walks!

Looks like a nice day, this Sunday 09-13-2020 in Madison WI. After a week of cold and rain, today promises sun and temps in the 70s. Why waste it in front of the Stately Manor’s b&w Philco only to be subjected to a social justice scolding from millionaire prima donnas whose helmets are screwed on too tight?

Really, the Minnesota Vikings are going to honor George Floyd? It’s one thing to decry his treatment at the hands of police; another thing to honor such a miscreant.

Want to take a knee? How about praying for the two police officers ambushed and clinging to life in Los Angeles? And then BLM tries to blockade the hospital emergency entrance and chants death? We got to think that some day even Satya Rhodes Conway will get religion.



Let’s hear it for Jared Kushner!

“The disrupter as peacemaker” — that’s the headline (of all places) the failing New York Times, where a news analysis gives credence to Trump’s (multiple) nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize.

A temperamentally belligerent President, whom Democrat’s once warned might incite nuclear war, has recently muted threats against rivals like Iran and China in favor of an emphasis on ending, rather than starting, conflict. 

This week, Mr. Trump will host a signing ceremony for Israel’s twin détentes with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain [the latter of which doesn’t sneeze without Saudi Arabia’s approval].

On Saturday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo presided over the start of Iraq-Afghan peace talks … and on September 4, the leaders of Kosovo and Serbia visited the White House to announce normalize economic relations that could help end decades-old hostilities. At the same time, Mr. Trump is withdrawing more American troops from Afghanistan and Iraq.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo rejected calls for an independent investigation into deaths of coronavirus patients in state nursing homes, saying such an investigation would be “political.” Yeah, and deservedly so. 

A top aide to U.S. Attorney John Durham quits, citing pressure to start the perp walks before November 3. The investigation into the partisan origins of and the Deep State prosecution of the Russian collusion hoax SHOULD produce results before the Presidential election. After all, the whole conspiracy — begun by Hillary Clinton and prosecuted by Schiff, Maddow, Strzok, Comey et al — was designed to cripple the Trump presidency. It must not be allowed to succeed by postponing the reckoning beyond the election.

You might be a Biden supporter

— If you think global climate change is causing the western wildfires. (If you suspect BLM arsonists and/or forest mismanagement you might be a Trump supporter.)

— If you haunt the aisles of Home Depot but are afraid to vote in person.

— If you wear a face mask driving inside your air-conditioned car.

— If you think the biggest problem Chicago and Madison have is the police.

— If you want a bigger coronavirus relief package but decry the budget deficit.

— If you wish Democrats had come out against NAFTA before Trump did.

— You think Presidential campaign debates are, quite suddenly, useless.

— You work for CNN, MSNBC, the Associated Press, New York Times, NPR, Washington Post …

Got any more of these?


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10 Responses to Green Bay Packers owner prays for police this Sunday

  1. madisonexpat says:

    No one says black lives don’t matter, no one boos “unity”.
    We boo the lectures, the virtue signalling and the politicizing of football. Screw it. Mark Murphy is Goodell’s mini me. Both are fools.

    Also, when you are fighting global warning you can’t be expected to practice age old forest management principles as massive fuel loads accumulate. 60% of California’s electricity is mandated to come from solar panels by 2025. California has spent more time and money on mandated air quality, global warming and “green” energy has gone up in smoke and ash and no electricity.
    PS: Newsome owes the federal treasury $6,000,000,000 for the bullet train to oblivion.

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    • georgessson says:

      All true. The last part is verboten to speak about -6 Billion buck mistake ? “Ferget about it, Jake…”


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      “California has spent more time and money on mandated…blah…blah…blah”

      C’mon!! Credit where credit is due; the Land of Fruit Cakes and Nut Cases leads the League in several rather…um…illuminating categories:

      *Greatest out-migration
      *Greatest income disparity
      *Most Billionaire$
      *Most poverty
      *Most illegals
      *Most homelessness
      *Most $#!T-filled streets
      *Most Tent Cities
      *Second to Last in OPPORTUNITY (WESconsin is #6!) and (drum roll)…
      *Most STOOPID!

      All this, yet it remains Lefty’s Gold Standard……….

      The Gotch

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  2. pANTIFArts says:

    YOU MIGHT BE A BIDEN SUPPORTER —— If you believe that Progressives are the only people qualified to use the word “NO”. — IF you can identify hundreds of degrees of intersectionality among Liberals, but Trump supporters can be described in a few short words. — If venomous obscenities are acceptable towards those with whom you disagree , but you are “triggered” and “harmed” by innocuous phrases. — If you deplore Segregation, but advocate for Blacks to have their own dorms, spaces, organizations, gatherings,etc.. —If you burn dumpsters, vehicles, buildings, (forests), etc., but wish to prosecute anyone lighting a cigarette in your field of view. —If you preach about “leveling the playing field for women”, but demand that biological males be allowed to compete against them in sports.— If you “buy in” to the fantasy of The 1619 Project, but are totally oblivious to the historical realities of today, You Might Be A Biden Supporter. ( I could go on all day, and still only scratch the surface, but I won’t)

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    • pANTIFArts says:

      If you are uniquely “enlightened”, and as a result, all opposition (or even criticism) of your beliefs should be “Verboten”, You Might Be A Biden Sup…… you’re a Fascist.


    • Gary Kriewald says:

      You might also be a Biden supporter if you believe that Democrats suddenly give a rat’s arse about the white working class after 40 years of shoving the toxic sludge of identity politics down voters’ throats.


  3. Leo says:

    You mean trhe Vikings haven’t yet renamed thrir fancy new stadium the “Gorget Floyd Memorial Field??? I hought that would have been done long ago. Have the Packers ever scored 43 points
    against a Minnesota team in Minnesota? =I can’t recall a Green Bay scor that hiht west of the


  4. patrickmoloughlin says:

    Watching the cacophony of different NFL game opening ceremonies (with the sound off,) I couldn’t help but wonder, what would have happened if a white player had taken a knee for the Black National Anthem?

    And did you notice the article in the WSJ announcing the arrest and planned prosecution of a Madison man for spray painting graffiti on downtown buildings? You might be thinking, “It’s about time!” But with the entirety of State Street covered with “BLM” and “F#@K 12” and “No good cops” it turns out the ONLY guy they could find to arrest and prosecute was a 70 year old white supremacist, who was tagging buildings with Aryan Nation slogans. It could not have accounted for even 1% of the graffiti vandalism, but he was the only guy they could catch?

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