Did Ald. Skidmore’s opponent create C-word controversy?

Madison’s Cancel Culture is fast actin’!

A guy named Doug Hyant announced he’s running for Madison alder yesterday (09-03-2020), barely one day after Tuesday/Wednesday’s marathon Common Council meeting.

What makes this development extra juicy is that Hyant, it appears, was the one who fed reporters for The Capital Times and WI State Journal about the alleged C-wording of a tireless cop hater (Shadara Kilfoy-Flores) who testified in the wee hours of Wednesday morning (09-03-2020). Hyant, for the benefit of reporters Emily Hamer of the WI State Journal and Abigail Becker of The Capital Times, identified the speaker of the dreaded C-word as Ald. Paul Skidmore. Who is Hyant running against? Paul Skidmore.

Doug Hyant

Hyant’s Tweet of the relevant portion of the nine-hour Common Council meeting — in the wee hours Wednesday — contains the infamous C-word. But it’s hard to make out and darned if anyone can tell whose voice it is. Paul vows it was not him and I believe it. It is also not unknown that Zoom can be hacked.

What’s more, Hyant tweeted his suppositions to reporters at 2:55 that Wednesday morning — almost simultaneous with the alleged obscenity! That’s fast work. At 4:07 Ald. Rebecca Kemble tweets back her appreciation.

But 14 Common Council members are sure who they want it to be: Ald. Paul Skidmore and they will hound him to Baskerville and beyond. (See “The C-word stands for conspiracy.”)

Skidmore’s challenger is ready to “dismantle systemic racism.” Which, in Madison, translates to handcuffing the police. He’s already got State Rep. Lisa Subeck as a treasurer. Doug Hyant is no babe in the woods. He was executive director of the Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee. Now he is chief of staff to the Democrat’s Assembly caucus director.

Hyant has the support of UW professor of Gender & Women’s Studies Sami Schalk — a big supporter of Progressive Dane/Cops Out of Schools school board members Ananda Mirilli and Ali Muldrow.

Tech Times reports:

There have been several reports of Zoom-bombing …There’s one that mired with racial slurs a UCLA class on the history of the racial and cultural roots of Mexico. Another one disrupted an Arizona State University class on storytelling with pornographic videos. In Singapore, the ministry of education decided to ban Zoom for home-based teaching after hackers hijacked classes with explicit imagery. 

Blaska’s Bottom Line:Paul Skidmore has been one of the very few alders to consistently support Madison’s enlightened police officers. Which is why Progressive Dane is sliming him now. With each new crime incident report and boarded up window, it is increasingly apparent that the liberal/progressive/socialist agenda is killing Madison. (“War on Cops increases crime.”.)

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23 Responses to Did Ald. Skidmore’s opponent create C-word controversy?

  1. pANTIFArts says:

    Another Leftist Canter, Canting his Cant.

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  2. Marge Bils says:

    Paul is as honest as they come. He does not lie ever. We know him through our church & he is a very disciplined man who choses all his words carefully. I don’t think I’ve even heard him say”Darn”. This is happening because he supports the MPD. He doesn’t follow in step with Progressives.

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  3. patrickmoloughlin says:

    The communists control every single elected office in the city, except one. And it drives them crazy.

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  4. I have used a lot of audio software over the the last 30 years and you notice things about voices when wave editing. When looking at the zoomed in wave lengths of the spoken or sung words you can actually see how people say/sing particular letters that start words and these comparisons are very consistent over the course of speaking or singing. You can’t change the underlying things that make up how some letters are spoken/sung in words, it’s remarkably consistent especially how the speaker/singer voice attacks things like the letter “c” at the beginning of a word in similarly spoken words, for me it’s not science bit it’s somewhat like a fingerprint for professionals that analyze these kinds of things.

    Here is how I analyzed this. I used Audacity on my music composition computer and analyzed the WAVE recordings in Cakewalk SONAR X1 Producer.

    I just recorded the C-word in the video that Dave provided and then I compared that spoken C-word to some words beginning with the letter “c” where the “c” is spoken similarly that I found spoken by Alderman Paul Skidmore in a 2018 Madison Common Council meeting 2018 Madison Common Council meeting. Based on my years of experience, using side by side evaluation of the spoken words in a visual wave format I don’t think it’s very likely that Alderman Skidmore was the person that said the C-word.

    That’s my opinion.

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  5. Liberty says:

    I believe Paul.

    I believe Communists have a mental deficit.

    If they try this S**t with me, I’ll sue.

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  6. georgessson says:

    More of an aside than a comment. I watched/heard the offending clip many times, and still cannot interpret the look or verbal response of Ms. Satya Clueless after it was made….

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  7. Liberty says:

    Something the left keeps forgetting is that THEY have to live under the same rules that they created. THEY are subject to the same unfair treatment as they dish out. Just look at Tucker Carlson/Chris Cuomo.

    It doesn’t take much courage or creativity to be a progressive in Madison and call out someone who stands for the police. Small fish, small pond.

    America is a big place, and the rest of the country (with the exception of places like Seattle & Portland) is not like Madison. American patriots will not continue to sit back and be pushed around.

    For those who want to twist this last paragraph, let me clarify.

    American patriot. Someone who puts America’s interests first and rejects those who want to harm it, ie by attempting to tear its foundation and turn it into a communist country.

    How we’ll push back. We’ll speak out against every anti-patriotic act against this country. We’ll file lawsuits. We’ll hold peaceful rallies. We’ll expose the lies, manipulation, and conflating from the left & their media allies.

    You won’t see this happen in Madison, but patriots across the country have awoken. We are no longer silent.

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    • Paula Dent says:

      Shades of Joe McCarthy. Liberty sounds like a garden-variety fascist who needs to define “anti-patriotic” acts.


      • Batman says:

        Paula Dent should be in a nice wholesome Christian church for some long overdue spiritual realignment instead of fouling up Dave’s blogsite with her common calumnious trolling poorly camouflaged as political opinion.

        Let us pray


        • Paula Dent says:

          Yes, pray for yourselves, that you might get a clue. I camouflage nothing, thought my post might trigger an interesting discussion on the meaning of “patriotism”. I was wrong.

          Over and out.


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  9. pANTIFArts says:

    First, I admit that I don’t know any of the people involved. While every article, news report, tweet, etc, focuses on the speaker of “the dreaded word”— no one is disputing its accuracy. (why not?) This Doug Hyant picked up on – and was triggered by- something undetected by the hoi polloi. Has HE been targeted with this word before? ( and why?) Instead of defending the supposed “victim”, they just want to “get someone”. Democrats claim that they gave up lynchings in the 1930’s, but old habits die hard. I’m tired of Progressives accusing others of actions that they themselves are guilty of. I’m tired of crises that they create by their own hands. —PERHAPS – “The dreaded word” was uttered by a “Typical UW Frat Boy” in a lighter fluid stained Hawaiian shirt.

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      “Has HE been targeted with this word before?”

      Heh; rhetorical question…?

      “( and why?)”

      Seriously? The Gotch doesn’t believe he’s seen a more punchable face…EVAH!

      The Gotch


  10. Gary Kriewald says:

    Did anyone else notice the startling resemblance between Doug Hyant and 8th Districtt Ald. Max Prestidigitation? Is there a lab somewhere turning out clones of progressive little pricks?


    • Liberty says:

      “Is there a lab somewhere turning out clones of progressive little pricks?”

      Yes, UW-Madison and other universities. Scary, huh?


  11. justme says:

    A month or so ago, the folks at Urban Triage, F Inc, et all were having a discussion on their FB pages about who could they find to run against Ald. Skidmore…..and now this. Coincidence? Not likely.


    • Batman says:

      The local worker bees, you know, the people who finance Madison, had better wake the f*ck up or they be in for a world of hurt!


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