The war on police creates more crime

Madison police captain says ‘Quit blaming the police’

Let’s fix the kids, instead

Are police across America pulling back? Driving on by, windows rolled up. Shift is ending in a few minutes, anyway. Too close to retirement to risk my career at the hands of social justice warriors and their elected enablers — mayors like Ted Wheeler in Portland, Bill diBlasio in NYC, and Satya Rhodes Conway in Madison WI. 

While city councils are condoning crime? Like those in Seattle, Minneapolis, and again — Madison WI. Either defunding police, ordering them to stand down, denying them non-lethal methods of crowd control, or subjecting them to tribunals populated with cop-haters.

Catch and release “progressive” district attorneys like those in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Madison WI who blame “systemic racism” and other shibboleths rather than demand personal accountability. Madison’s Derail the Jail, Cops out of School “progressives” are hurting the most vulnerable kids.

must-read article in The Atlantic makes the case that the war on police is super-growth hormone for crime. Which is why MPD Captain Mike Hanson’s demand for “a system’s improvement” deserved its Page One play in today’s WI State Journal.

Cops retreat, criminals advance

In Minneapolis, where the city council approved legislation that would put up for referendum the wholesale replacement of the police department, residents have reported a notable decrease in police presence. “All you see now is them with their windows up.” 

In Baltimore in 2015, the under-policing was so conspicuous that even some community activists who had long pushed for more restrained policing were left desperate as violence rose in their neighborhoods. … The violence got so out of hand—a 62% increase in homicides over the year before — that even some street-level drug dealers were pleading for greater police presence..

In Atlanta … “Officers are fed up. They’ve been treated like crap both by their fellow citizens and their own legislators,” said [a police union officer]. “You can’t have it both ways—call us and we come to do our job, but then if our job gets ugly, we’re the bad guys.” … 

⇒  As many police see it, government and society have failed Black citizens and their neighborhoods on countless levels, and have left it to the police to reckon with the consequences, and then to bear the blame. The blame is especially hard to take, the officers say, when it comes from well-to-do white liberals who have moved to segregated suburbs … yet are quick to accuse officers of racism.

New York City saw 205 shootings in June, the most for that month since 1996, and shootings are up 72% in the first seven months of the year compared with last year. 

NY Police Commissioner Dermot Shea has said that his officers are feeling constrained by a new bill passed by the city council that makes it a crime to put their knee into someone’s back, and are feeling demoralized by a general lack of public support. … [while] arrest rates have fallen sharply since May, while violence has been rising, The week of May 24, 113 gun arrests citywide; by early June, the weekly tally was down to 71, and by late June, it was at 22.

In Portland, … 15 people fell victim to homicide in July, the city’s deadliest monthly toll in decades, while police have been fuming over the newly elected district attorney’s decision to dismiss many of the cases against protesters, which has in turn led to reports of disengagement by officers. 

All told, homicides in the country’s 50 largest cities are up by nearly a quarter over the first half of the year. [And in Madison, shots fired up 88% over last year and 28 people shot as of July 30.] 

It’s ain’t working, Madison!

Instead of blaming police, how about fixing young people? Relating just one recent stolen car crash, Police Captain Mike Hanson relates a familiar story. One suspect was out on bail for previous auto thefts. Additionally, the two suspects (one 16 years old and one 21 years old) had numerous arrests for these crimes and others in the past.  … this incident tied up numerous police resources for hours [and] lends truth to the fact that “we cannot police our way out of these crimes.”  

“There has to be a “systems improvement” so these youth are not arrest eight to 10 times before they turn 17,” Hanson writes.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: As he did during his campaign for Madison school board in 2019, Blaska calls for a court-ordered, secure residential school for troubled kids aged 11 and up. Rigorous academics, self-sufficient cooking and cleaning, intramural sports, community projects, and discipline discipline discipline.

Will Madison finally talk about the real problem? 

Did the ‘End Bail’ movement lead to 11-year-old Anisa Scott’s shooting death?  The MacIver report.

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  1. pANTIFArts says:

    We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. — George Orwell

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  2. Sheppy says:

    Time to put up or shut up for the Uber liberal’s in Madison. The next low or no income housing project needs to be placed in the Vilas/Monroe Street neighborhood. Next door to Trader Joe’s would be very convenient and it’s close to the bus line and other services. SRC said this type of housing is a priority so she can make it happen. We’ll see just how quickly the tune changes about police reform and defunding.

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  3. Gary Kriewald says:

    “Rigorous academics, self-sufficient cooking and cleaning, intramural sports, community projects, and discipline, discipline, discipline.” In other words, the sorts of things kids should be taught at HOME by their PARENTS. Of course. if your parent is a drug-addled, semi-literate, welfare-addicted single mother and your father is in the slammer more or less permanently, your chances of becoming a productive citizen instead of an SUV-stealing thug are slim to none. After 50 years of “progressive” policies, the kind of families that can actually provide kids with the values and habits to become functioning members of society are swiftly disappearing–and we’re seeing the consequences. So now let’s get rid of the cops.

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      “Of course. if your parent is a…”

      The Gotch closely monitors the local catch-all/end-all (neighborsnextdoor), and if there is a problem, it won’t fall to parental responsibility.

      That very subject (WHERE THE HELL ARE THE PARENT/S?) was brought up regarding the 14 year old who crashed a STOLEN car, with burglary tools and rifle ammo along for the ride, into a S. Whitney Way residence at 01:00 a.m.

      Local Lefty SJW Gendarmerie sniffed knowingly: “they must be working two/three jobs to delay eviction.”

      When THIS is what passes for objective analysis and problem solving, is it any wonder that our Fair City is under siege?

      The Gotch

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  4. richard lesiak says:

    “Objective analysis and problem solving.” Is that what Greene was doing posing with an AR 15 in front of the pictures of three current congresswomen of color? And talking crap. What problem is trump solving by shutting down the “Stars and Stripes” newspaper? All the “losers and suckers” would love to know.


  5. georgessson says:

    I’m especially likin’ the”gift cards” aspect. From the Hanson article:

    “Juvenile Judge Everett Mitchell outlined a number of steps they’re taking, including:

    Working with Madison schools to get juvenile offenders re-enrolled.
    Providing gift cards to youths as incentives for making positive choices.
    Working with Dane County Human Services to recruit more foster homes of color.
    Working with the United Way of Dane County to boost mentoring for high-risk youths.
    Getting Madison schools to change a policy that led to children with Individualized Education Plans getting less time in school.
    Work to begin a job-training program for youth in the court system.”

    And unfortunately, “Multigenerational poverty” is among the “root causes of some of the challenges that result in the behavior… ” the office said in a statement.

    Well, see, if ya don’t work the outcome may just be “poverty”.

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