The C-word stands for progressive Conspiracy

Here is another C-word:
Censure Ald. Prestigiacomo for inciting violence!

The head groundskeeper at Blaska Policy Werkes has known Paul Skidmore well for the past decade or so. Not once has the alderman been heard to utter a “damn” or a “hell.” On her WIBA 1310 AM radio program Vicki McKenna said that was her experience with this gentle man, as well.

Ald. Skidmore

So it is unlikely that Paul would utter the dreaded gender-based C-word, which he is accused of using to describe a particularly vexatious social justice warrior in the wee hours of a way-too-long Common Council meeting this week (09-02-2020). 

This would be what is known as a “kerfuffle” except that the Progressive Dane political party is weaponizing what should be little more than background noise in order to bring down the one consistent defender of the police in elected Madison government these past few years. Yeah, it’s political. They want to police-proof Madison city government.

Fourteen of the Council’s 20 alders are demanding — Get This! — forensic analysis of the recording of the on-line Zoom meeting! It’s Watergate! Strap on the headphones! 

We use Zoom here at the Werkes. The Hollywood Squares, tic-tac-toe panel lights up the square of whomever is speaking. Ald. Skidmore did not light up. Ald. Skidmore denies it most — we were going to write “vociferously” except that Paul does not vociferate. We’ll write “ardently.” Paul also happens to be a sincere Christian. 

The head groundskeeper at the Werkes, we’ve long believed, has a touch of Tourette syndrome. (XX ♠ξ ℘!!) But not Paul. That hasn’t stopped [UPDATE: it’s now up to 14] alders from pillorying Ald. Skidmore by name — with no evidence, only supposition.

Max Prestigiacomo

Mad Max

Those 14 include eight of the nine in the Progressive Dane contingent — Rebecca Kemble, Patrick Heck, Mike Verveer, Marsha Rummel, Tag Evers, Grant Foster, Christian Albouras, and Mad Max Prestigiacomo plus frequent fliers Shiva Bidar, Arvina Martin, Syed Abbas, Lindsay Lemmer, Donna Moreland, and Keith Furman.

We must find the C-word culprit for “reconciliation with the community,” the 13 write. Which is rich.

Where is the accountability for Ald. Prestigiacomo? On his personal Facebook page this young whelp promotes the continued destruction of Madison. Presto posted the poster declaring “Do Whatever You Want” and “F-bomb S*** Up!”

Could MY community have a little reconciliation? This is the same city government that is paying for F-bombing the plywood covering shuttered up businesses throughout Downtown Madison. 

The Werkes encourages Alds. Skidmore, Henak, Harrington-McKinney, Carter, Tierney, Baldeh — the splendid seven who did not sign — to put forward a motion to censure Ald. Prestigiacomo and call the roll!

Yes, Progressive Madison, words have meaning. This city government under Mayor Satya (Progressive Dane) has been pillorying police since Day One, defending depictions of our sworn police officers as pigs, demanding the worst of the rioters be released back into the streets, putting the cop haters at Freedom Inc. in judgment of the police. You have softened the ground for the destruction of Madison. 

Blaska’s Bottom LineHow much more moral cover can our elected leaders give the smash and grabbers, how much more can they pillory the police, without bearing some of the blame?

Lone walkerPosted by Allies for Black Lives Matter; reposted by Madison Ald. Prestigiacomo

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What do you want to bet this won’t be a cause for more riots?

An Antifa sympathizer who was said to be a suspect in the fatal shooting of a Patriot Prayer supporter in Portland, Ore., last month was reportedly killed Thursday night as authorities moved in to arrest him. Michael Forest Reinoehl, 48, died outside Seattle during an operation by a federal fugitive task force, The New York Times reported.

Reinoehl’s death was also confirmed by a senior Justice Department official, according to The Associated Press. The suspect was shot by law enforcement after drawing a gun on officers, according to Fox News.

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15 Responses to The C-word stands for progressive Conspiracy

  1. Amos Roe says:

    I read the Cap Times massively detailed report on this one this morning and it sent my head spinning. Thanks for the additional details regarding this, David. You just can’t make this stuff up.

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  2. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Forwarded by a pal:

    What’s the Matter?

    What’s the matter, Madison?

    Not enough riots For you?

    Not enough children Shot through

    The head?

    What’s the matter, Madison?

    Not enough middle Age couples

    Abducted from their Homes at midnight In their pajamas

    And found shot The next morning, Left for dead

    In a public park?

    Not enough Vandalism, looting,

    Not enough grand Theft auto or Home invasion?

    What’s the matter, Madison?

    Not enough public Officials beaten to the Ground or terrorized

    In their own homes?

    You demand social Justice? You want Restorative justice?

    How about this?

    You restore every Dollar for every Ruined business, Every demolished Public monument,

    You restore all Lost wages and Stolen merchandise

    And you get The money from Social welfare Programs so

    Criminals who did The damage realize

    They hurt only The poor and needy.

    What’s the matter, Madison?

    Something bothering you? Something I said?

    Because if that’s what’s Bothering you, Madison

    And you want me to shut up

    But then you call my Silence violence,

    That’s what’s the matter, Madison. (italics mine)

    The Gotch

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  3. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    Compassionate Conservative solutions involve thinking, making good choices, personal responsibility, hard work and accountability. That’s anathema to “lib-feel.”

    Based on an empirical historical worldview, Lefties should admit that big government, nanny state solutions and proglobotic policies have failed and generational dependency on welfare, affirmative action, and political correctness are the enemies of the poor. It has destroyed many nuclear American families, … the foundational building block of society.

    I could be wrong. Maybe liberals really do love the poor and homeless, … the real victims of Lefty looney-toon largesse. That could explain why they’re so busy making so many more of them.

    What community is most negatively impacted by abolishing the police?
    “C’mon, man! Get real.”

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  4. georgessson says: Petition “Ald. Max Prestigiacomo must resign!!” Interesting meme posted there.


  5. pANTIFArts says:

    [ kant ]

    (1) insincere, especially conventional expressions of enthusiasm for high ideals, goodness, or piety.
    (2) the private language of the underworld.
    (3) the phraseology peculiar to a particular class, party, profession, etc.: the cant of the fashion industry.
    (4) whining or singsong speech, especially of beggars.
    Verb (used without object)
    (1) to talk hypocritically.
    (2) to speak in the whining or singsong tone of a beggar; beg.

    1 hypocrisy, sham, pretense, humbug.

    —Words related to cant
    humbug, sanctimoniousness, show, pretense, hypocrisy, insincerity, pretentiousness, sanctimony, pomposity, deceit, dishonesty, patois,


  6. Gary Kriewald says:

    Alderman Prestidigitation represents the district that comprises UW-Madison, which goes a long way to explaining the vacuity and toxicity of his views. The next riot–and there will be one soon enough–will attract hoardes of UW students (unless they’ve all been sent back home for spreading COVID-19). I’m sure Max took more than his share of race/gender/critical social theory courses and is now in a position to put the lunacy he learned from them into practice. How nice it must be to incite others to break windows and loot stores in the comforting knowledge that one of your professors can not only justify your behavior but anoint you the champion of the downtrodden and oppressed.

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  7. sentient7 says:

    Citizens get the government they deserve. They voted……… they must appreciate the environment they’ve created. Don’t like culture……………move. Stop complaining.
    Too many drive-by’s? Too many shootings? JUST MOVE. One thing is clear, the perps are NOT going to move. They own the initiative. They are the future. Wake up. Move.

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  9. Batman says:

    Effete Madison proglibocrats smear virtually anyone who challenges them on any level with the label RACIST to hurt them and silence them, but the Horror I say the HORROR, of the dreaded *C* word. These losers are either pathetic snowflakes, total liars, and/or calculating opportunists to personally damage and cancel Skidmore. A total power grab.
    These are just some of the smug dangerous clowns running Madison.

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  10. Marge Bils says:

    Thanks David for this blog. Paul is one of the most kind & gentle people on this planet. He cares about our community & other people. His Christian faith is strong & will see him through this. I wrote to the mayor & the council about how this was a smear job, but I’m sure most of them will ignore it.


  11. dad29 says:

    I thought it interesting that a lady whose last name is Prestigiacomo made a very nice contribution to the fund financing the Catholic schools’ lawsuit against Parisi the Parasite (et. al.)


  12. Bill says:

    And speaking of the antifa supporter who gunned down the Patriot Prayer member, here is an excellent link from the Citizen Free Press to the real story behind his murder.

    It was a carefully planned assassination.


  13. Paula Dent says:

    Regarding “antifascists”, I still say “fascism” is a word that gets tossed around but I will always defend someone’s right to use it. Consider this point as useful drivel.


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