Where was Waldo?

Democrats choose partisan politics over healing Kenosha

BREAKING NEWS: Biden to visit Kenosha on Thursday

Is Uncle Joe ‘exploiting’ Kenosha?
or is imitation the sincerest form of flattery?

KENOSHA — The day after President Donald Trump visited Kenosha, Democratic challenger Joe Biden said he will visit the city.

Even Scott Walker greeted Barack Obama on the tarmac. Presented the President with a Packers jersey, we recall. But not Walker’s Democrat(ic) successor, Tony Evers. 

Republican Gov. Chris Christie actually hugged Barack Obama when the President visited New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy. Tony Evers, on Tuesday 09-01-2020, remained in Madison. Petulant, partisan.

Trump in Kenosha

Presidents visit disaster zones. It’s what they do. Kenosha WI is a disaster zone. Thirty buildings bombed out and burned down — largely by organized BLM/Antifa cadres from out of town, it is now becoming apparent. Two dead, more injured.


But Democrats, each and every one, played partisan rather than patriot. Where was Wisconsin’s attorney general, Josh Kaul? His counterpart, US A.G. William Barr was front and center. Is this not a law enforcement issue? Where was Tammy Baldwin? Wisconsin’s other U.S. Senator, Ron Johnson, made common cause with the people of Racine. Where was John Antaramian, a former Dem state legislator — the mayor of the city? Kenosha’s Democrat(ic) state legislators? Gone to the bunkers, every one. (When will they ever learn?)

Democrats actually disinvited the President! 

You know the Left is desperate when it turns the hyperbole dial up to an 11, as in the Capital Times editorial, headlined:

“Trump’s exploitation of Kenosha’s pain is the foulest act of his presidency.” 

(Somewhere, George Orwell is blushing.) An editorial, we note, that contains not a word of disapproval for the rape of Kenosha but — like Wisconsin’s governor (a contributing cause of the riot) — convicts the police for the handling of the Jacob Blake arrest. (As if Kenosha police shoot black men every other week.) 

The Defund-the-Police Left is now reduced to peddling the absurd claim that  Trump is (in effect) pulling down the statues and boarding up our cities. If you believe that, a Nigerian prince has money for you. (And why is Portland’s mob now firebombing their wuss of a mayor, Ted Wheeler?)

Who is partisan? Who is divisive? (Who is boining, who is boining … effigies?) Who is writing the narrative that Democrats don’t care about average, law-abiding Americans? Democrats like Tony Evers, Josh Kaul, and the propagandists at The Capital Times.

Blaska’s Bottom LineLet’s face it — Democrats wanted Trump to stay away because they know he is making Joe Biden look like Pajama Boy — a  captive of the smash and grab Left. And he is.

What do YOU think was Evers’ foulest act?

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34 Responses to Where was Waldo?

  1. Wm. Tyroler says:

    Well, tomorrow promises some fun: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/09/basement-biden-headed-kenosha-tomorrow-first-visit-wisconsin-674-days/. Are there any empty warehouses for him to speak in?

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    • Batman says:

      For jabbering Joe’ sake and to be merciful, one must hope his handlers can effectively drill him ahead of time that it is not WWII and the destruction is not Hiroshima.

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  2. richard lesiak says:

    where was vos, fitz and the rest of the Goobers On Parade? How is the mayor’s recall thing coming along. I thought 9/1 was the due date for names.


  3. Liberty says:

    Biden can make all the appearances and statements his puppeteers want him to. He didn’t WHEN IT COUNTED. And people saw this. We’re not as stupid as the left thinks we are.

    “Democrats wanted Trump to stay away because they know he is making Joe Biden look like Pajama Boy — a captive of the smash and grab Left. And he is.”

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  4. Paula Dent says:

    Foulness is the Orange One’s department.


    • Liberty says:

      I’m sorry President Trump upsets your sensibilities.

      I’d rather have someone brash and who gets things done for the people, then someone who knows how to work the press & the camera but who is screwing us or some intern (pun) on the side.

      Sweet talker who acquiesces to China, or brash talker who wants vital pharmaceuticals to be manufactured in the United States?

      Sweet talker who villinizes law enforcement and has the audacity to make reference to (the extremely tiny percentage of) police brutality at the funerals of police officers who were ambushed and killed? Or a brash talker who recognizes that there are indeed bad cops, but that as a whole deserve our respect?

      Sweet talker who talks about systemic racism in front of the camera but whose actions and words (“you ain’t black”) indicate that he’s insincere. Or brash talker who, during his term, reduces Black unemployment?

      Sweet talker who is silent when cities across the country are being destroyed by leftist domestic terrorists and who only brings it up when polls are tanking? Or brash talker who decries the violence and offers federal assistance to beleagured cities?

      I’ll take the brash talker every time because I know (and like!) what I’m getting.

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    • Sheppy says:

      Last time I checked, being likable or even being a nice person isn’t a requirement for being President. However, being a strong leader and protecting law and order is a requirement. Biden isn’t likable, probably not a nice person, definitely isn’t a strong leader and couldn’t care less about protecting law and order.

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      • Liberty says:

        Sheppy, true, the presidency is not a popularity contest. It’s not about who can posture for the cameras and say the right things at the right time.

        It’s about who can get things done for the American people. Trump can be crude, but man, does he work hard for this country.

        Remember, Trump is NOT a politician.He wasn’t groomed by handlers since childhood. He’s from Queens, and became a Manhattan real estate developer, where you have to be brash to survive.

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      • Paula Dent says:

        What has the Orange One done for this country besides run it into debt and take a do nothing approach to the pandemic? The rioting in our cities is on Orange One’s watch. You call that leadership? Protecting law and order? You make assumptions about Joe Biden’s personality without knowing him. And Biden will show his leadership abilities after he wins the White House.


        • georgessson says:

          When they offered the flavor, Paula, did’ja choose the Cherry or the Grape Kool-Aid? Inquirin’ minds need to know. Last I checked, lootin’ & vandalism & needless deaths were pretty much laid at the feet of…. BLM. And…. SJW’s. Simple & unsupported statements like, “Foulness” emphasize the Lefts utter lack of meaningful discourse. Sorry, but how did ya think ya were influencing anyone?

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        • Liberty says:

          Joe Biden has had nearly FIVE DECADES in public office. So you tell me, what has HE accomplished during this time?

          No, the riots are clearly a product of LEFTIST domestic terrorists. Believing otherwise despite reams of evidence to the contrary is a symptom of hating Trump so intensely that you can’t see the truth.

          I don’t need to know Biden personally. The fact that he didn’t condemn the riots until his handlers realized his poll numbers were tanking gives me insight into his character.

          Don’t accuse others of what you do yourself. You accused me of making assumptions about Biden without knowing him personally. Do YOU know Trump personally?

          I realize fake liberal media (AKA Dem party cheerleaders) doesn’t report President’s Trump’s accomplishments because they’re too busy bashing him 24/7, so here’s a PARTIAL list.

          -Defeated ISIS
          -Created major prison reform, resulting in the release of thousands of Black people, incarcerated for crimes under LIBERAL presidents.
          -Working on lowering the price of drugs
          -Took out Soleimeani
          -Brokered a peace plan between Israel and Pakistan
          -Withdrew American troops from Afghanistan
          -Prioritized AMERICAN jobs and AMERICAN manufacturing. Doesn’t sell us out to China
          -Doesn’t go on tours across the world apologizing for America
          -Cracked down on human trafficking
          -Cracked down on gang activity
          -Supports law enforcement
          -Had China investigated for unfair trade practices
          -No wars
          -Decrease in Black unemployment

          Aren’t many of these the things liberals WANT:? So why so much hate?

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        • Liberty says:

          George, Liberals and Never Trumpers hate our President so deeply that they refuse to see the truth. They can’t even explain WHY they hate Trump .

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        • Alfred E. Nueman says:

          Georgeson can’t answer the question can he?


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          “And Biden will show his leadership abilities after he wins the White House.”

          Hate to be the one to break it to you Paula, but DementiaJoe should be getting fed from a safe distance (behind bars, preferably) with a long-handled wooden spoon.

          “here’s a PARTIAL list.”

          Heh! And The Gotch thought this was a No Bullying Zone

          The Gotch


  5. Alfred E. Nueman says:

    Where was the actual business owner of a store destroyed in the rioting Trump met with? OH, that’s right he refuse to appear with the lyingist president in our nations history, so the big liar brought in the former owner and claimed he was the owner.


  6. dad29 says:

    Random question for our blog-host?

    Given that Antaramian and the K-County Board would not ask Tin-Pot Tony for NG assistance (only 6 members of the Board signed the request), …

    Exactly WHAT THE HELL was the allegedly-(R) Sheriff of K-County doing? Doughnuts? Poker? Beer with the Boyzzz? He certainly could have asked for NG support…….

    Instead, we find him in every picture wearing his uniform, denigrating citizens who stepped up to defend Kenosha businesses, and generally wearing a stupid, smarmy, face.

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  7. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Pencil-P*ckered Ichabod Evers is in so far over his freakin’ empty career Lefty head it’s pathetic.

    The Gotch has said it before, he’ll say it again; ANYONE/b> that volunteered to help this pitiable dipstick get elected should be transferred to a Laughing Academy, where similarly…um…intellectually endowed moron cultists may provide solace-n-succor!

    There, they may all anxiously await their more More MORE high quality/quantity free $#!T.

    It’s the 3rd of the month tomorrow, after all, am I right…..?

    The Gotch

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  8. Paula Dent says:

    No, I don’t know the Orange One personally, therefore I make no assumptions about him. His confused thought processes are observable each day, however. True, rioters are responsible for their actions, but why can’t our big law and order Prez restore order? As for Biden, his Senate record shows he has helped the nation. Check out the Crime Victims with Disabilities Act for starters. By the way, the Prez admitted to writer Michael Schmidt that he suffered a mini-stroke a while back. Look this stuff up.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      You’re none too bright; like any glassy eyin’ lock steppin’ unquestionin’ career Lefty, you come up far short on objective analysis of DementiaJoe.

      You forget him gleefully bragging about working with segregationists, or being against busing people like his VP choice?

      Howse about not only supporting, but FREAKIN’_WRITING the 1994 Omnibus Crime Bill that tripled…TRIPLED!!! the mass incarceration of minorities.

      The lucid can’t begin to enumerate the generational long-term, systemic effect that’s had on minority families.

      Ah Lefty; so MUCH< segregationist RAYcism, so little time!

      The Gotch


      • Paula Dent says:

        Gotch, stick to the issues and don’t insult people. You know nothing of me or my abilities. What is it about keyboards that turn losers into annoyances? Mr. Biden has owned up to his past controversies. He has apologized to Anita Hill. Do research and improve your spelling, because your posts make you seem, accurately or not, barely literate and prone to ignorant, brief rants. I think Trumpists are starting to crack under the strain of being marginalized. But stay just the way you are. It’s fun to read.


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          The Gotch invites YOU to do some research of his spelling, he’ll anxiously await you identifying any that was unintentional.

          NEWS FLASH: It’s Lefty that’s doing the cracking. Do you think it’s sheer happenstance that he’s been sequestered in his basement, or has been selectively edited to hide his embarrassing stupidity and diminishing capacity in real time, or refuses to do any live interviews except with a skank ‘Ho?

          And apologize for his past??? Ferchrisssakes, Dementia “Vote For The Other Biden/I’m Running For U. S. Senate/You Ain’t Black/What State Am I In?” ad infinitum ad nauseum Joe has enough trouble with his present!

          And the fast-approaching debates…Oh Lawd those fast approaching debates; bet Lefty’s really looking forward to them there, am I right?

          The Gotch, and he may not be alone on this, certainly is!

          Word on the street is Lefty’s confident of him not fading down the stretch; quite the opposite.

          Just fading would be easy for Lefty to explain away to their drooling, feral, sloppy fat, endomorphic, gimmee gimmee, generationally dependent, sponging base.

          They’re none-too-secretly-horrified that he’ll descend into catastrophically cascading meltdown, like responding to a foreign policy question with a chicken soup recipe.

          Now; time to show everyone how you can regurgitate what you’ve swallowed whole from MadCow/Fredo/Cooper/Stelter, et al, which boils down to Orange_Man_Bad.

          No surprise there, Lefties (most, not all) equate words with actual ideas and thought.

          Keep it up; to borrow a phrase “It’s fun to read.”

          The Gotch


        • Paula Dent says:

          I did get nitpicky over the spelling of one little word. You are well-informed, Gotch.


      • Paula Dent says:

        The Crime Victims With Disabilities Act to which I referred was passed in 2008. The interesting thing about the 1994 Omnibus Crime Bill is that it had the support of the majority of the Congressional Black Caucus.


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          Whiskey Tango Foxtrot difference does that make? That it unequivocally demonstrates that the RAYcist CBC didn’t/doesn’t believe that all Black Lives Matter; if so this is something upon which we will agree!

          MUST READ: The Clinton Dynasty’s Horrific Legacy: How ‘Tough-On-Crime’ Politics Built The World’s Largest Prison System

          Mass Incarceration,having caused generations of minorities to grow up without the hope of a future….or the ability to vote, hangs conclusively from Lefty’s neck like the proverbial albatross,

          If you wonder why Lefty wants to restore the voting rights of felons, wonder no more!

          And (heh!) Paula Dent will tell us the Clintonistas apologized because, you know, like, the Former Serial Sexual Predator In Chief rented office space in Harlem; so now it’s all right…

          Ah Lefty; so MUCH crippling ignominy, so little time!

          The Gotch

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  9. georgessson says:

    Paula, Congratulations -Credit where credit is due. FINALLY some specifics ! That said, your “specifics” involve some major apologies/forgiveness for some serially/seriously dangerous Dems. Bu I applaud your effort!

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      A STARK reminder that, regardless of their melanin content, Lefty politicians take the Black vote for granted.

      They show up every Leap Year making RAYcist claims like “You Ain’t Black” and promising oceans of more More MORE high quality/quantity free $#!t, only to incuriously disappear juuuuuuuuuust after the 1st Tuesday in November.

      The Donald?

      *Providing (pre-WuJan Virus) unprecedented high economic opportunity,
      *Giving more than Lip Service, rather Permanent Funding to HCBUs
      *Pardoning Jack Johnson when even Paula Dean’s fave, the RAYcist CBC, couldn’t persuade Hopeless Changey, to do so.

      What an utter embarrassment to identify as a Lefty these days; you have to rely on the crushing stupidity of the drooling, feral, sloppy fat, endomorphic, gimmee gimmee, generationally dependent, sponging base to live with yerself, am I right?

      The Gotch


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