WI legislature to get its own ‘Squad’

Immigrant from slave-trading Sudan protests America

The Wisconsin legislature may soon have its own “Squad.” It will be a Squad of One — a combination of A.O.C., Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib — but just as angry. Won’t that be fun!

Nada Elmikashfi

Her name is Nada Elmikashfi. She running to succeed 93-year-old Fred Risser to represent central and near-west Madison in the State Senate. The 26th Senate district is Monroe-Vilas Streets, Willy Street, E. Johnson, Capitol Square, and the UW campus. The beating red heart of Madison progressivism!

Given that the Republican side of the ballot will be blank, the August 11 Democrat(ic) primary will determine Risser’s successor. Because Elmikashfi is one of seven ( 7! ) candidates in one-party Madison, the young lady could garner only 15% of the vote and still win. (Candidates listed here.)  

Elmikashfi is Bernie Sanders red and Antifa black, distinguishing her the white as Wonder Bread “establishment” candidate, Helen Kelda Roys, who served two terms in the State Assembly a few years ago, ran for governor and (in general) paid her party dues. Helps that the other five candidates are non-entities. Nada Elmiksashfi will win because she is:

  • a woman of color (identity politics rules!)
  • an immigrant (from The Sudan)
  • Muslim!
  • a Bernie Sanders socialist in a district that voted Bernie in the 2016 primary.
  • a social justice warrior All In on defunding the police and the whole victim-grievance industry.

Anti-cop wins in Madison WI

“Nada Elmikashfi was the only candidate to explicitly back defunding the police,” she boasts. Quoting a WisPolitics report: “Elmikashfi acknowledged those calls would lead to fewer officers on the streets.”

Nada Elmikashfi has already identified an enemy: State Sen. Tim Carpenter, D-Milwaukee. That’s right: the Democrat who was pummeled by Black Lives Matter on the Capitol grounds the night of June 23/24 for trying to video record their crimes. Carpenter has since introduced legislation — co-sponsored by a Republican! — making a felony of destroying government statues.

Sami Schalk

Dig the BLM propaganda from UW-Madison Prof Sami Schalk! Just because you got a beat-down from the SJWs, Tim Carpenter, is no reason to throw a “tantrum”!


War of statutory words

On social media Elmikashfi denounced Carpenter “for the harm your bill is doing to Wisconsinites of color.” (Thereby stereotyping minorities as inveterate vandals.) @nada4Wisconsin continued, “If they speak down to, vilify, and erase a black candidate I can only imagine how badly they treat their black colleagues in the Senate. It’s time for change — time is up on empty liberal “wokeness.” The Democratic Party needs to be reclaimed by those it doesn’t fight for.”

Today (07-19-2020) Elmikashfi claimed Twitter had suspended Sen. Carpenter’s account for harassment and called for the Senate minority leader (her old boss) “to reprimand Senator Carpenter.”

⇒ Madison’s Progressive power structure created this monster. An immigrant from an original S-hole country of mud huts, where slavery is still practiced, bad-mouths America!

Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway appointed Elmikashfi to the Sustainable Madison Committee. She worked for Gov. Tony Evers vetting appointees to 300 statewide positions. She was an intern for Senate Democrat(ic) leader Jennifer Shilling. She is already endorsed by the likes of Progressive Dane Alders Max Prestigiacomo and Shiva Bidar-Sielaff and school board member Ananda Mirilli.

Blaska’s Bottom LineThe Democrat(ic) party of Wisconsin deserves this ticking time bomb. It created the means of its own destruction, like the face-down statues of Wisconsin heroes who fought for gender and racial justice.

Will YOU join me in voting for this BLM socialist?

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  1. Shaun Losses says:

    Vote for Nada. Democrats really need to be made to deal with their Marxist garbage. She’s endorsed by the Democrat Socialists of America. Can you believe that?


  2. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    From the Never Interfere With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself files, some marvelously hilarious Lefty-on-Lefty Porn!

    Whiny b!tch Lefties chiding LGBT Lefty for bullying minority Lefty:

    Democrats: Carpenter’s Treatment Of Madison Candidate Nada Elmikashfi ‘Crossed The Line’

    It’s almost too much to take.


    The Gotch


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