Social justice warriors are killing our kids

… and encouraging car jackings

What is this ‘personal responsibility’ of which you speak?

Shake your soft little fists all you want at the Mexican cartels who slaughtered three women and their children pleading for their lives in Sonora state.

But “Similarly brutal crimes frequently occur among black Americans in our own cities, generating much less coverage,” warns the essential Robert L. Woodson. The renowned social scientist lays it on the line in today’s Wall Street Journal:

“As activists smear and hinder police,
will the nation surrender to the forces of lawlessness?”

In more than 40 years of working with local anticrime groups and documenting their solutions to youth violence, I have never witnessed the depravity that is occurring today on the streets of black neighborhoods around America.

Robert L Woodson

Robert L Woodson

Mr. Woodson, a MacArthur genius award winner, writes about “pockets of impunity” where homicide is common but arrests are rare due to the street code of omertà — 14 children and teenagers shot dead in three months this past summer in St. Louis — resulting in, one month later, exactly one arrest.

“In Chicago, gang members recently kidnapped and shot a 9-year-old brother of a rival in an execution-style retaliatory strike. These thugs consider the deaths of innocent toddler sand children to be collateral damage of street warfare.”

Blame the police

Comment, respond, what do you think

What are our schools doing to instill personal responsibility?

Incongruous though it may be, as in Madison WI, social justice warriors and grievance mongers blame police. Instead of asking for more police, Madison’s Progressive Dane mayor throws $200,000 at a full-time police monitor/critic/inquisitor. The school board lowers school behavior standards in a futile attempt to make the race numbers look better. And we’re surprised at the epidemic of teenaged car thefts, home invasions, and gunplay? Woodson will have none of it.

Low-income black neighborhoods throughout the U.S. are becoming more isolated and more dangerous in part because of the efforts of self-proclaimed social-justice warriors, including members of Black Lives Matter. These activists demonize law enforcement, making it harder for police to gain residents’ trust.

Madison police officer Nicholas Cleary:
“No one should feel hostage in their own city. Yet my wife, the wife of a police officer, doesn’t always feel comfortable taking her two daughters out in public. She has a fear of getting her purse stolen, her car taken, or even having our vehicle crashed into by careless or reckless drivers. These concerns aren’t confined to our own family.”

That is what Madison police officer Nicholas Cleary told the Madison Common Council at its budget meeting last week (11-12-19). Ask Madison Police Chief Vic Wahl and his predecessor, Mike Koval: veteran cops will tough it out until they reach retirement age. But idealistic younger police are increasingly disillusioned. Woodson again:


“These attacks on law enforcement have caused a sharp drop in police recruitment. According to one survey, 62% of police departments nationally have reported decreases in recruiting in recent years.” 


No Cops Feb. 25

Freedom Inc. is still playing the “blame-the-police” game. They’re supported by The Capital Times, Progressive Dane, many city alders, Madison Urban Ministry, Wisconsin Network for Peace, Justice & Sustainability — among many others.

“These attacks on law enforcement have caused a sharp drop in police recruitment. According to one survey, 62% of police departments nationally have reported decreases in recruiting in recent years.” 

Is Woodson describing Madison’s Woke elite?

Pundits and professors articulate a message of despair, victimhood and conflict. They tell people trapped in these inner-city killing fields that regardless of what blacks are doing to one another, it isn’t their fault. For them, blames lies only with the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow. … Police and prosecutors, they say, are merely enforcers of white-supremacist culture that pervades society. 

Robert L. Woodson’s bottom line: “The most dangerous thing about this message is that it exempts inner-city blacks from personal responsibility.”

What do YOU think?

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13 Responses to Social justice warriors are killing our kids

  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    ”Police and prosecutors, they say, are merely enforcers of white-supremacist culture that pervades society.”

    What would one expect them to say; the monocultured, decades-on-end, single-party-rule Big GubMint and so-called leaders of Detroit, Milwaukee, D.C., Trenton, Philly, Chicago, Benton Harbor, Newark, NYC, LA, Oakland, St. Louis…Baltimore!, etc., etc., etc. admitting they’ve been doing it all wrong?

    Howse about the commentary of any of the neighborsnextdoor threads on recent West Side incidents (most depicted here) and you’ll see freighters of guilt-inundated White Lefties slobbering out every excuse in the book.

    It’s not working!

    The Gotch

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  2. Tom Paine says:

    If a man beats his wife……….repeatedly, should the wife initiate divorce, or at least separate?
    If she fails to do either, does her decision to remain in the relationship merit sympathy?

    To me, the analogy is clear. No sympathy for those who remain in the cesspool of dysfunctionalism, irresponsibility, incivility and increasing crime. Doesn’t take a weatherman…….


  3. madisonexpat says:

    Who benefits from the constant racism detecting going on in Madison? The people being paid big civic bucks like Freedom Inc at a cool million or so per year. The Black Lies Matter folks and all the usual kvetchers.
    There will be dead young black men. First folks on the street with their signs are the ones to watch. They will monetize the corpses.

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  4. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    The concept of “public safety” is seen by SJWs as just another manifestation of white privilege and the phrase itself a dog-whistle for racists, much as calls for “law and order” were decades ago. Who but reactionary racists would value a society based on law and order? Officer Cleary’s plea for policies that would protect him and his family–surely the most basic responsibility of local government–is a classic case of spitting into the wind, at least in Madison (I’m astounded that as a straight white male he was even allowed to voice his views). If anything, Madison’s lefty loons are gleeful at the demoralization of police officers. Fanatical ideologues are, by definition, immune to appeals to reason. The only successful instance of anyone standing up to these self-righteous bullies were those who were brave enough to take action, like the students at West High walking out of class to demand the reinstatement of Marlon Anderson. Given that public shaming is the favorite tactic of the left, it seems right that it be turned against them whenever possible.


  5. Kevin Wymore says:

    Ah, but at least in Madison, we are making earnest effort against perceived micro-aggressions, with a $1 million grant in public money. We mustn’t leave our car keys in our ignitions, lest they become community cars. But we are in a death struggle against slights.

    Well done, Madison.


  6. White Hills says:

    SJWism and all its corollaries are a grift. Always has been. The media, the state, grant operating NGOs, the humanities department, state unions, and corporate HR are all complicit in the grift. It’s everywhere. It has transcended the culture in the form of a cancer. I don’t think the culture can properly handle it, especially traditional culture. It doesn’t know how. So far tradcons have tried to play nice with the cancer only to have their cherished values killed by the cancer. There is only one answer to SJW cancer… Kill it before it kills you.


  7. George's son says:

    A Post to my Nextdoor Neighbor site earlier today….

    Madison’s West High School is planning to improve their students’ grades by lowering standards


  8. George's son says:


    ‘Somebody invented a 100-point grading scale. It doesn’t have to be that way.’ — West High School Principal


    • Sprocket says:

      I’m sure there are stupid people who suck at their jobs all over the country that wish they had the freedom to redefine their failure as success. Imagine these people built houses; “Yeah, I know you wanted plumbing and electrical. But those are just expectations created by western social norms. So I left them out.”


  9. Butch says:

    Big difference between omerta, the Mafia’s code of silence, and “no snitching.” The former is about members of a society not wanting to give up its secrets to avoid prosecution. The latter refers to people who avoid talking to the cops because they fear for their lives. They know the cops can’t/won’t protect them from retaliation. What’s the upside? The police brand in these neighborhoods isn’t of protecting, but of harassing. Maybe that’s not fair in 2019 Madison, but it was true 20, 50, 100 years ago and a lot more work needs to be done to reverse the trend.

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  10. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    “to make sure that every student can pass through the system and be thoroughly indoctrinated.”

    And pay the Indoctricators (sic) for the privilege.

    ‘Course, that may all change when they legislate loan forgiveness and Free Indoctrication for all, including undocumented asylum seekers.

    The Gotch


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