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Social justice warriors are killing our kids

… and encouraging car jackings What is this ‘personal responsibility’ of which you speak? Shake your soft little fists all you want at the Mexican cartels who slaughtered three women and their children pleading for their lives in Sonora state. … Continue reading

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Parents say: ‘The Behavior Education Plan is not strong enough to keep our kids safe’

“Students have gotten the impression that they can do whatever they want and there’s not going to be any consequence.” School Board ignores parents’ concerns In the last installment, “Cursing in Madison Schools” we reported that Madison’s public schools is … Continue reading

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Cops in Madison schools, Part #1

Expel the disrupters, not the police Only in the Emerald City would the school district even consider evicting police from its high schools. Truly, Madison is that island surrounded by the reality of  mass school shootings, most recently this month … Continue reading

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Three Madison high schools erupt in chaos Monday noon

“West High and the District are engaging in experimental, ill-advised, and dangerous tactics to essentially bend over backwards to not “offend” the OFFENDERS.” — A Parent Madison high schools are erupting in chaos. Three high schools in one day, Monday, February … Continue reading

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