Parents say: ‘The Behavior Education Plan is not strong enough to keep our kids safe’

“Students have gotten the impression that they can do whatever they want and there’s not going to be any consequence.”

School Board ignores parents’ concerns

In the last installment, “Cursing in Madison Schools” we reported that Madison’s public schools is doubling down on its failed Behavior Education Plan.

At its February 25 meeting, the school board is likely to approve various tucks and tweaks — things like adding vaping to the list of no-no’s. Things like assigning various levels of severity to inappropriate touching, depending on the particular region of the anatomy. Like, cursing a fellow student —meriting a Level 2 or 3 response; cursing a faculty member: Level 3 or 4. Cursing the cafeteria lady? Um, no levels. So, go for it.

We asked this question: What, exactly, would the restorative justice actually look like? 

Award-winning teacher Karen Vieth described what it looked like at Sherman middle school before she quit in disgust this past summer:

With discipline removed and no true restoration happening, our climate quickly degraded over the course of three years. Students can swear at teachers, use hate language, talk about blowing up the school, walk out of classrooms, or hit a peer. They would take a quick break out of the classroom and be back to start all over again exhibiting the same behaviors five to ten minutes later. …

Students have pushed staff, broken multiple panes of glass in the windows and doors, and brought weapons and drugs to school. The hallways have been filled to the brim with yelling, swearing, pushing, and shoving. … Students walked out of class on a regular basis or asked outright to be taken to “Room 120”, which was meant to be the restorative center, where they would catch a quick nap, hang out, or talk to the staff who supervised the room, but restoration and followup did not happen.

Should it surprise you that parents are seeing the same thing? (Answer: only if you’re a Madison school board member because then it doesn’t matter.)

Last November, school district administrators held four listening sessions with “over 55 family participants.” The school district felt it necessary to report that these parents were “mostly white.” The district also harvested 90 comments from its website — most of them from parents.QUOTE: step aside

Tellingly, the district provides no hard numbers, no grades, no pass or fail. Would it have busted the meter to record a vote on the Behavior Education Plan? Here is their report:

Outline of people

QUOTE: leaving

The parents’ comments are damning:

“Students see students fighting and then they’re in class an hour later or at football practice. If there’s no consequence then kids feel empowered to do anything.” 

“I’m seeing bad habits developed in my son’s kindergarten class. We’re losing staff, we’re losing families. Teachers seem to feel they can’t do anything about it.” 

“My experience has been that students have gotten the impression that they can do whatever they want and there’s not going to be any consequence.”

“Teachers are unable to do anything to students that misbehave and disrupt the class.”

While one participant recognized that the perception is more about loving kids and the solution is based on relationships, this participant said, “That’s ridiculous. There needs to be boundaries set and enforced. It’s what any good parent would be doing.” 

“Students need concrete consequences, and this seems to be lacking in the current behavior plan.” 

“As practiced, the BEP is literally destroying the education of children who are ready to learn.”

“If disrupting children are kept in the classroom, the learning of the children who are paying attention is negatively affected.” 

“Our family is debating leaving the school district because of the increasing violence in the schools and concerns for our daughter’s safety.” 

“Why is it that is schools are a “gun free zone” and how is it that a child can bring one to school and that child can return back?!” 

“This BEP is not strong enough to keep our kids safe.” 

“Students who are not ready to learn cannot remain in the classroom. There has to be another plan or the majority of our students suffer. The BEP does not work and is causing so many great educators to leave our district.” 

“There has been too many discussions and planning meetings on safety and the BEP. Make some changes and make our schools safe again or step aside and let new people in to do so. ”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Kids in Madison public schools, be forwarned: I better not see you vaping or there’s going to be so much restorative justice … um … ah …

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17 Responses to Parents say: ‘The Behavior Education Plan is not strong enough to keep our kids safe’

  1. It sounds to me like the Madison School Districts’ Behavior Education Plan has a kind of student Individual Responsibility Loophole built into it.

    Individual Responsibility Loophole is the unethical notion that when an individual breaks existing rules or laws it’s society, or that other race, or the police, etc, that’s at fault.

    Society creates rules and laws to govern it’s people and maintain a civil society. In our modern progressively dominated society unethical individuals are being enabled by unwitting people to invoke the Individual Responsibility Loophole to cast blame away from themselves so they can avoid the consequences of their own actions. If this practice continues and becomes more wide spread chaos will ensue. This is exactly what is happening in the schools.

    Madison School Districts’ Behavior Education Plan has an obvious unexpected consequence that was easily foreseeable by anyone that uses critical thinking, but it seems that the school board is not taking responsibility for their own actions and sweeping it under the rug – such a fine example they are setting.

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  3. Does the Madison School Board realize that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the sign of stupidity?

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    • AnonyBob says:

      The old saying is that it’s the “definition of Insanity,” not stupidity.


      • AnonyBob wrote, “The old saying is that it’s the “definition of Insanity,” not stupidity.”

        Sure that’s the way that old saying goes but I honestly don’t think they are insane, I think they’re just stupid and don’t learn from their mistakes. They are likely stupid because it’s very likely that their too pompous to believe that they actually made a mistake. Pompous is a verifiable trait from a fully consumed progressive.

        When it came to insanity, I gave the school board the benefit of the doubt.


      • For the record AnonyBob; my statement that you made assumptions about was bait for those few individual trolls that always seem to attack the messenger instead of commenting on the message or the topic, you didn’t disappoint as usual.


        • AnonyBob says:

          What was your message? You just mangled an old saw without fleshing it out. I was trying to keep you from sounding stupid. My mistake.


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


          “I was trying to keep you from sounding stupid.”

          I’ll put this as delicately as I can; tend yer own weed-choked garden!

          The Gotch


  4. Tom Paine says:



  5. coolkevs says:

    Yep, the good old “Meeting, Developing, Emerging” grading system. If I see no improvement in my child’s level from quarter to quarter, how am I to gauge what’s going on?


  6. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    “The school district felt it necessary to report that these parents (attending the listening sessions) were ‘mostly white.’ ”

    If the following are true:
    *The residents of the school district are mostly white.
    *The residents of the school district are mostly Lefty.
    *The students of the school district are mostly white.

    Might we conclude:
    *Whiskey Tango Foxtrot does their skin pigment have to do with anything? It’s what the lucid might expect from a raw numbers assessment.
    *Accounting for their inexplicable obsession with melanin content, why didn’t they include the minority parent participation numbers/rate, or wasn’t there one to report?

    Should we be asking:
    *Did any of these mostly white Lefties say anything to the effect: “Hey Jenny Cheatem, et al, GREAT effin’ job! Keep up the good work!
    *Did any minority parents, if there were any, say anything similar?
    *Is/was the talented Ms. Vieth an outlying malcontent with an ax to grind, or was the school district deflecting in full CYA mode choosing to racialize her complaints against a Black Principal because the district’s AA hire was a catastrophic mistake?
    *Kinda odd that Black Principal (Kristin Foreman) disappeared rather quietly into the night, am I right?
    *Would an “other-complected,” or (GASP) a Y-Chromosomal principal have been given ANY WHERE NEAR as many chances?

    If you’s haven’t read Vieth’s thoroughly damning treatise, take a couple of minutes and do so.

    Excerpts: (bolds/caps mine throughout)
    ”I saw a principal being given chance after chance and three years of her being coddled and coached with no substantive change.

    ”The problems being ignored by our district are of great magnitude. I cannot understand the purpose or priorities of any organization that allows this level of incompetence, PARTICULARLY ONE THAT IS SUPPOSED TO SERVE CHILDREN.

    ”We have a principal who is not visible in the halls or classrooms. There are many days when our building has been in crisis or there are special events and SHE HAS ARRIVED LATE, LEFT EARLY, OR NOT BEEN PRESENT AT ALL. It is clear that she is not aware of what is going on at Sherman — either that or she does not care to be a part of it.

    Prepare to hear that steadily increasing drum-beat, H. Ross Perot’s Giant Sucking Sound, of residents who don’t want to be a part of a failing system that’s failing THEIR children.

    The Gotch


    • richard lesiak says:

      ” Mostly white lefties”. Are you saying that people who lean to the right politically don’t care about their kid’s school?


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        @richard lesiak;

        “Are you saying that people who lean to the right politically don’t care about their kid’s school?”

        Not at all; and The Gotch has neither the time, the interest, nor the energy to bring youse up to speed.

        The adults are having a discussion, here; we’ll leave it at that.

        The Gotch


  7. Sprocket says:

    If nothing else, this underscores the importance of school choice. There is no reason parents who care about the their children’s education should be forced to sacrifice their children for the benefit of a completely dysfunctional government education system. MMSD has made it clear that education takes a back seat to social justice and they are willing to burn the whole thing to the ground in furtherance of that goal.


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