The partisan attack on Ron Johnson

… resorts to the Kavanaugh smear

Blaska Policy Werkes likes its political debate robust and plain-spoken. Nuance is for girlie men. We do give the other side their say — free speech is like that tree in the forest, without ears to listen it makes no sound. But  also because, half the time, our adversaries knit their own rope if you just let them.

That’s no excuse for the hateful bile The Capital Times threw at Ron Johnson, one of the most decent fellows in government today. A real Mr. Smith goes to Washington. Never clambered up the greasy pole by pushing others down. Never tried to play it both ways. No wonder Wisconsin voters returned the man to the U.S. Senate even after national Republicans thought he was toast, stick a fork in him, etc.

NY Times Fish wrap

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Which drives Progressives barking mad. That’s the only reason we can muster for The Capital Times’ egregious and mean-spirited hit job on Senator Ron Johnson. Perhaps my former employers were looking for a way to do a belly flop into the murky waters of the New York Times’ flimsy “exposé” of an incident that the  alleged victim says she can’t remember and her friends say never happened on the word of a former Hillary fixer.

That incident being that Brett Kavanaugh exposed himself at a college party. U.S. Sen. Susan Collins of Maine (or an aide) calls it “an accusation without an accuser.” (More here.) The Capital Times:

If you’re mad about Kavanaugh, take it out on Ron Johnson

Critics of the Kavanaugh nomination pleaded with the senators to take more time to investigate whether Trump’s pick was telling the truth. Instead, Ron Johnson and his colleagues rushed to judgment. We do not know how Sen. Johnson can look himself in the mirror. But we do know that the voters of Wisconsin should be wary of this reckless and destructive partisan.

“Reckless and destructive partisan!” Sheesh! Talk about spittle flecked! “Rush to judgement”? After TWO FBI investigations and marathon congressional hearings?

Joseph Project Ron Johnson

The indentured servants here at the Stately Manor sleep much better knowing that Ron Johnson serves in public life as opposed, to say, a game-playing partisan like Mark Pocan.

At long last, progressives, have you no …

Ron Johnson is so highly thought of that he began on the board of directors of a Catholic school well before his election — even though the senator is Lutheran.

Comment BlackRon Johnson was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, unlike Tammy Baldwin. Growing up RoJo delivered newspapers, worked as a caddy at a golf course, baled hay on his uncle’s dairy farm, and worked as a dishwasher in a restaurant (according to Wikipedia). One more thing: He’s not from Madison!

RoJo doesn’t signal his virtue by unleashing government to redistribute other people’s hard-earned success. Johnson works with the Joseph Project to train unemployed persons — most of them racial minorities and many with criminal records — for meaningful jobs. The senator uses his prestige to encourage employers to hire Joseph Project graduates.

The irony is that elsewhere, Capital Times editor Paul Fanlund praises Ron for participating in its Idea Fest “in the heart of Madison before a Cap Times crowd — not exactly his political base — to talk issues and exchange ideas.” 

Knitting their own rope #2— Arizona Democrats will vote to censure fellow Democrat Sen. Krysten Sinema for insufficient partisanship. Her sins? She voted to confirm David Bernhardt (Who?), Trump’s nominee to serve as secretary of the Interior (Oh!), as well as her vote to confirm William Barr as attorney general, the news outlet notes, and her resistance to joining fellow Democrats in trying to reinstate net neutrality rules. (WHAH?)

Ann of Althouse asks “Why does Arizona have a Democratic Senator? Isn’t it because she is a bit more like a Republican?” 

Knitting their own rope #3 — Faithful reader and champion tomato grower “The Gotch” tells us he was watching Fox Nation when “Reality Check’ host David Webb asked the former DNC Chair Donna Brazile if she thought The Donald was a racist. (Following all that?) Her response?

⇒ “Do you know that I get in trouble when I don’t say that [the president is racist]?”

Blaska’s Bottom LineMakes us wonder how some Progressives sleep at night.

What do YOU think?

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8 Responses to The partisan attack on Ron Johnson

  1. Batman says:

    “Blaska’s Bottom Line: Makes us wonder how some Progressives sleep at night.”

    With a great big beautiful wall around their compound.

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  2. sahmpaw says:

    I love Ron Johnson and apparently Wisconsin does too! I didn’t know Tammy Baldwin was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Her campaign ads suggest she was raised by a single mom who was asleep on the couch. Please enlighten me. 🙂


    • David Blaska says:

      Her maternal grandfather was noted biochemist David E. Green. Baldwin’s aunt is biochemist Rowena Green Matthews,
      Baldwin earned a B.A. degree from one of the private “Seven Sisters” colleges, Smith College. She has a blind trust that was worth $750,000 in 2010. In 2004, Tammy’s net worth was estimated to be around $1.4 million, according to various sources but has been declining yearly as she lives off that income. Her U.S. Senate salary is $174,000/yr.


      • George's Son says:

        Yepper, Dave. Tammy Baldwin in Madison is a well-known lady, some of us watched as she progressed. Not exactly an unknown personality by any means. And most wish her well, even while not agreeing w/ her politics.


  3. dad29 says:

    No Democrat wants to “solve” ANY problem. That would put them out of the grifting business which they know and love. Beats the Hell out of working, ya’know.


  4. madisonexpat says:

    So-o-o-o even the CapTimess vitriol is fake.


  5. M. Olson says:

    I sleep well but would rest better knowing everyone had health care, what is the GOP policy? As far as Brett K goes, his was a flawed nomination but can the Federalist Society do better?


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