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The Grinch that stole Equity

Do you like cancel culture? I do not like them, Sam you am. I do not like cancel culture. Would you like them here or there? I would not like them here or there. I would not like them anywhere, … Continue reading

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News flash: college freshmen act like college freshmen

at least, before social justice warriors enforced purdah Years ago as an ink-stained wretch, the proprietor of the Policy Werkes vetted a news story involving a certain word that could not be committed to print in a general circulation newspaper. The … Continue reading

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The partisan attack on Ron Johnson

… resorts to the Kavanaugh smear Blaska Policy Werkes likes its political debate robust and plain-spoken. Nuance is for girlie men. We do give the other side their say — free speech is like that tree in the forest, without … Continue reading

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New York Times falls for the Bret Kavanaugh rope-a-dope

One meaning of the word “impeach” is to challenge the credibility Our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances are punching themselves silly, flailing away at their boogymen instead of convincing voters they can govern. Their choice — but the Policy Werkes can’t help observing … Continue reading

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This just in: Women don’t all think alike! Major blow to identity politics!

Same is said to be the case with racial minorities! Reminded in her CNN interview that women voted for Trump, Hillary corrected: “White women.” Ah, intersectionality! The New York Times has made a startling discovery that will cause good Madison … Continue reading

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What if Leah Vukmir is the change maker, not The Capital Times?

The Democrats’ ‘Fighting dirty’ is losing voters The Capital Times is desperate to smear nurse and working mother Leah Vukmir as a “dishonest … career politician” because the Republican candidate for Senate is hitting incumbent Tammy Baldwin where it hurts: … Continue reading

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