We lost, so let’s trash the U.S. Constitution and local police

Fake News you can trust!

Was ever a team more over-rated than the pre-season Wisconsin Badger football team? Sheesh!

crazy-ladyAttention Comrade Nichols and subscribers to The Progressive and The Nation magazines. The New York Times this Sunday (11-25-18) warns our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances to avoid crazies like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the heartland:

Democrats are seeing their already weak standing in rural America erode even further. The campaigns of Stacey Abrams in Georgia, Andrew Gillum in Florida and Beto O’Rourke in Texas may have electrified black and progressive white voters … but they had an equal and opposite effect as well: in rural county after rural county, this trio of next-generation Democrats performed worse than President Barack Obama did in 2012.

More ominous for Democrats was that the deep losses this year among rural and some exurban whites were not just confined to Southern states where they nominated unabashed progressives with hopes of transforming the midterm electorate. They lost four Senate seats, as well as governor’s races in states like Iowa and Ohio, with more conventional candidates whose strength in cities and upper-income suburbs was not enough to overcome their deficits in less densely populated areas.

Let’s face it, acquaintances, Tony Evers is / was no Mark Pocan / Chris Taylor.

Trash the Constitution?

Article 5

The monkish policy wonks here at the Werkes don’t mind studying on-line with screen writer Aaron Sorkin. They will study Steve Martin’s comedy lessons with the utmost seriousness. But economics from voodoo that you-do Paul Krugman? America’s most partisan economist? Fuhgeddabouddit!

Like other international socialists, Krugman trashes the work of America’s Founders (rich white men, all). The very institution of the U.S. Senate is an abomination, Krugman argues. Because it represents white America, not “Real America.” Toujours l’identity politique.

A resident of the redolently named Bonne Terre, Missouri, (11-25-18) offers a corrective. “We live different lives here in flyover country. But one thing that we have in common with New York is that we are equally represented in the Senate. We are not “real America” or “Senate America”; we are simply America.”

Our founders got it mostly right. They knew what could happen if protections like the Senate and the Electoral College weren’t put into the Constitution. They knew that without that check, the largest states (primarily on the coasts today) would be able to completely ignore the rest of the nation.

My suggestion to liberal elites like Mr. Krugman would be this: Quit whining about how stupid the voters are and work harder to convince us in flyover country that your policy beliefs are the best way forward for our nation.”

In any event, Article 5 of the Constitution provides that “no State, without its Consent, shall be deprived of its equal Suffrage in the Senate.”

On the other hand, states may be subdivided. This might produce a Democrat(ic) senator in Texas but also a Republican senator in California. 

Attention Jane Fonda, traitor!

While the Policy Werkers are parsing the Sunday N.Y. Times, let us give thanks to the review of a book on the Vietnam War, Vietnam, An Epic Tragedy, by Max Hastings, with the courage, according to the reviewer, to excoriate the hideous brutality of the Communist regime many of my contemporaries fought against.

25lawrence2-jumboHastings’s judgment falls most harshly on the Communists. Drawing on new sources from Vietnam and recent studies of Hanoi’s decision-making, he condemns America’s adversaries as ruthless ideologues willing to spill any amount of blood to conquer the South. Ho Chi Minh, often romanticized as an amiable nationalist, was in fact a merciless despot who inflicted “systemic cruelties” on his people.

Even worse was Le Duan, the little-known zealot who displaced Ho in the early 1960s as North Vietnam’s chief warlord and climbed a “mountain of his people’s corpses” to final victory over the South in 1975.

That victory ended three decades of war but also brought new waves of repression and deprivation for the Vietnamese.

Your tax dollars, wasted

ISO No Cops Pride march #3Finally, the City of Madison paid $376,000 to a Berkeley, California policy boutique to critique (it rhymes) Madison police. Today, 49 meetings and a full year later, alders have not implemented a single one of its 146 recommendations.

Among the OIR Group’s pricey recommendations: that Madison police suffer a lower standard of self-defense in the face of a hostility. Another oversight committee superseding the statutory Police & Fire Commission (also composed of citizens).

The ad hoc committee parsing the report isn’t meeting, and committee members are dropping out — including members of Freedom Inc., the anti-cop pressure group notorious for shutting down Madison’s school board.

Then again, Freedom Inc. wants control over police “in their neighborhoods.” Which, judging from their demands that police be expelled  from our troubled high schools, means NO police in the neighborhood.

“Only once or twice has the committee had all members in attendance for a meeting.” (Despite the evidence, “It’s actually working,” says the committee’s co-chairman.)

R.I.P. Bishop Robert Morlino.


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13 Responses to We lost, so let’s trash the U.S. Constitution and local police

  1. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Of course Madison hasn’t implemented any of the recommendations suggested by the Berkeley boutique. That was never the purpose of the “study” to begin with. Its sole purpose was to showcase the exquisite sensitivity of Madison liberals toward “marginalized’ communities. “Look at us, we’re spending nearly $400,000 of taxpayers’ money to show how concerned we are that so many minorities are being arrested for breaking the law.”


  2. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    “Was ever a team more over-rated than the pre-season Wisconsin Badger football team?”

    With everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, to play for:

    *Leckrone’s last hurrah
    *Senior Day
    *A Bowl option NOT called Quick Lane, Belk, Dollar General, Redbox, or Pinstripe
    *The Gophers, and
    *The FREAKIN’ Axe!

    Yet Bucky comes out flatter than a flippin’ unleavened fritter??

    What a HORRIBLE showing against MN and a team of freakin’ freshmen!

    The Gotch immolated-n-reduced-to-ashes the Sunday 09/28/2008 State Journal sports page in our driveway in protest of Bucky choking @Michigan the day before.

    Only a prevailing cooler head by the lovely and long-suffering Mrs. Gotch, and the desire to see Oatsie come up with a grade lower than the F‘s they deserved (he couldn’t), prevented a repeat performance this morning.

    The Gotch


  3. Patrick M. O'Loughlin says:

    I also gagged seeing the mighty Krugman teaching a “master class” in economics. Absolutely the WORST person possible to mold young minds on economics, What? They couldn’t get Ocasio-Cortez?


  4. richard lesiak says:

    Thanks Dave. Nice to see you devoting some space to the national news rather than all the normal dog catcher stuff. Still can’t get a grip on the Cortez thing ‘ya guys got goin’ on. Not sworn in yet, newly elected, etc. Why the hard thingie for her? Latina, nice clothes, cute butt, fetish thing? Oh well; once those six new steel mills are on line and the coal industry is purring along no one will even remember her as a freshman congresswoman until she is sworn in as VP.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      @richard lesiak;

      Optics aside, yer & Lefty INC’s fascination with Alexandria One-State-Solution/Add-Funeral-Costs-To-Health-Care-Costs/Medicare-For-All-Even-Though-I-Don’t-Have-A-Freakin’-Clue-How-It’ll-Be-Paid-For Ocasio-Cortez is understandable.

      And other than more, More MORE high quality/quantity free $#!t for the promise of democrat votes, what do you’s have besides Soak-The-Rich-Identity-Politics?

      Heck, that’s Lefty’s platform…they have no ideas…they’re left to make promises that are paid for with Other People’s Money, am I right?

      What happens when you’s run out of OPM?

      Anywho, and sworn in as VP???

      Now THAT’S rich!!

      Almost as RICH as the lyin’ thievin’ deceivin’ Hillarity making another run, which is my ardent hope!

      The Gotch


      • richard lesiak says:

        What about all that high quality/quantity gop corporate welfare. How’s that working for you? Add 1.5 trillion in debt so the 1% can use other peoples money to buy bigger houses. Where do you think the give away’s to foxthecon and KClark come from? OPM


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Sworn in as VP? Why not as P? I detect implicit bias, institutional racism, and the white patriarchy at work.


  5. Kevin Wymore says:

    At the time of the vote, Alder Matt Phair told me that the $376,000 police study was merely an attempt to “validate” the Madison Police Department.

    So, now we can expect a “Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade” hereabouts for the ruling elite to proclaim the local cops’ innate goodness and professionalism.

    Umm..don’t let your coffee go cold waiting for it.


  6. Tom Paine says:

    Where would W be without Jonathan Taylor?

    Would fans praise Chryst’s ability to coach – w/out Taylor?

    Why are opposing coaching staff’s so much more passionate about winning……………compared to Chryst and Co.?

    Why has Horni broke failed to mature beyond his Freshman year? Bench him. Give others a chance to “mature.” Embarrassing to watch the boy as he emulates the emotionless detachment of the Head Coach.

    Why was Minnesota, dominated by Freshmen, able to defeat an older, more experienced Wisconsin team—-one with the nation’s best running back and an “outstanding” offensive line? SOMETHING DOES NOT COMPUTE HERE.

    T. Oates in the State Journal, accurately I think, graded the Badger’s performance as D- to F. So why pay Chryst and Co. so much? In any other profession, consumers would sue for fraud.

    There is no less-articulate, vocabulary-challenged, and passionless head coach in the United States. We learn NOTHING from his post-game comments. Absolutely nothing. Paid more than $250,000 per game, why can’t the Athletic Board REQUIRE Chryst to take classes in vocabulary development and public BeeeEssing?

    Pathetic goals; pathetic excuses; pathetic performance, including the “great offensive line.”


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