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Paul Krugman teaches economic illiteracy

How many times do the Trump haters get to be wrong and still get paid (or invited on CNN)? If Mark Zuckerberg is going to ban anyone he should delete the paid advertisement that comes across our Facebook feed here … Continue reading

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We lost, so let’s trash the U.S. Constitution and local police

Fake News you can trust! Was ever a team more over-rated than the pre-season Wisconsin Badger football team? Sheesh! Attention Comrade Nichols and subscribers to The Progressive and The Nation magazines. The New York Times this Sunday (11-25-18) warns our liberal-progressive-socialist … Continue reading

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Trust us, we’re professionally trained journalists

“Unbiased news does not exist.” The editor of Your Progressive Voice (the corporation that speaks as if it were a person) is up today with a plea to “main street Republicans”  This, alone, is progress of a sort. Usually The … Continue reading

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