‘Living on borrowed time’ before someone killed by teenage burglaries, car thefts

Restorative justice not reaching hardcore grip of 32 juvenile delinquents

Dane County may have to build a long-term juvenile lock-up

‘Liberal Madison is racist’


Ald. Skidmore

Congrats to Ald. Paul Skidmore for hosting Monday night’s public safety meeting at Blackhawk Church off Mineral Point Road. Guessing a very engaged crowd of 400 to 500, with a significant representation from black and white. 

What a line-up! Juvenile court judges Juan Colas and Everett Mitchell, Sheriff Dave Mahoney, D.A. Ismael Ozanne, Madison police chief Mike Koval, West district captain Cory Nelson, and Mayor Paul Soglin. 

They addressed, at the demand of Ald. Skidmore, the spate of juvenile crime — car thefts, joy riding, and home burglaries — particularly here on the west side of town. Colas, chief judge of the Dane County circuit, said his own car had been broken into recently at his home off Hammersley Road. Just Monday he recovered a neighbor’s smartphone in the bushes.

A hardcore group of 32 kids

Credit, again, Chief Koval for pulling the alarm bell. His screed of October 16 (“What about accountability?” generated Monday’s session.

Citywide, robberies are up 10.4% from the same period last year. Burglaries are up 22%. But it’s more pronounced here on the west side; burglaries are up 87% and 80% more stolen autos. Just over half those burglaries occur when the people are at home! 

Think of this, Captain Nelson challenged: 92 guns have been stolen out of those cars compared to 82 all of last year. Including firearms stolen from homes, a total of 383 guns over the last three years now in the wrong hands. 

Speakers attribute much of the juvenile crime to a hardcore bunch of 32. 

The district attorney warned “We are on borrowed time” before someone gets killed. But Ozanne, Sheriff Mahoney, the judges and the mayor emphasized treatment over punishment. 

Chief Koval warned that, eventually, an innocent motorist will be T-boned by kids careening in a stolen automobile. Indeed, one citizen said her husband sitting next to her was lucky to survive just such an accident at Mineral Point and Gammon Roads. Should the driver ever be caught, “I would love to tell him how he hurt our lives and ask what happened in his life?”

Or, Koval suggested, a homeowner will stand his ground against burglars with his own firearm. Sure enough, one such homeowner recounted his near call. Two vehicles were taken out of his garage, mistakenly left open, prompting a house alarm to sound. Protecting his wife and four children, he finds himself patrolling the grounds with a shotgun. 

“I hate to think what might have happened had we come face to face.”

“What can I do?” he asked, as did many others of the white speakers.

Treatment over punishment

Judge Mitchell is a hell of an orator! Fluid and impassioned. He comes out of that African-American church tradition and does, indeed, have a religious ministry. Mitchell regards the young miscreants as victims — and he is correct. Too many black  children ARE traumatized by absent, inattentive or, even, abusive parents. They have witnessed household violence, street crime, drug use and despair. Worse, many of the teenagers he sees in juvie court can not read! Think on that!

Mitchell blamed social services, calling it the “child welfare-to-juvenile delinquent to adult-criminal pipeline.” But Ozanne noted that Dane County spends $260 million a year on human services. That is over half the entire county government budget! He and Soglin spoke of treating kids and their wayward parents; the disorder is multi-generational.

Seems likely Dane County taxpayers will be asked in the near future to pay for a regional juvenile detention facility, given that the scandal-plagued state facility in far-north Lincoln Hills is being shut down. Count on the social justice warriors and their allies in Progressive Dane to throw up roadblocks. (They tried to derail the sheriff’s more humane, new jail, and demanded cops out of schools. The jail is being built but the school district has yet to contract with police for next school year.)

Pushed away by racial prejudice

“I would like to help,” said a white woman (a neighbor and acquaintance of ours) whose front window here in Orchard Ridge took a bullet. “But I feel like I am being pushed away.”

Unfortunately, the many black citizens who spoke did keep pushing. They blamed “white privilege,” economic conditions and racist police instead of individual behavior. In other words, they laid out a guilt trip — as if to suggest that slavery and Jim Crow justified car jackings or explained black teenagers shooting each other. Or addressed the horrific home life many of them experience.

Which is curious, because only Judge Mitchell, of all the speakers, referenced race. He talked about needing more authority figures “who look like me.” But he did not blame racism as much as delinquent parenting and inefficient social services.

Out in the hallway, your correspondent debated the speaker shown in the accompanying video. The well dressed young man was eager to display his erudition in the academic study of race & gender grievances. He kept demanding whether Blaska knew any history. Your Bloggeur responded that, at his age, he has lived quite a bit of it. We reprimanded the young man for prejudging due to my race. We wanted to ask the younger man at what point would he decide to stop being a victim? What advice might he give to the young carjackers? But the fellow was not interested in dialogue, only in checking off his talking points. 

“We have individuals in this state who want to close their eyes and their ears on the racial biases which way heavily on me and people who look like me.” There are those of us who are black and brown who this community holds … in disdain. People look at me and say ‘I don’t want you in my neighborhood.’” 


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16 Responses to ‘Living on borrowed time’ before someone killed by teenage burglaries, car thefts

  1. The black community has their own form of institutionalized racism. They are literally rationalizing away criminal activity based on the race of the criminal because they live within a generally brainwashed community with a single mindset of institutionalized victim-hood based on race, that’s literally institutionalizing racism.

    I keep on telling people that the black community in general, very specifically the inner city black community, is a powder-keg primed for action by years and years of institutionalized racism spurred on by years and years of institutionalized victim-hood propaganda within their community that is currently being enabled by the idiotic social justice warrior cult. These people actually believe that they are victims of something and they have absolutely no proof of this perceived victimization only innuendo, accusations, and correlation equals causation BS. These people have been dumbed down to the point that they believe correlation equals causation and anti-black racism is always the cause of their own problems brought on by their own choices. Their institutionalization “declares” that the source of all their problems, the reason for all their choices to commit crimes, and the reason they are violent against others is the white man and that is RACISM served straight up!

    The white man is not holding their thumb down on progress in the black community, the problem is that the black community not being able to see past their faux victimization and their own blatant racism. Every person that stands up and rationalizes away individual choices within the black community to commit crime is literally an enabler of criminal activity.

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    • Batman says:

      Poverty rate in America in 1949 = 34%
      Reduced to 17% in 1965 before LBJ’ war on poverty.

      Roughly 22 TRILLION spent between 1965 and now but the poverty rate is virtually unchanged.

      Maybe it isn’t about money or perhaps the money was spent unwisely.

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      • Batman,
        I learned this statistical trick from an old friend a few years ago, we both hate statistics but we know how to abuse statistics.

        Here is another way of looking at those numbers, instead of looking at percentages look at real numbers, after all these are real people.

        Population in 1965: 194.3 Million
        Percentage of Population In Poverty in 1965: 33.0 Million

        Population in 2018: 327.16 Million
        Percentage of Population In Poverty in 2018: 55.62 Million

        There is a 68.55 percentage increase in the number of people in poverty since 1965, that’s 53 years; wow that’s a huge increase in poverty.

        If we assume that there is a steady increase in the number in poverty over the years then at the end of the 53 years there would have been an overall of 2.39 billion individuals that received benefits from the 22 trillion that was provided by 14.08 billion in overall population which calculates to $9.19 per individual per year to reduce poverty costing taxpayers $1.56 cost per person based on total population over that 53 years.

        See what I did there, I used Liberal logic and math to shock you about the massive 69 percent increase in poverty and then showed you that we are only paying $9.19 per person per year to help reduce poverty and that only costed us $1.56 per person per year in tax dollars. It’s heartless to complain about $1.56 per person per year to try to put an end to poverty. 😉

        NOTE: It doesn’t matter how I achieved my statistical analysis, just be assured that the calculations are 100% accurate; it may not be logical in the choices made about how to calculate it but the numbers are 100% accurate.

        Now to my overall point (I sure took the long way around getting here); your statement “Roughly 22 TRILLION spent between 1965 and now but the poverty rate is virtually unchanged” doesn’t mean anything to me because I don’t know where it came from or how it was calculated. I personally view all of these kinds of statistical claims as being so misleading that they are essentially just as bogus as the 100% accurate statistical analysis I did above.


  2. Tom Paine says:

    Are non-white folks the same as white folks?
    Are non-white folks as capable of following the LAW as white folks?
    Are poor folks capable of following the LAW as non-poor folks?
    If folks should not stereo-type or generalize……………..then why are The Poleece, White Folks, and the Rich always stereotyped in negative ways, while the victim class is the source of all virtue?
    Are non-white folks — and are white folks capable of honesty?

    Let’s get this straight.

    Megyn Kelly is gone for one comment. So too with Roseanne. BUT Hillary gets a pass ’bout dem all looking da same. Lester Holt dresses as retarded woman; Farrakan is always given a pass, but Trump is told to stay away from a Jewish Memorial Service. And all the lofty-idealed media boycott Gosnell .

    And who be asking for a break for unlawful actions, not just words?
    And the lesson be?

    Y’all can’t be serious. Only in Cuba do you get second chances.


  3. madisonexpat says:

    Its hard to remain or grow up illiterate in Madison. Why is it only black kids? I’ll tell you. Many moons ago a buddy of mine married an African woman, adopted her three kids and moved to Madison. The only grief his kids (who all spoke three languages) got was from black American kids. “Did you grow up in a mud hut? Ever see Tarzan?”
    The kids had two basic choices from their peers; strive, succeed and go white or go ghetto.
    Lots of wasted potential.
    Do not enable failure.


  4. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    If most of juvenile crime in Madison can be attributed to “32 individuals,” why aren’t they in the slammer? And why haven’t their parents been held responsible in some way for the misdeeds of their feral offspring? Why aren’t the victims of these animals demanding they be taken off the streets for good? If I were living in a neighborhood being terrorized by juvenile criminals, I’d be sorely tempted to set booby traps for them as an excuse to blow one or more of them away–i.e., enact the only kind of deterrent they understand.


  5. @AnonyBob;

    Yeah, THAT’S it.

    The Gotch


  6. madisonexpat says:

    ABob, three Democratic Senators in competitive races voted against Judge Kavanaugh and lost. One Democratic senator in a competitive race WON (Manchin). How come?
    Karma. As promised.

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    • AnonyBob says:

      You lost the house, as promised. Karma.


      • madisonexpat says:

        You still don’t understand the concept. You’re statement works only if you can point to the sin that caused that event. Here’s a good example: three Democrat Senators in competitive races voted against Kavanaugh and all three lost. One voted for Kavanaugh and won.
        Kavanaugh Karma. The universe punishes evil doers and rewards virtue.
        See how it works?


  7. Dan B. says:

    I don’t feel like a hostage. I don’t know anybody who does. Maybe you do and maybe your elderly neighbors do. I agree that’s no way to feel. But you know what? Having a gun in your car in your driveway for someone to steal is not exactly a ringing endorsement of the 2nd Amendment and it’s definitely not helping our city very much. Pull those peoplel’s heads out of wherever they are.


    • Batman says:

      “Having a gun in your car in your driveway for someone to steal is not exactly a ringing endorsement of the 2nd Amendment and it’s definitely not helping our city very much. Pull those peoplel’s heads out of wherever they are.”

      Hmm, so that was your take away from DB’ post DanB. Cherry picking but why.
      You can do better…


  8. Dan B. says:

    I wonder why you use the term “social justice warrior” so often and as pejoratively as your talk radio shrieking brethren.


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