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We got to elect better judges

The definition of insanity How many times can you blow bail and still get a free pass? Six times, judging by the case of Andre Miller.  Miller is the 21-year-old hard case who was arrested for dealing crack cocaine and … Continue reading

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‘Living on borrowed time’ before someone killed by teenage burglaries, car thefts

Restorative justice not reaching hardcore grip of 32 juvenile delinquents Dane County may have to build a long-term juvenile lock-up ‘Liberal Madison is racist’ Congrats to Ald. Paul Skidmore for hosting Monday night’s public safety meeting at Blackhawk Church off Mineral … Continue reading

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Police Chief Koval: ‘the juvenile justice system is failing’

“What about accountability?” Police Chief Mike Koval asks This blog continues to hear rumblings that much of the juvenile crime wave in Dane County can be laid at the lenient feet of Juvenile Court Judge Everett Mitchell. Mitchell is on record that car … Continue reading

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