The more they swarm, the more the school board kowtows to the mob

Time to file a formal complaint

Blaska blocked

Social justice warriors attempt to block Blaska (his smart phone barely visible at upper left) from recording this 40-something socialist at Monday’s public Madison School Board meeting.

The Madison Board of Education is a public governmental body. As such, it is open to the public to attend. As a public meeting, it is the right of every citizen to record the proceedings as long as it causes no disruption. The news media did not attend Monday night’s meeting but if they had been harassed as were citizens supporting cops in school, they would file a formal legal complaint (scathing editorial to follow).

Blaska will do likewise. The school board made no attempt to  protect the First Amendment free speech rights of Madison taxpayers and citizens. It is well established law that citizens have the same First Amendment free speech rights as the institutional news media.

Blaska and another blogger, Dan Duerst, were prevented from recording the meeting. We remained seated as we held up our cell phones. We caused no disruption. Social justice warriors (SJW) from Freedom Inc. swarmed around each of us, blocking our view. 

Duerst left his seat to escape the blockade; the swarming squadron followed him. Eventually, a school district security officer wearing a black tee-shirt (logo: “MMSD Security”) intervenes. Does he protect Duerst’s right to record the meeting for his blog? No, he does not. Instead:

MMSD Security asks: “Is it necessary for you to have your camera?”

Duerst responds: “Is it necessary for them to menace me?”

MMSD security: “Why don’t you just go out so we don’t have this issue?”

There is more dialogue but I can’t make it out from this video.

We were not the only ones. A 70-year-old woman noticed that the Freedom Inc. warriors were recording without being harassed and protested the injustice. She pulled out her very outdated cell phone as if to record and she got swarmed. She tried to maneuver her camera (which cannot record video) around the outstretched arms of the swarmers.

Another security officer intervened. Did he admonish the harassers? No, he warned the woman with the outdated cell phone not to touch anyone. That was it!

Full frontal view

The irony, folks, is that the entire meeting is streamed live on-line and the podcast available to watch today. (A young man admonished to wrap it up responds “I can speak if I want to” and does, at 51:57. Ald. Skidmore is at 59:44.)

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Time to file a formal complaint. Court action if we can get it.


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45 Responses to The more they swarm, the more the school board kowtows to the mob

  1. Dave says:

    Need cops in schools AND school board meetings.

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  2. Tom Paine says:

    Similar actions, if conducted against hunters in the field, would be criminal. I suspect the same applies to public meetings where a person or group interferes with your right to view, record, and listen to proceedings. Take legal action.

    Who, by the way, are the two commies who tried to prevent filming by holding up plates and papers?


  3. Rich says:

    OK., I’ll say it; When these snowflake’s kids get bullied, beat up, threatened will a knife or gun, their car was stolen from a school lot, etc, who are they going to call? Then they’ll say, “Where are the racist cops?” What a disgusting display, INCLUDING the school board and the “rent-a-cop”.


  4. ROFLMAO!!!!

    Gotta love that the Madison School Board actually had video cameras recording all the speakers and yet the bone-headed imbecile social justice warrior socialists were hell-bent to block anyone in the room from recording their snowflakes. It was “interesting” listening to the indoctrinated democratic socialist pawns spout their social justice warrior garbage; I’m convinced that they are brainwashed into a state of perpetual psychological paranoia, you can see it in their manipulated faces.


  5. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Dave, is it perhaps time to acknowledge that exercising saintly forbearance is having no effect whatsoever on the fanatics (and their enablers on the School Board) who cheerfully use whatever means necessary to deny you and others your right to free speech? Have you never fantasized about how it would feel to sink your fingers into the soft flesh of Dean Loumos’ throat the way Jack Nicholson did to Nurse Ratched in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”? How it would feel to feed a good old-fashioned knuckle sandwich to one of the twits from Freedom Inc.?

    “Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit.” –Proverbs 26:5.


    • Bill Everley says:

      Hope you aren’t so stupid as to threaten a School Board member on a public forum.


      • richard lesiak says:

        yes he is.


      • Gary L. Kriewald says:

        Silly me, what was I thinking? It’s only ordinary citizens like Dave B. who attempt to exercise their first amendment rights that can be repeatedly threatened by thugs at a public forum. That’s the Madison way.


  6. coolkevs says:

    Sorry I couldn’t make it – my phone is slightly better than the 70-year-old woman as it at least does video. Too many shenanigans at these meetings.


  7. Reginald says:

    I do have some reservations about police officers in the schools, though for completely different reasons than what these angry young communists expressed. However, I do know one thing. If the EROs are removed, and the schools do become more dangerous as result, these Freedom Inc people will be the first ones to start shaming people (and will probably complain about “white flight”) when the people who can afford to move to areas with safer schools choose to do so.


  8. WordPress screwed it up…

    Here is the
    mentality at Freedom Inc.

    Freedom, Inc. Condemns MPD Chief Koval’s Plan as Racist and Dangerous
    Aug 11, 2017

    On Wednesday, Madison Police Department Chief Mike Koval announced that he planned to initiate a wave of arrests that would predominantly target African American men. This plan is an attempt to address the recent increase in gun violence in Madison, even though he admits that there may be no evidence connecting arrested individuals to any homicides. We at Freedom, Inc. strongly condemn this plan as racist and dangerous, contributing to the already alarming over-representation of African American men in jail in Madison.

    “Any policy or legal action that disproportionately targets only one population is racist,” said Kabzuag Vaj, Co-Executive Director of Freedom, Inc. in response to Koval’s plans.

    Today, right outside the Freedom, Inc. offices on South Park Street, we were shocked to see an African American man getting arrested for accidentally urinating on himself and the sidewalk. Not only was this man subjected to humiliation and public trauma, but the amount of Madison police resources used—including 5 officers, an intern, a car, and 3 bicycles—represented a staggering and unnecessary waste to the city. For the same cost, this man and the many other homeless people in Madison could have found housing so this would not have happened. There is no way in which the police could connect this man or his crime to gun violence, but it is not a coincidence that this squadron of Madison Police Department members showed up outside our doors to arrest an innocent Black man only hours after Koval’s announcement promising a “blue blanket” over the city.

    This strategy of locking up African American men is not new, and the flaws with this way of thinking are well-documented. Previous attempts in the 1990s to round up Black criminals simply resulted in gross mass incarceration, from which our communities have never recovered. In Madison, we still see the effects in arrest and jail racial disparities. Such short-term strategies do not move us anywhere near the long-term goal of alleviating the root causes of gangs and gun violence. The actual causes include poverty, economic underdevelopment, joblessness, lack of education and healthcare, and other systemic issues that are sustained through racist policies, police, and social structures. To solve these problems, we need both short-term and long-term solutions that directly lead toward economic development, instead of incarceration.

    “Gang violence is brought on by fighting because you don’t have enough. If you want to stop that violence, you’ve gotta stop people from not having enough,” said M. Adams, Co-Executive Director of Freedom, Inc. “Don’t eradicate poor people, eradicate poverty! Police care more about urine on the concrete than they care about a Black poor man having nowhere to urinate.”

    We at Freedom, Inc. seek to end violence through acknowledging its root causes and fighting for community control over the police. We seek to change the narrative that has so long contributed to fear of African American men without doing anything to reduce crime or violence. Chief Koval’s “blue blanket” short-term plan affirms an already rampant fear of African American men, and exacerbates the fear that African American men already have of law enforcement. It will not increase safety, and will not decrease criminal activity.

    “Black poor lives matter!” said M. Adams. “We are Black victims of many types of violence, and in the face of violence we say we don’t want no police!”

    The people representing Freedom Inc. have brainwashed themselves into a state of perpetual psychological paranoia. They are full of lies, unethical rationalizations, and complete nonsense. No joke, they could use some psychological help.

    As far as I’m concerned Freedom Inc. is a group of totalitarian bigots and racists, they’re blindly ignorant and they’re hypocritical social justice warriors that are actively trying to destabilize our society, they are enemies of the people.

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  9. Boom Chaka Laka!!! says:

    Cripes Day do I need to start a frickin go fund me page for Sir David Blaska. So he can purchase a selfie stick or how about tie tack spy camera. I mean come on, if you really want to record these meetings, one word, “TECHNOLOGY”
    If the security does not allow a selfie stick then I understand, if not go buy one from the failing Walgreens before the meeting and record away!!!

    The idiots are a bunch of FFFFFFFF0-TARDS with a capitol F

    Lastly, Mr. Matt Phair, my heart goes out to you and your wife. What you experienced was something you only see in shocking movie moments. Horrifying!!!

    John McCain, disagreed with you politically, but you accomplished and gave more of yourself in your life in one year than I will in my entire life. Godspeed

    Lastly 264,000 jobs and counting, thank you Scott Walker

    Milwaukee Public Schools benefited from Tony Evers how???? Can you say students are better off than they were prior to him. Answer is emphatically NOOOOOOOO!!!!!
    Madison Public Schools it is no longer a “Race to the Top” is “Rocket Ship to the Bottom”

    Mary Burke you did so well helping to usher in the Race to the Bottom, maybe you can go to snowboarding again.


  10. Batman says:

    Notice how the August 11, 2017 statement by Freedom Inc. never, nada, zero, zilch, zip, not even once mentions anything resembling accountability/responsibility for the conditions they bemoan.

    Apparently unmarried young people choosing to make babies in self defeating circumstances is everyone else’s fault except the parents, grandparents, neighborhood, culture.

    The reason I reject Freedom Inc. is because as a group, they never explicitly assume responsibility for ANYTHING.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Nothing gets a liberal red-faced and sputtering quicker than suggesting that “marginalized” people share some–perhaps most–of the blame for their marginalized status. That’s why they (liberals) demand that no restrictions be placed on their behavior, no matter what the circumstances. Want free housing? Great, we–well, taxpayers–will cheerfully foot the bill, no matter if you’re a drug-addled schizoid with an extensive criminal record who’s never held a job in his life and has no intention of making the slightest effort to do so. Our compassion is too boundless to require any positive commitment whatsoever on your part, and our list of excuses for you bad behavior is endless. What’s important is not improving anyone’s life (which not surprisingly rarely happens), it’s displaying their self-awarded virtue.


  11. madisonexpat says:

    Where is Senator Baldwin? The whole state is watching.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Probably at a fund-raiser in Martha’s Vineyard or at Nancy’s mansion in Pacific Heights schmoozing with the Democrat version of the Koch brothers (you know, the ones the media never reports on).


    • richard lesiak says:

      Maybe walker should land his plane, get all his gop buddies together and weigh in on this. Last I heard he is in charge of this state.


      • richard lesiak wrote, “Maybe walker should land his plane…”

        What the heck is that supposed to imply?

        richard lesiak wrote, “Last I heard [Walker] is in charge of this state.”

        No the Governor is not the only one in charge of the State of Wisconsin as you sarcastically implied. Walker and the State are NOT in charge of the Madison Metropolitan School Board the people of Madison are via their votes and voices

        richard lesiak wrote, “Maybe walker should… get all his gop buddies together and weigh in on this.”

        In my opinion, it would be inappropriate for the Governor of Wisconsin to stick his nose in this, this ERO’s issue is strictly local and I think Governor Walker understands that. It would be just as inappropriate for Senator Baldwin to stick her nose in this strictly local issue but she is too ideologically blinded to realize that she is a Progressive after-all; but our saving grace is that Baldwin really doesn’t give a crap about the State of Wisconsin, she’s too separated from her constituency in the State plus she’s only interested in brainwashing the masses across the USA with her Progressive BS.


        • richard lesiak says:

          I was responding to expat asking where Baldwin was. If wanker and the gop aren’t in charge of the state who is? That 880 grand he spent flying around could have been used for all the schools. If it’s “inappropriate” for the gov. stick his nose into the schools in our state then he should stay out of their union and stop cutting their budgets. Baldwin is working in DC to keep Ditzzy DeVos from putting guns in schools instead of books.


        • richard lesiakwrote, “I was responding to expat asking where Baldwin was.”

          I know what you were replying to; I was addressing your words.

          richard lesiakwrote, “If wanker and the gop aren’t in charge of the state who is?”

          First you say that Walker is in charge of the State now you say that Walker and the GOP are in charge of the State as if that’s what you said all along; that’s what you call moving the goalpost Richard; bite me. The fact remains, for those that actually understand how politics work, that not one political side nor one person is in charge of our state it is a collective of those that are voted into office by the people!

          richard lesiakwrote, “That 880 grand he spent flying around could have been used for all the schools.”

          The Governor has a job to do; if you don’t like the way he’s doing it you’re free to vote for someone else in the next gubernatorial election.

          richard lesiak wrote, “If it’s “inappropriate” for the gov. stick his nose into the schools in our state then he should stay out of their union and stop cutting their budgets.”

          I thought the Governor and the tte Legislature put the ultimate power of the school purse strings back in the hands of the people where it belonged; why yes, that’s exactly what they did. You may not care if the unions try to control the school systems with their extortion but I do. The power of the unions to ultimately control the our school systems is over, the people say so.

          richard lesiak wrote, “Baldwin is working in DC to keep Ditzzy DeVos from putting guns in schools instead of books.”

          That is completely false and an unethical smear; that’s what trolling looks like. Try to prove your BS claim if you dare, go ahead try.


        • richard lesiak says:

          If the people of Wis. are getting roughed up and their rights violated as you all claim then wanker should get off his ass and post a trooper at the meeting.


        • richard lesiak wrote, “If the people of Wis. are getting roughed up and their rights violated as you all claim then wanker should get off his ass and post a trooper at the meeting.”

          To my knowledge, no one here claimed that “the people of Wis. are getting roughed up”, to be even more specific “I” never made such a claim and your “you all” statement is very inclusive. You’re making up things and that makes you a liar, sure looks like trolling.

          Furthermore; it has been stated and confirmed that the people have the right to video and photograph everyone at the open meetings and there are people (the immature perpetually offended snowflake brigade) that are intentionally preventing that right. Rights are being violated.

          Lastly; it’s really not Walkers job to control what goes on in Madison School Board and Committee meetings as you suggest, this is a local Madison School Board and Madison PD problem and they have the means to effectively deal with it. Your smear is more of your baseless BS trolling.


        • David Blaska says:

          Are you talking about the Madison Metropolitan School District? Isn’t that local government? Don’t you think the daffodils would faint dead away if the hated governor intervened? Don’t the elected liberals who comprise the Board of Education have some responsibility to maintain order? Please come to the next school meeting where cops in schools is discussed. Feel free to join me in dialing 911 as citizens are harassed and intimidated. You won’t, but you can feel free to do so.


      • madisonexpat says:

        Never interrupt your enemies when they are screwing the pooch by the numbers. Where’s Tammy? These are her people.


        • BOOM CHAKA LAKA!!!! says:

          Republicans did try to help the failing Milwaukee Schools but Toxic Tony Evers took him to court over the law that would have given Mayors complete control over failing school districts. Law struck down by courts. not that I would want Tom “Clang Clang goes the Trolley” in charge of anything more. It at least would have been a start of real change for a decades long decline in Milwaukee Public Schools. It has been happening since the days of Tommy Thompson, just keep kicking the can down the road and keep pounding that square peg in a round whole. I am sure the MPD administration will make it fit sometime.

          Thanks Tony Evers propose to reverse Act 10, ok so where will the 3.5 to 5 billion dollars come from to pay for the cost of fully paid for health and pension benefits to administrators and teachers. Because that is what Act 10 did, it actually took money from teachers and administrators to pay for their benefits. The amount of money going to students did not go down over the last 7 years it went up. If the teachers really were for the students they would take pay cuts right?


      • AnonyBob says:

        Shorter Squeaks: “You’re a troll! Bite me! You’re a troll! Bite me! You’re a troll!…”
        Rinse and repeat.


  12. BOOM CHAKA LAKA!!!! says:



  13. madisonexpat says:

    Still no Tammy in her beloved home town. Hmmmmm…


  14. BOOM CHAKA LAKA!!! says:


    The HOLE!!!! was a correction for the incorrect use of the word “Whole” instead of “Hole” . It was not meant as derogatory. I am a troll, yep that is me. Billy Goats Gruff. Who goes there?


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