Madison school board poised to boot cops out of schools

Schools plagued by violence? Blame the police

‘Hard to believe!’


Anti-cop activists have pressured every single school cop committee meeting

Study the wrong thing, get the wrong result. A School Board committee is poised to recommend getting police — aka “educational resource officers (EROs)” — out of Madison’s troubled public high schools.

The chairman of the committee, Dean Loumos, says “I do not see the need for the ERO program to continue and want to phase it out. … in place of it … is something I would call a police liaison program where police can be called in to ALL of our schools only when needed.” [emphasis added]

The Loumos committee meets this Wednesday, June 20, at 4 p.m.
at the school district Admin Bldg, 545 W. Dayton Street, in Room 103. (Agenda)
Be there or prepare your opt outs from the Madison public schools.

Committee member Payal Khandhar agrees. “Transition from current ERO role to a police liaison role that is not housed within the school” and more “restorative justice.” And a grievance procedure for students who are disciplined. What’s more, “every single year, freshmen students need to be educated regarding their rights when interacting with law enforcement.”

This should absolutely not be taught by law enforcement.

More rights, fewer expectations

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Payal Khandhar is described as “a criminal defense attorney, identifying atheist and board member of the Madison Urban Ministry.” (Some “ministry”!) MUM is a collaborator with the Cops Out of Schools and Derail the Jail coalition.

Even former ERO and police officer Greg Rossetti is on board. He supports “moving toward ‘restorative cultures’ to increase readiness for removal of police.” Of course, Rosetti was purpose-chosen by the school board, not someone with more common sense.

All this, in spite of a Madison police officer ERO disarming a student with a loaded handgun at La Follette high school, shortly after Parkland High School. All this in spite of the well documented breakdown of discipline at Sherman Middle School. 

Thus has our Madison School Board gone off the rails. Fair enough, Police Chief Mike Koval tells the Stately Manor: 

Amidst all of the rhetoric, vitriolic public hearings, and the incessant drum beat to choruses of MPD as the “pipeline to prisons,” lies a very simple bottom line: if you don’t want MPD in the schools, then don’t renew the contract.

Chief Koval: ‘Hard to believe’

Police apprec Koval

Chief Koval: ‘Hard to believe.’

Chief Koval laid down his marker. If the school board places conditions on police in schools, “then it is my determination as to whether we will accept those conditions. I would like us to be able to be complementary partners in moving forward but not if it means denigrating officer discretion or compromising on public safety interests.

Chief Koval noted that Madison public schools have their hands out for state and federal school safety money while considering removing trained community police officers. Go ahead, our acquaintances, blame Scott Walker for Madison’s school crisis. Beats taking responsibility. Koval continued:

… As someone who does a LOT of community engagement, I would find it hard to believe that in light of the narratives we have seen playing out across this country and the District taking affirmative steps to get their “share” of state grant monies being allocated for school safety, that we can be having a discussion about pulling cops out of our high schools?

Loumos says the “Police Out of Schools” activists who have bird-dogged the committee for the last two years have won the day.

We have heard repeatedly and consistently from some of our community members that there are negative impacts of this program on some of our most vulnerable students who we need to establish a better bond and more trusting relationship with.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Better to “bond” and form “trusting relationships” with troublemakers than maintain discipline in our schools. The War on Police continues unabated. Object and risk the race card. Just ask Karen Vieth.

Tell the Madison school board to keep police in our high schools.


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11 Responses to Madison school board poised to boot cops out of schools

  1. Patrick M. O'Loughlin says:

    Looking for a definition again, What exactly is a “restorative culture?”


  2. Patrick M. O'Loughlin says:

    “We have heard repeatedly and consistently from some of our community members that there are negative impacts of this program on some of our most vulnerable students who we need to establish a better bond and more trusting relationship with.”

    Okay, overlooking the poor grammar that has this sentence ending with a preposition, aren’t they really just saying “snitches get stitches?”


  3. madisonexpat says:

    All over Madison guns are planning gun violence.


  4. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    “Our most vulnerable students” (aka nasty little thugs who are smart enough to realize they can get away with anything while under the sympathetic gaze of guilty white liberals). Getting cops out of schools is just another manifestation of the mindset of Madison liberals who think that implementing their crackpot policies will somehow produce a fantasyland where diversity reigns supreme, where strife and violence magically fade away, where highminded buzzwords like “restorative justice” are enough to eradicate violence, where symbols of institutional racism (i.e., police officers) are banished. And what happens when their wet dream inevitably collides with reality? Just take a cue from the principal of Sherman School and close your door.


    • Sprocket says:

      I would suggest, at the root, their motives are more malign.If you note the rhetoric it’s clear MMSD is run by people with a neo-marxist / post modernist world view. In short, they believe our society is irretrievably corrupt and oppressive. Their default worldview is one of power relationships, where there are only oppressors and victims. This is how violent little criminals are transformed into “Our most vulnerable students.”

      Their actions may look reckless optimism and naivete. However, they make much more sense if you view them as the acts of those ideologically motivated to monkey wrench a system they view as inherently unjust. If you want to rip into the guts of society, what better way than to sow chaos in the education system? Teach children there should be no negative consequences for negative actions. Neglect the interests of the well adjusted in the interests of the maladjusted. Tell children that they have no agency and are unable to effect change in their lives due to the oppressive nature of society.

      If you’re truly cynical, you might suspect that the little hoodlums are being used as weapon against the children of the middle (oppressor) class.


  5. bbead says:

    if Koval decides to pull the cops out of schools, that means “School board boots cops out of schools,” according to your headline, which you should rethink.


    • David Blaska says:

      If the school board puts handcuffs on the police, if the school board exacts more demands on the police than it does on its unruly students, the school board has booted cops out of schools. Or do you disagree.


  6. Nathan bowey says:

    Lincoln hills original source blogs on the daily kos. Get em out.


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