Liberal news media seeks the elusive Trump voter in dive bars

Professional journalists’ lack of credibility gave rise to “alt media”

Say this for The Capital Times, it provides sand for the Squire’s oyster, from which these pearls flow. Intellectual ferment is welcome at the Stately Manor, if not among our acquaintances on the Left.


Professional journalist at work

Paul Fanlund has a column up about the mortal challenge to “professional” journalism (aka: the mainstream news media) from talk radio, Fox News, and on-line media. The editor quotes one of them-there professional journalists who encourages “going out and talking to people in restaurants and bars and parking lots at shopping malls and in churches.” 

Given how badly the mainstream news media missed the Donald Trump story, especially here in the Madison bubble — that would seem an imperative. The question is whether reporters would listen even if they did venture beyond Willy Street.

Despite its premise, Fanlund’s piece relies on elite, liberal sources: The Nation, the Washington Post, and especially, The American Prospect (“a progressive national magazine”). No parking lots for Paul. Quoting the latter’s Michael Massing:

Journalists need to break free of their current constricting emphasis on ‘exposés’ and ‘scoops’ and adopt a more expansive program that seeks to bare the underlying realities of money, power and influence in America — to show how things really work.”

Quick, more exposés of the Koch Boys! Which is why Trump voters do not trust the mainstream news media. Saturday’s White House Correspondents dinner only confirmed their diagnosis. Abortion jokes? Bring back Lenny Bruce!

Fanlund laments a bygone time when “the national conversation was based on commonly shared facts, arrived at through professional journalism … held to account by multi-sourced and fact-checked information.” He is quoting the Columbia Journalism Review, another liberal source.

You mean, like the professional journalists at the New York Times?

liberal tearsThe liberal crying game

Take the reporter the Times assigned to the Hillary Clinton campaign. Please. Amy Chozick admits to breaking down in tears on election night. (“With reporters like these, who needs flacks?”) Chozick does the leg work, hitting the  restaurants, bars and parking lots of Iowa. National Review relates:

When Chozick meets some blonde college girls in Iowa who tell her they support Trump, her internal monologue goes as follows: “‘Seriously?’ I thought for sure these girls were [f***ing] with me or [f***ing] with the democratic process or both.”

Chozick’s subsequent book on the campaign acknowledges that “virtually everyone embedded with the Clinton campaign was a woman who was excited about the prospect of her winning.”

“It’s also fair to ask of the major media’s assignment editors whether the reporters they put on the Clinton beat were even close to being objective observers,” National Review asks.


Mainstream news media’s stereotype of Trump voter

After Clinton’s certain victory, the Times was prepared to run a full slate of stories exploring various aspects of its darling. In contrast, reports Chozick, as Donald Trump’s victory became increasingly probable on Election Night, an editor in the newsroom was heard to shout, “We got nothing,” meaning no stories prepared for the eventuality of Trump’s victory.Scrambling, the Times repurposed a story that was intended to describe “white patrons at a dive bar in a Pennsylvania steel town ‘crying in their beers’ after Trump lost,” in Chozick’s words. The paper churned it into a tale of Trump’s unexpected triumph. It was pulled together so hastily that it was sent out into the world with the wrong bylines.

Americans don’t trust the news media

This year’s Knight-Gallup poll on the news media finds:

  • More Americans have a negative (43%) than a positive (33%) view of the news media.
  • 66% say most news media does not do a good job of separating fact from opinion.
  • Only 44%, can think of a news source that reports the news objectively.

Would it kill Paul Fanlund, Dave Zweifel, and John Nichols to — once in their careers — talk with an actual, real-life practicing conservative? The professional journalists at The Capital Times might start by talking to the majority of folks in next-door Iowa County — no doubt white patrons of dive bars — about what a great guy is this Todd Novak, the man they elected to represent them in the state legislature.

Except that the 51st Assembly is a swing district and the CT smells an opportunity to elect a Democrat so they publish an over-the-top, partisan hit piece. But it’s their OPINION!

Blaska’s Bottom Line: it’s all about credibility. The monoculture of the mainstream news media lost it well before Donald Trump came down that escalator.

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10 Responses to Liberal news media seeks the elusive Trump voter in dive bars

  1. richard lesiak says:

    Oh no, not again. The gop controls the entire state, but once again they are the victims. “Credibility?” Beck, Jones, Fox and Fraud? Is that credible to you? Maybe the news coverage would be better if the people making the news weren’t a bunch of lying, stealing asshats who change their story every 24 hours after they get caught in a lie. Don’t know Stormy, never paid her off, my lawyer did pay her on his own, guess I did repay him but only in installments. Don’t blame reporters if they can’t explain these ever shifting snake pits to the public. Don’t worry Dave; your not a deplorable. As Giuliani told us we are just disposable.


  2. madisonexpat says:

    Oh yeah, F. Chuck Todd tells us he doesn’t have an agenda. Ask him. But also ask him why he feels the need to tell us again and again.


  3. old baldy says:

    “actual, real-life practicing conservative?”
    Point one out, please. Do you mean folks like walker who put their thumb on the scales for $Billions$, or the ones like ryan that increase the debt, or trump who makes fun of handicapped folks and POWs, and pays off porn stars??


    • richard lesiak says:

      Obama failed to release 3 Americans in NK. LIE. Two detained with trump in office. The right ignores it, the left catches hell for reporting it as false. There really is only one answer; pitch-forks and torches. Scooter ripped the heart out of the DNR and now he has a rash on his bald spot over CWD. WTF.


    • madisonexpat says:



  4. Tom Paine says:

    The beauty of shallow thinkers, like maggots, arises from their abundance. Still, other visitors to the Manor appreciate profundity, not common ankle-biters. Oops. I think the last two sentences were poached from my reading of Charlie Rose —- or was it Jayson Blair?


    • richard lesiak says:

      More likely Charlie Sykes. Giuliani said guys like Kushner are “disposable.” That really means the ultra-elite thinks everyone but them is cannon fodder. Basicly your nothing more to them than a Huggie that will end up in a landfill.


      • Tom Paine says:

        Yo rickie,
        U still in the shallow end of da pool. More school fer you. Try 12 Rules for Life — or The Mind of the Master Class by the late Eugene Genovese.


      • richard lesiak says:

        Yo tommie boy. I prefer Joe Lansdale. His latest classic is Bubba and the Cosmic Bloodsuckers. ” So, to cut this down to size to where I can understand it. On the other side of this dimension, just to the left of reason, off the highway of common sense and into a rest stop for the weird there’s a big nest and it’s getting all this poop (gop) brought to it by worker bees ( right-wing nutjobs) and that keeps it alive.”


  5. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Fanlund is a MEGA-WEENIE! In related news, water is wet.

    A while back, a CN Sports Department pal was playing BB against a team with Fannie on it.

    He boxed out Fannie hard, and Li’l Fannie got so mad he literally took his widdle ball and went home.


    The Gotch


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