‘The Left doesn’t fight evil; it fights those who do’

Must not allow victims to defend themselves

A persistent Madison pest who infests my Facebook page insists that anyone who defends our schools from mass shooters be tested first for “implicit bias.” Along with rubella, most likely.

Yeah, the pest just played the Race Card. As if the police officer assigned to the school or the teacher carrying a licensed concealed firearm will turn on the black kid cowering by the juice dispenser instead of the white kid shooting up the cafeteria.

Not even David Hogg, the news media darling from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School, thought to inject race into the subject but then he’s in Florida whereas the Pest inhabits the Emerald City.

Madison, in its celebration of supposed victims, sees everything through the magical “lens of racial equity.” 

High heel

Don’t make me use this

The Dane County Board uses “a racial equity lens to … reduce arrests and therefore the number of people coming into the justice system.”

School board member Dean Loumos chairs the committee contemplating expelling cops from the schools. Loumos says, “When a disproportionate amount of students of color in Madison school district are struggling, it is imperative to analyze practices through a racial equity lens.” (See the Squire’s thesis: “Under ‘Race,’ let’s mark ‘None’”)

Except that parents and students from La Follette High School made the point very starkly that maybe THEY are the victims of Madison Schools’ pre-occupation with racial equity.

Cornered by a shooter? Throw your shoes

Which prompts Dennis Prager at Townhall to observe:

Fighting evil is the Left’s Achilles heel. … it fights little evils, or even non-evils, rather than great evils. That is why the Left opposes enabling some teachers and other adults in schools to carry arms in order to possibly stop a mass murderer: The Left doesn’t fight evil; it fights those who do.

Mass shootings 70%Teachers just want to teach, many aver. Fair enough. But when the shooter comes in guns a-blazing, the teaching stops. So do lives. Teachers who prefer not to carry a weapon would not be forced to do so. True, in returning fire, innocent students may be caught in the crossfire. But if the attacker can be stopped — or, at least, diverted — how many more lives could be saved?

The WI State Journal today (02-28-18), citing sheriff’s deputies, reports that over 70% of mass shootings last 5 minutes or less while it takes law enforcement 5 to 6 minutes to respond. Yes, we’ve heard those statistics elsewhere.

Retired deputies leading the active shooter response class advise fleeing, sheltering in place, or — as a last resort — confronting the shooter. With what? “Something handy: a pair of scissors, a chair, a high-heel shoe.”

Might a readily concealed Ruger .22 caliber LCR be even more handy? More effective than the Squire’s high-heel shoes?

Why we don’t fight

Prager observes: “On the question of taking up arms against evil, the Left is very consistent. The left almost always opposes fighting evil and almost always works to disarm the good who want to fight.

• Those old enough to remember the Cold War will remember that the Left constantly called for a “nuclear freeze,” including a “unilateral” freeze by Western countries.

• The Left universally condemns Israeli attacks on those who seek not merely to defeat Israel but to exterminate it.

• … To fighting Communism in the 20th century and today fighting Radical Islamic terror … the Stalinist North Korean regime … the Left is either silent or appeasing.

Confederate rest

Makes me so mad!

The Left also blames police for crime! To the point of entertaining calls to expel police from our troubled public high schools. Criminals are victims, one Madison thinker told the county board, “because their needs are not being met.”

Instead, Prager observes, “The Left direct[s] its fighting spirit against Confederate statues, carbon emissions, income inequality, Columbus Day, … and the like. Against these minimal or nonexistent evils, the left is ferocious.”

Or the evil of meat. Prager forgot Madison’s Turkey Lives Matter warriors.

Blaska’s Bottom LineWho disarmed the kid who brought a loaded firearm into La Follette high school last week? It was a cop with a gun. (High heels, optional.)

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14 Responses to ‘The Left doesn’t fight evil; it fights those who do’

  1. The Lefty media generally and CNN specifically need to be means tested for “implicit bias.”

    Despite OVER 3 times MORE casualties and OVER 32 times MORE injuries, why was there no where near the furious media frenzy for the Las Vegas massacre as is ongoing, with NO sign of letting up, for the Parkland shootings?

    Matt Walsh/The Daily Wire:

    “The media is so obsessed with Parkland that several of its survivors are now practically household names.
    *Does anyone remember the names of a single one of the Las Vegas survivors?
    *Did any of them do media tours?
    *Did CNN hold a “town hall” about Las Vegas?
    *Was there an extensive conversation about potential law enforcement failures in Las Vegas, as there has been about their failures in Florida?…

    “You might speculate that the media has found Parkland to be more politically useful due to the anti-gun activism from some of the survivors. (bolds mine)
    *You might speculate that the media simply had less sympathy for THE VEGAS VICTIMS WERE WHITE COUNTRY MUSIC FANS. (bolds/caps mine)
    *You might speculate that there are some very powerful forces — Vegas hotels and casinos, namely — interested in burying the Vegas shooting.
    *You might speculate that the unanswered questions just made the story too difficult for our lazy and apathetic society to track.

    “You might come up with a more conspiratorial explanation than any of these I’ve listed.”


    The Gotch


    • Batman says:

      There are some powerful dark forces playing behind the scenes of the Vegas shooting. T. Carlson tried to highlight this but has apparently given up.
      Very little is as it appears…
      Good post.


  2. madisonexpat says:

    When innocent victims are murdered by evil murderers, the Left swings into action by blaming a voluntary association and inanimate objects.


  3. Patrick M O'Loughlin says:

    How many Democrats called for new gun control laws following the attack on Steve Scalise and other Republican lawmakers?


  4. Balboa says:

    If hunters can only have a limited number of shells within a gun or magazine. Why is it ilegal for anything over 5 live rounds at a time anywhere. I am pretty much ex hunter for the most part, and not against it I just don’t do it anymore. Unless you are armed guard, work for a police force, work for the armed services, or an appropriate government official anything over 5 live rounds is not necessary. AR style rifles are used for hunting, sounds nuts but people do use them. When they use them for hunting they have to abide by laws that do not allow the use of large capacity magazines. The rounds are deadly duh but the rounds are not anymore powerful than the same rounds that can be used in traditional long rifles with wood stocks, scopes and semiautomatic style. AR is a style of Firearm with many size barrels.

    Any firearm can be used to assault people so really hate the label Assault Weapons, if you have semiautomatic wood stock rifle, if it accepts large capacity magazines there is zero difference in it’s capacity to be used to murder large amounts of people quickly.

    Common Sense, if hunting regulations say you cannot use high capacity magazines like here in WI, then that is law. no more high capacity magazines to sold legally here in the United States. 5 rounds is the maximum unless you work in a position that requires more rounds.


  5. Balboa says:

    I guess when I hunted deer I used to be in shotgun only zone which was limited to 5 in most cases. most of the upland bird hunters that are purists use overunders with 2 shots. I guess I did not realize large capacity magazines were legal for hunting large or small game in WI. Seems silly, shotgun if you did not hit them on the first shot you were pretty much effed anyways.


    • David Blaska says:

      That is the theory behind bird guns. After three shots, the birds were out of range.


      • old baldy says:

        Uh, nope for both of your responses. You can hunt deer with a shotgun with as many shells as you can jam in it. Ditto with upland game. And you can buy extended magazines for most if not all modern semi-auto and pump shotguns. The 3 shot capacity for waterfowl hunting goes back to the market hunting days. But the feds are relaxing that a bit for snow goose hunting on the prairies. I am guessing that neither of you factually challenged guys do much hunting. But you sure are able to make comments on stuff you know little about and understand even less.

        Define “purist” to this upland bird hunter. Thanks


  6. David Blaska says:

    Baldy, what kind of shotgun do you have? Yes you can have as many as your shotgun will hold, ie, most stock pumps without a plug will hold 6, a semi auto will hold 3. that the only time your limited to 3 shells and have to have your plug in your shotgun is while hunting migratory waterfowl, such as ducks and geese.


    • old baldy says:

      I own 20+ shotguns, including trap and skeet specific ones, 100+ YO ones, O/U, SxS, pump, semi-auto, single-shot and black powder. What is your point?


  7. madisonexpat says:

    Now would be the time to look for the next shooter. Check social media, counselors etc. and minimize if not pre empt someone(s) whose needs are WAY unmet.


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