Activists are forcing police out of Madison schools

Another school shooting, this one Tuesday in Marshall County, Kentucky. Two killed, 18 wounded.


MPD Officer Tray Turner is assigned to Memorial H.S.

One national group has tallied 283 shootings at schools since 2013. Like so many, the killing in Kentucky stopped only when armed police responded.

Not that Madison has noticed. This would not be The Emerald City without social justice warriors clamoring “Police out of our schools.”

The usual cop-hating suspects — including such Derail the Jail squawkers as M. Adams’ Freedom Inc., Progressive Dane, and the Socialist Alternative — decry the “school to prison pipeline.” As reported by Dane County’s Progressive Voice:

Restorative justice practitioners had a clear message for the Madison School Board’s committee on police in schools: It is time for the police to go.

Their operating theory is that racist police need to fill empty jail cells with innocent victims. Being Madison, they are finding sympathetic ears on the Madison school board.

“It is imperative to analyze practices through a racial equity lens,” babbled school board member Dean Loumos. When race is all you see, race is all you get.

You are not responsible for your behavior

Faced with the breakdown of discipline that brought police to Madison’s four high schools in the first place, the school board is now looking at experimenting with “restorative justice.”

The Capital Times helpfully explains that

Restorative justice is an alternative approach to school discipline. The approach seeks to move away from punitive, reactionary responses to student misconduct to positive responses that examine root causes of misbehavior and repairs harm done to the school community.


Tell the Madison school board you support police in the schools

Translation: Restorative justice may or may not result in school discipline. Seeking “root causes” in Madison inevitably leads down the rabbit hole to Donald Trump and Scott Walker. It tells the world that the miscreant is not responsible for his screw-ups; s/he can’t help it. They are victims. Poverty. Society. Racism. All of his needs are not being met.

As one of the restorative justice experimenters put it: “We are always talking about youth accountability, but we need to talk about adult accountability as well.” Yeah, give the teacher a time out. 

That message, as gauzy as a ballet of dancing unicorns, is taking root on the school board.  A committee studying school police (or EROs, “educational resource officers”) next meets at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 21 at school district hdq, 545 W Dayton St.

Education IS discipline

Other school districts around the nation are considering booting police, pressured by the same social justice warriors at work in Madison.

According to U.S. News & World Report: A study on a Chicago police-school partnership program showed that crime fell 50% in a four-year period; another study saw a drop in assault and weapons charges with the presence of a school resource officer.

Other studies, to be fair, found police presence corresponded with an increase in arrests. As if that were a poor outcome. Let’s be honest here: Police are not posted in seminaries; they walk the halls of troubled schools. In the last couple of decades, Madison’s public schools have become troubled. We had our spitball fights back in the day but we never assaulted teachers.

Police Chief Koval believes that if the EROs are kicked out of our schools, violence and other problems would increase, as would calls for service. At that point, an officer responding to a call would handle the situation the same way that they would anywhere else in the city, and that there would be no ERO to add context to the situation, or to provide background information on the subjects. Arrests would actually increase. (“A good ERO wears many hats.”)

Back to Kentucky: The slaughter of innocents at Sandy Hook elementary school as well as at Columbine stopped only when armed police responded. Police in the hallway mitigated the damage in, for one example, the 2013 shooting at Colorado’s Arapahoe High School. No telling how much slaughter police prevented just by their presence.

e-mail iconTell School Board members you support police in schools. 

Blaska’s Bottom Line — How about this idea: do what teacher says and don’t beat on other students. If you don’t learn it at school and you haven’t learned that at home you’re traveling along the real school-to-prison pipeline.


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9 Responses to Activists are forcing police out of Madison schools

  1. Lynn Mason says:

    What’s sad is that you actually had to write the whole blog instead of simply stating your bottom line, and including the link for emailing the school board members. But people need so much hand holding in the current climate, you can’t expect them to understand a simply stated truth. It might overtax their SJW-esque minds.


  2. Batman says:

    “Police out of our schools.”
    Brilliant idea!!
    What could possibly go wrong?

    “Restorative justice is an alternative approach to school discipline. The approach seeks to move away from punitive, reactionary responses to student misconduct to positive responses that examine root causes of misbehavior and repairs harm done to the school community.”

    I support the concept of restorative justice when applied to appropriate cases/situations in and out of school. However, listening to so called progressive SJWs flapping their gums about root causation has become nauseating because their emphasis is usually about a more compassionate approach to SYMPTOMS of root causation.

    The single parent, broken, dysfunctional family is the biggest root cause of crime and mayhem in our society. Unless the escalating disintegration of the healthy nuclear family is reversed; the creation of a ceaseless number of feral kids will continue, for which no amount of good will and social programs will ever be able to adequately address.

    Here is a short list for an effective platform of the restorative justice movement:
    No children unless married and both parents over 21yrs.
    No children unless able to financially support them without suckling the teat of mommy government.
    No children unless each parent has completed high school.
    At least one parent learns a marketable skill/trade before having children.
    Have some kind of a positive, Love affirming spiritual life.
    Stay out of trouble.

    Of course, there has to be someone around to teach these life principles. If the SJWs chose to be that someone, there would likely be tremendous community support. I would march for that…


  3. Tom Paine says:

    Legalize pot; rental rooms for consenting couples during lunch hour; Lake Wobegone Diplomas for all races to affirm social justice goals. Prepare them — no accountability for anything. Undocumented pharmacists, undocumented voters; undocumented graduates; undocumented college graduates, no diploma needed (since they denote nothing, anyway.). Undocumented nurses; undocumented property owners. Undocumented bank account owners who don’t need to document income tax payments.

    School Peace is not difficult. Demand little, require nothing. Institutionalize financial bigotry. Why document anything? Standards are merely a racist appropriation. Only ‘Feelings’ matter. Doctor Hairy can bring the dead back to life. I know. I’ve seen him speak to the dead chicken. Do Voo disagree?


  4. Citizen Dave's Remington 700 says:

    Blaska expects hell to break loose if cops are removed from schools, yet also expects blacks to behave themselves and start churning out Rhodes scholars if they are given matching polos, khakis, their own special school, and stacks of white taxpayer cash.

    I say scrap resource officers, yank all funding from Boys and Girls Club, etc. and give Madisonians what they really want: OnStar (…so they can locate their stolen vehicles).


    • David Blaska says:

      You never attended one of Kaleem Caire’s sessions. He brought in the dean of students from a Chicago choice school. That man said, “I discipline hard. I love harder.” Madison Prep was all about discipline first. Something the Madison public schools do not understand. That’s one of the reasons Caire’s school had to be non-union.

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