Election-year Democrats say Wisconsin is a XXXX-hole

Even though U.S. News & World Report ranks Wisconsin in top third of states

Joe Btfsplk, meet Dave Zweifel.

Like Democrats statewide, the emeritus editor of Madison’s voice of progressivism is hell bent on defeating Scott Walker at all costs, even at the price of truth.


Joe Btfsplk for Governor!

Give Dave Zweifel brownie points for creativity. Wisconsin has more Help Wanted signs than orange traffic cones in spring but somehow, Wisconsin is one of those bad places that Donald Trump recently denigrated. The Haiti of the Snowbelt. Why? Because Wisconsin’s economy is creating so many jobs that employers are scrambling for workers!

“When Wisconsin’s name comes up in news stories or is mentioned in a nationally recognized column, it often isn’t in a flattering context,” my old boss writes in the Sunday WI State Journal.

Wisconsin beats out other states to land Foxconn but my old boss can’t bring himself to mention its potential 13,000 jobs. Instead, he fixates on the 26 acres of wetlands that may be filled to accommodate the huge factory. Oh, the humanity!

Yes, “unemployment is down, taxes are flat and there are more jobs,” Dave grouses. (Sometimes the truth is too obvious even for …) But this good news is really bad news for our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances.

“Wisconsin didn’t always need to advertise” for workers, Dave cavils. Humpf! Yes, Wisconsin is waging a $6 million ad campaign to lure workers to Wisconsin. (Come for the jobs, stay because your car won’t start.)

Still bummed about Act 10Shitter

The Democrat(ic) party line reads that Wisconsin must advertise for workers because of:

  • Act 10!!!
  • Because No High-speed Rail (See: California, boondoggle).
  • Because criticizing “the Problem of Whiteness” is “denigrating higher education.”
  • Because women (supposedly) are dying in childbirth. (Dave writes “attacks on women’s health rights” but we think he means “abortion.”)
  • And those 26 acres!

“When Wisconsin’s name comes up in news stories or is mentioned in a nationally recognized column, it often isn’t in a flattering context.” Except, there it is, on the very same day as Dave’s trip to the outhouse: Wisconsin, on page one of the Sunday New York Times, in a most flattering context.

In Dane County, Wis., where the unemployment rate was just 2% in November, demand for workers has grown so intense that manufacturers are taking their recruiting a step further: hiring inmates at full wages to work in factories even while they serve their prison sentences. 

[The inmate] got that chance in part because of Dane County’s red-hot labor market. Stoughton Trailers, a family-owned manufacturer that employs about 650 people at its plant in the county, has raised pay, offered referral bonuses and expanded its in-house training program. But it has still struggled to fill dozens of positions.

After his release, the inmate bought a car from his earnings while on work-release.

Now he is thinking bigger. Other jobs in the area pay higher wages, and his freedom has opened up more options. He has been talking to another local company, which is interested in training him to become an estimator — a salaried job that would pay more and offer room for advancement.

Outside the liberal distortion zone

Unemployment 2017

Unemployment 2010 (left) and May 2017 (green is best; black is worst)

Those who abjure objective measurements in favor of partisan, political-campaign talking points, read no further. Yeah, Wisconsin roads ARE bad but we can’t help but think that some projects are needlessly expensive. (Doesn’t the Verona Road project seem over-engineered?) Which is why Walker replaced former DOT secretary Gottlieb with a new guy.

For a dispassionate measure, we turned to the recently released U.S. News and World Report listing of best states, 2018. The survey measures health care, education, crime, infrastructure, opportunity, economy, and government. Overall, the well regarded survey ranks Wisconsin as the 16th best state overall and third-best in the Midwest, behind Minnesota (#3) and Iowa (#6) but comfortably ahead of Indiana #22, Illinois #29, Michigan #33, and Ohio #35. Of those states, another survey listed Wisconsin as the second “greenest,” behind Minnesota. More here.

It’s a fair point that Walker is trying to sell Wisconsin using Madison as its star attraction while simultaneously bad-mouthing its mayor, now a challenger for governor. But the obverse is also true: Liberals are trying to badmouth Wisconsin. State policies are at least equally responsible for Madison’s success. To take one example, Madison bike paths are largely funded with state money. Even Monona Terrace has state money in it.

If state employees, K-12 teachers, and university professors were being ground down as much as Act 10 bitter-enders like Dave Zweifel pretend, wouldn’t Madison more closely resemble Port au Prince?

Dave Btfsplk, look on the bright side: We could be Illinois.

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27 Responses to Election-year Democrats say Wisconsin is a XXXX-hole

  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    THERE’S a shocker! One of the two under-performing counties is Menominee,

    Regrettably, my home-away-from-home, Iron County, is the other.

    Dragging-Their-Effin’-Feet FEMA releasing the 8 figure funds to rebuild Saxon Harbor will help.


    The Gotch


  2. Tom Paine says:

    Why rebuild Saxon Harbor? It has no commercial value. Only a few recreational boaters use the slips and there are much better alternatives at Washburn, Bayfield, and Red Cliff. As a former resident of Iron Cty, I know there are only a few residents who can afford to moor a boat there. Pouring big bucks into this boondoggle for upper-income tourists is absurd when one considers all the other needy projects in the state. There are thousands of unimproved DNR boat landings that are more deserving of investment. Mud and sand boat landings make a mockery of citizen access to the state’s waters. Saxon Harbor….virtue signaling as another socialist fantasy.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      DISCLOSURE: I donated a bench to the lovely and long suffering Mrs. Gotch at Lake Superior Park on the lakefront at Saxon Harbor.

      ”Why rebuild Saxon Harbor?”

      It needs rebuilding.

      “It has no commercial value.”

      Breathtaking ignorance, only to outdone by:

      “Pouring big bucks into this boondoggle for upper-income tourists is absurd when one considers all the other needy projects in the state.”

      Like More BIKIE Path/Trail/Lane/Boulevard/Bridge crap?

      Saxon Harbor a destination for the Hoity Toity Class, you gotta be effin’ kidding me! Those people are up in Bayfield or Minocqua.

      In all the time I’ve spent (and all the 40’s I’ve emptied!) there, the overwhelming majority of the folks I run into (I’m a “people person,’ you know) are of modest means.

      It’s also a County Park/campground where many people spend the whole summer, and you don’t need to rent one of them there high falutin’ slips, you can just put yer bass boat in at the launch.

      The State and Iron County are putting up 25 %, FEMA will provide the rest.

      ”Only a few recreational boaters use the slips and there are much better alternatives at Washburn, Bayfield, and Red Cliff.”

      You’re ten miles due north caught in a squall out of the NW; you going to head into the wind and ten foot rollers and try to make it to the Bayfield Penninsula…or Ashland…or drift over to Ontonogan? Saxon Harbor is a ‘safe harbor’ on international waters, do you understand that concept?

      And if your perception is that I’m a virtue signaler enthralled with socialist fantasy, my work here is far from finished!

      The Gotch


      • Tom Paine says:

        Good to know there is no basis for me to claim you’re prejudiced (not)
        ”Why rebuild Saxon Harbor?”
        Libreralist FAIL. You do not weigh cost of rebuilding compared to Centuries of Future Slip Revenues that would be needed to repay the investment. Like the Train proposal in S.Wis, it is a fiscal boondoogle for Iron Cty taxpayers.
        “It has no commercial value.” Sorry your Konfused. Iron Cty citizens can’t afford to subsidize the yachting class for a 3 months of use each year. Second, the port has no commerical ops….coal, commercial fishers, oil, grain, etc. In substance, the harbor is the same type of subsidy as bike paths (which I never endorsed)….i.e., tax Iron Cty residents to build slips for the yachting class, the majority of whom are not Iron Cty residents.. AND, unlike Barker’s Island or Bayfiled, you can’t even rent a sailing cruiser at Saxon!

        Baseless Fake claim. I live in Minocqua; lots of pooh folks here, too. Saxon Harbor is a direct subsidy to Yacht-own Class. Tell us again how much a 30-foot C&C costs
        It’s also a County Park/campground where many people spend the whole summer, and you don’t need to rent one of them there high falutin’ slips, you can just put yer bass boat in at the launch.>
        Launched there many times. Only idiots use bassboats on Superior.

        This is the same irrational, liberal response that was made to Walker when he kept WI out of Obamacare Medicaid trap; or when he refused to build light rail to/from Milwaukee

        You must be a land-lubber., Saxon is always open to long fetch from Madeline. As any sailor knows, much safer to sail in/around the Apostles because of their leeward protect, regardless wind directions. Saxon Harbor is at least 15 miles distant.

        Yeah, Yeah. Faux conservatives always rationalize “their” favorite subsidy as an “investment” for “the people.” Don’t know which you should read first, Chapman’s for more knowledge about navigation, or George Reisman’s Capitalism (free on the net.)


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        @Tom Paine;

        Faux Conservative?? Ohh, that’s gonna leave a mark.

        And a “Wisconsin-Dells-Of-The-North” (Minocqua) resident? Be still my heart!

        I have a number of acquaintances in numerous offices @ 300 Taconite Street; heck, I was married in the old Iron County Court House. But I bet you can trump that with yer Water Park & fudge connections, am I right?

        Over at the Forestry Committee, which oversees Saxon Harbor, I shared with my pal there yer ill-informed (her words) rant.

        To wit:

        “tax Iron Cty residents to build slips for the yachting class, the majority of whom are not Iron Cty residents.” (and) “Saxon Harbor is a direct subsidy to Yacht-own Class.”

        After she stopped laughing, which took a while, she pretty much said yer an idiot. I must confess this came as no surprise to me.

        Anywho, MOST of the slips go to locals, and while it doesn’t make a profit every year, Saxon Harbor holds its own. The Campground makes money!

        Another beautiful theory slain by ugly facts, a story as old as time itself.

        I have noticed that most commenters here don’t post addlepated drivel, then wax knowledgeable while hilariously believing it to be substantive.

        Now, isn’t it time for your bowling date with Laurie Bosacki?

        The Gotch


      • Tom Paine says:

        Eh, Gotch, so you have been relying on your buds in the Forestry/Parks Department. Ha. They’ve been feeding you FAKE math. As a good RINO, of course you want us to believe Hurley Apparatchik claims of fiscal wisdom. Sorry Gotch, you were had. Here’s da picture:

        The fiscal wisdom of investing $1.25 million for 90 boat slips ($13,000 @) that benefit the Yacht-owning class creates a hardship on County citizens, who on average have incomes that are 31% BELOW the state average.
        Even more silly, the Iron Cty fiefdom owns 174,000 acres. If just 1/2 of the public fiefdom were sold at a market price of $850/acre, county government would earn $74 million, which if returned to each person in the county, would be about $12,900 dollars. Consider a family of 4 people. They would receive a check for about $51,600. But, “NO,” Iron Cty won’t even consider selling 1/2 of the fiefdom to the private sector. So much for the fiscal wisdom of the Forestry Dept Apparatchik’s.


  3. madisonexpat says:

    Journalism died as did MNI. I’m OK with that.


  4. Balboa says:

    By far we live in like the worst $h1th0le! state ever. It is so bad all liberals please leave before it is too late. The paradise just south of our border Illinois is open for all free loaders and ready for those that choose to work to pay your mandatory monetary donations to the black hole are so very welcome.

    Thank you Scott Walker and Legislature. Thank you for bringing the Christmas Tree back to capitol rotunda.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


      “It is so bad all liberals please leave before it is too late.”

      Not all Lefties are bad, and I think it’s a good idea to keep some around.

      With none of them around, how might Righties embrace a measure of their own sanity?

      The Gotch


  5. madisonexpat says:

    The counter revolution began in Madison. The Left did it to Walker as they are doing to Trump. They have learned nothing. Investigations, recall, impeachment, resistance. It will re elect Trump as it did Walker.
    Unions cratered, blue states cratered by union pensions, Dem Party funding diminished. It all started in the laboratory of democracy that is Wisconsin.


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  7. richard lesiak says:

    Congrats to State Senator elect Schachtner for winning District 10. She flipped it blue. Ryan better pay more attention to the IronStache. Walker may have one more election in him, but he’ll be looking for an exit plan as soon as the Foxcon bill comes due. 7 million for Wisconsin ads? Is this going to be another no-bid, closed door deal for someones brother-in-law? Can’t we use that money to fix Saxon Harbor Gotch? On the bright side drumpf did pay that porn star 130,000; the first contractor he ever paid in full.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      @richard lesiak;

      “Can’t we use that money to fix Saxon Harbor Gotch?”

      While I admire yer thinking, I don’t see it being in the best interests of the Collective Narrative.

      Iron County (one of the three poorest per capita) residents are by no means flush, and are unable to tune in WORT or whatever podunk station Sly now calls home.

      More importantly, as poor-to-middlin’ EVIL Whites, they’re fair game for the withering enmity Lefty INC is only too happy to provide.

      They aren’t minorities who can be lured to vote democrat on the promise of more, More, MORE high quality/quantity free stuff and being able to police themselves.

      Wait a minute, howse about a plan to smother Iron County with BIKIE Paths/Trails/Lanes/Boulevards/Bridges with Saxon Harbor as the hub?

      Not only that, but they could arrange for singalonging (by the aptly named Rotundas) in the Key Of Me along the lakefront. Heck, I’ll even allow some of them to park their over-sized @$$e$ on my bench.

      So long as they sandblast their keester wax off afterwords.

      You arrange for shittake like that & Madison/Dane Lefties (most, not all) will affect reverse peristalsis of their five adjective crappichinnos all over their Hempen Homespun.

      Can we count on your support??

      The Gotch


      • richard lesiak says:

        nope. Get a grip Gotch. I only asked if using that 7 million to fix up Saxon Harbor was a better use of the money. What the hell is the “collective Narrative?” I do have to take my hat off to you for one thing; you do have a great ability for using your Thesaurus. I lived and worked in Ashland Co. for 12 years so you ain’t BS’n me about the the folks that live up “Nort”. If those guys got 7 million dropped on them to fix up the harbor they would be doing backflips and eating steak on friday nights. The only down-side would be that maybe you would have to move your bench.


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        @richard lesiak;

        “I only asked if using that 7 million to fix up Saxon Harbor was a better use of the money.”

        Not needed, the funding’s been settled: FEMA 75 %, the State & Iron County 12.5 % each.

        “you do have a great ability for using your Thesaurus.”

        I’m flattered beyond words. Though I own several, I haven’t opened one in centuries.

        “What the hell is the ‘collective Narrative?’ ”

        Perhaps it’s not me that ought be cracking a book?

        “you ain’t BS’n me about the the folks that live up ‘Nort’.”

        While I’ll likely regret asking, how’m I trying to BS you?

        Madison/Dane County look down their noses at rural WI residents (unless their name is Katie Kloth) as being incapable of making ‘proper’ choices and living their lives the way they should be living them, no matter where they are in the State.

        “The only down-side would be that maybe you would have to move your bench.”

        Unless it would occupy a more centered position along the lakefront, dealbreaker!

        The Gotch


    • AnonyBob says:

      Scott spewed a series of panicky midnight “wake up call” tweets to WI Republicans last night. Someone did the math; if the rest of the state flipped as much as the 10th Senate District did, the Gov would lose by 25 points. I’m not saying that’s likely, but the GOP candidate up there WAS a sitting Assembly incumbent (not a Roy Moore nut), yet still lost by a huge margin even with overwhelming outside money and support. Gov. Screw-the-Rest-of-the-State-for-Foxconn and the rest of you have good reason to be spooked.
      Lookin’ forward to 2018.


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


        “Lookin’ forward to 2018.”

        Where have I heard that before? Say, it wasn’t ~ 2 years ago as we speak, was it?

        See if you’s remember this one:

        “So having said all that, why aren’t I 50 points ahead, you might ask?”

        Hillarity’s asking another question now, am I right?

        The Gotch


      • AnonyBob says:

        I’ll take my odds over yours.


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


        “I’ll take my odds over yours.”

        Can’t say I blame you.

        That said, I don’t recall the odds going into 11/08/2016; you?

        The Gotch


  8. Tom Paine says:

    Economic growth in Iron Cty? Sell off the 174,000 of public acres. Make citizens wealthy again. Get ownership in the private sector. Sell them to the silent sports gang in Dane Cty. Sell them to nature freaks. Sell them to bird lovers, hunters, ATV riders, etc. Private ownership leads to cabins and second homes. More wells; more basements; more lumber sales; more demand for labor; more tourist spending and most important, a population increase that multiplies commercial transactions. Allow citizens to monitize the costly negative opportunity cost of socialism.
    (PS Iron Cty already is a Dim stronghold. Has been Dim for decades)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      @Tom Paine;

      “(PS Iron Cty already is a Dim stronghold. Has been Dim for decades)”

      Do tell.

      Funniest thing, Iron County went HEAVY for President Trump, Senator Johnson, & HoR Duffy in 2016; no ”dims” in that crowd.

      FWIW, much of what you say makes sense, but the Saxon Harbor rebuild is a go, no matter what you, I, or Lefty INC says.

      My lovely and long suffering wife’s family goes back 6 generation in Iron County; something upon which we may both agree, it could do better.

      We spend a lot of money when up there, mostly at Brite Spot II, Scotti Pecotti’s, Giovanoni’s, Harbor Lights, and Joe’s Pasties. We also pay property taxes in Saxon and Anderson townships, and in Gogebic County, MI.

      FTR, except for a summer on a halibut schooner tendering salmon out of Larsen Bay along the Shelikof Strait in Kodiak AK, I am a landlubber.

      The Gotch


      • Tom Paine says:

        I lived in Iron Cty for over 2 decades and for more than a term, held public office. Cty government and local government have been and remain Dimocrat, regardless recent Pub votes for Trump, etc., as you note. Iron Cty poor for a host of reasons, but their fiscal mismanagement of county lands is the #1 reason they shall remain a 3rd-world aspiring city. Even a rebuilt Saxon won’t improve the lot of more than a handful of citizens for reasons I have already listed. Consider the total boondoggle: $10 million in total costs for 90 boat slips that are used 5 mo/yr. That is 111,000 per slip that gross, not net, only 1000 per year. OMG, a return on investment of less than 1%. Even IF every slip was owned by Iron Cty residents, that is a massive subsidy of pubic funds to 90 of the 5700+ citizens. That fiscal model and practice would even embarrass residents of Puerto Rico.


  9. David Blaska says:

    When did the Squire lose control of this blog?


    • old baldy says:

      As soon as gotch arrived. He was a one man(kinda presumptive of me, but so it goes) wrecking crew at madison.com much to the frustration of all the other users. Now he has taken roost at the Manor. Better get some higher rubber boots and a shovel.


      • AnonyBob says:

        It’s amazing to see someone who loves hearing themselves talk (or in this case, write) more than Blaska or me. (And it IS Blaska’s blogge, to be fair.)


    • richard lesiak says:

      Gotch found a blog that hasn’t blocked him yet. You got to give him credit though; he does have an uncanny ability to change the subject, blow his own horn and use a Thesaurus.


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        @richard lesiak;

        “Gotch found a blog that hasn’t blocked him yet.”

        Interesting theory, unfortunately slain by ugly truth.

        “Shakesville.com” once featured a Kurt Schlichter article that was peppered with so many “trigger warnings” I felt compelled to weigh in. Got blocked so fast, it made my head spin!

        “use a Thesaurus.”

        I suspect this is less about my purported thesaurus use than you finding it necessary to pick up a dictionary.

        The Gotch


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