Beware of Republicans in the campus lecture hall

Your Squire is going all Bela Lugosi today. Be Vare!

Be Vare of liberals disguised as moderates pretending to be fiscal conservatives. Such would be my worthy nemesis Chris Rickert, who stands, hands on hips, to cast editorial doubts on the Tommy G. Thompson Center proposed for the University of Wisconsin. “Is Thompson Center [a] good use of taxes?

You just know the answer. HELL NO! “The university already has a vehicle for public policy research … the Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs.” Duplication! Government waste. Five-hundred dollar toilet seats!

Flamingoes and LugosiYes, it is “more than a little ironic that the party of smaller government plans to expand government with a new publicly funded center at the flagship state university,” Rickert clucks.

“Republicans get[ing] a shot at establishing a more right-leaning outfit at a university they complain is too liberal,” Rickert grouses, “is kind of dumb.”

This is of a piece with the huffing and puffing from the Left that the Madison campus needs not to hear from divisive speakers, defined as those who differ from the liberal-progressive-socialist catechism. The same people who defend for-credit courses called “The Problem of Whitness.”  Academic freedom! Except when conservative author Ben Shapiro is speaking.

Irony of ironies, over on Sunday’s editorial page, we hear from a professor at the vaunted La Follette School. (For you students who skipped history, it is named after one of the founders of the progressive movement, which exalts the government expert over the common man too stupid to scrape the manure off his shoes.)

Wisconsin may be winning the war on poverty, Professor Tim Smeeding concedes. But we need to do more. No, not Republican-sponored work requirements, drug testing and time limits to housing vouchers and Medicaid. “Lieutenant governor [Kleefisch] is right … I do not like these approaches.” (I do not like them, Sam I am.)

So what does La Follette’s Smeeding propose? The Bernie Sanders playbook! A guaranteed job (GUARANTEED by the GOVERNMENT!) George McGovern lives! But wait, Professor Smeeding is just getting started. We needs us a national $10 minimum wage! (What, not $15? The SEIU is on Line 2, professor.)

The TGT Center would only “spread Republican propaganda as widespread on campuses as possible,” sayeth One Scot Ross, who is paid to spread Democratic propaganda as widespread across the news media as possible. (“New policy center at University of Wisconsin raises alarms.”)

So, no, the University of Wisconsin does not need an conservative voice, it has the La Follette. My friend State Rep. Terese Berceau is a grad. (Let’s do cocktails soon!) The fact that UW faculty and staff contributed to Democrats over Republicans by a 42 to 1 ratio in the 2016 election cycle does not prove they are biased. R-I-G-H-T. (“Diversity at the university is fine as long as it is not conservative.”)

But wait, that’s not all! UW-Madison also has the Havens Center! It’s holding a hootenanny at Edgewood College June 2-3, “Understanding the Current Crisis & Building Social Justice in the Midwest.” (Your Squire proposes a drinking game, down the hatch every time a sociology major uses the word “crisis.”)

Speakers are recruited from local Black Lives Matter affiliate, Progressive Dane’s Ald. Rebecca Kemble, the Chicago Teachers Union, Planned Parenthood, former Supv. Leland Pan (who is now with the unversity’s teaching assistants union), and housing squatter Z! Haukeness.

CampusReform website is correct.

“Liberals are worried that a Republican-backed proposal to establish a center for freedom of speech at University of Wisconsin, Madison will undermine their policy agenda.”

For extra credit — “Social justice” is the Left’s dog whistle word for socialism. Academic freedom means freedom from minority opinions. The science is settled! Make-work jobs and mandated wages!

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12 Responses to Beware of Republicans in the campus lecture hall

  1. Tom Paine says:

    TGT funds would be better spent by replacing the 24×7 Orthodox Liberal Voices of Wisconsin Public Radio. About 1/2 of the current electorate is starved for accurate, informative journalism, devoid of prog flavor.

    Non-Socialist ideas and views have been eliminated from the statewide public forum. No major daily paper or TV station provides the public with points of view that challenge the soft socialism of the Journal Sentinel, State Journal or the more radical Cap Times,. The people are not served when ideological hegemony offers only illusions substantive dialogue.


  2. Dave, not B says:

    Any parent with half a mind would not send their kids to a school that doesn’t teach them HOW to think. I recommend we tear the UW down and build a parking lot. The state would be better served.


  3. AnonyBob says:

    “…UW faculty and staff contributed to Democrats over Republicans by a 42 to 1 ratio in the 2016 election cycle…”
    So, highly educated, critically thinking academics tend to be liberal and progressive, and thus naturally support Democrats. Hmm…
    Meanwhile the rural Trump Republican voters are shocked to learn their Affordable Care Act coverage is threatened by efforts to get rid of the dreaded Obamacare. Hmm…


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      So your premise is that “highly educated” folks are immune to the siren song of ideology? The universities in Germany (at the time, the best in the world) didn’t close their doors after 1933. Some non-Jewish professors resigned their posts after the Jewish professors were forced out, but most stayed and many enthusiastically supported their Nazi masters. Ideology can be enforced in many ways. If you’re a professor who doesn’t toe the liberal line, you face shunning–and often outright hostility–by colleagues (all those broadminded critically thinking types who examine every issue with the utmost objectivity–except when it comes to the conservative viewpoint, which is dismissed automatically as racist, bigoted, hateful, etc.) Groupthink of the kind that rules on college campuses today is every bit as dangerous as the kind imposed by the Nazis on their institutions; tarting it up with the “progressive” label doesn’t make it any less egregious. William Buckley once said that he’d rather see the government in the hands of the first 100 names in the Boston phone book than in those of the Harvard faculty. To which I say: Amen, brother, amen!


  4. AnonyBob says:

    You’re comparing today’s academics to Nazi supporters? Really?
    And Buckley said, “…the first 2000 names…”


  5. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    You know what? On reflection, there’s an even better historical analogy: the embrace by American leftists, including many academics, of Stalinism in the 1930s. Rigged elections? Torture in the basement of the Lubyanka? The deportation of tens of thousands of dissidents to the gulags? The outright murder of tens of thousands more? All of it fake news from the Right … except it wasn’t. My original point remains: intelligence and education do not guarantee immunity from poisonous ideologies of the left or right that deny freedom of speech–always in the name of some greater good. In other words, what we’re seeing on college campuses these days.


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