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Act 10, ten years after

Life goes on Has it really been 10 years? How did we ever survive Scott Walker’s Act 10? Democrats and progressives predicted trailer trash parks would litter the roadsides, cousins would marry, and gap-toothed moonshiners would race Sheriff Buford T. … Continue reading

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WI Republican tax reforms are working

Laffer Curve vindicated Madison schools dig deeper into our pockets  A certain Republican governor who attracted tens of thousands of enthusiastic visitors to the State Capitol in early 2011 had a favorite saying. “The reforms are working!” he would say. … Continue reading

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Diversity in the Madison Hive means ‘all in favor, fall in line’

Spring arrived at the Stately Manor on Friday, which explains the slowdown at the Policy Werkes.  The indentured servants installed crash bars to protect the Squire’s Moto Guzzi and its 90-degree, horizontally opposed twin fire pots. Only took all afternoon … Continue reading

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Liberal Oregon prioritizes government workers, suffers consequences

The thorough skunking Dane County conservatives took this month in the Spring elections is the direct result of Act 10, Scott Walker, and Donald Trump.  Trump only upped the ante. The bull was already enraged. Act 10 and its pension … Continue reading

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WI Republicans got their faces slapped

Is Brookfield in yet? Let the recriminations begin! Fingers, start pointing! Time to scorch some earth! Let’s all play the blame game after Tuesday’s crushing defeat. Because there’s plenty to go around. Not even close. Rebecca Dallet 56% to 44% … Continue reading

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Conversing within the safety of the Madison bubble

Intellectual incest deep within the Madison bubble One of these days, the editor of The Capital Times is going to interview a conservative. Maybe. Unintentionally. By accident, in a case of mistaken political identity. Paul Fanlund once did interview a UW-Madison … Continue reading

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