Danger: white men voting!

‘Hey white boy, what you doin’ uptown?’ — Lou Reed

The social justice night riders are out, baying for the blood of white men — all complicit in the election of Donald Trump.

When identity politics is all you’ve got, race and gender is all you see.

You're HitlerThus does Your Progressive Voice team up with Wisconsin Public Radio to send a posse into a —what else? — an Irish pub in downtown Madison. Their mission? To smoke out a group of “men, all of them white and most in their 20s.”

The men, young and white as wedding rice, were caught in the act of conniving to “establish the Wisconsin chapter of an emerging national group called the Proud Boys.” (They reject feminism!!!)

For Thaddeus Pall, it was a rare opportunity to openly express his support for President Donald Trump in liberal Madison.

It’s called bias confirmation. Want to demonize your opponent? Search out the outlier and present him as generic. Vicki McKenna, the hardest working gal in talk radio, is on to this scam: “Madison’s liberal rag tries to make tiny, fringe group no one has ever heard of representative of the GOP.”

This drive-by story was the work of the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism, which is embedded like a tick on a hound’s coat at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. (Conservatives need not apply.)

The Center was once headed by Bill Lueders, now at The Progressive magazine (of course). The Center is doing its bit for a nationwide project called “Documenting Hate.” It’s led by ProPublica, funded in large part by Leftist sugar daddy George Soros.

Here is what Documenting Hate says about itself:

The 2016 election left many in America afraid – of intolerance and the violence it can inspire. The need for trustworthy facts on the details and frequency of hate crimes and other incidents born of prejudice has never been more urgent. … Documenting and understanding all of these incidents – from hate-inspired murders to anti-Semitic graffiti to racist online trolling – requires new, more creative approaches.

See if you can find a single mention of Antifa on Documenting Hate’s website. Or campus speech bullying? Instead:

  • School Is Starting Soon. Will The Trump-Inspired Bullying Continue?
  • Inside the Left’s Online Efforts to Out White Supremacists
  • Greencastle Man Spots Hanging Noose On Way To Work
  • ‘Hitler Did Nothing Wrong © Donald Trump’ Scrawled On Brooklyn Bridge

Antifa? Never heard of it


scrawled on Madison-area bike path tunnel

Turns out the aforementioned white man, Mr. Pall, was beaten bloody by a black-masked Antifa thug for supporting Mr. Trump’s candidacy. Might there be a story on that hate group? So far, nothing but crickets from the Center for Investigative Journalism, The Capital Times, or Wisconsin Public Radio.

Because race hate is the only reason Donald Trump got elected. If you don’t get that, you Deplorable inbred knuckle dragger, the nation’s news media will explain it to you.


Thus does the voice of Middle America (SNARK ALERT!), the New York Times, descend on a remote burg in the wilds of Trump Country to ferret out “A voice of hate in America’s heartland.”

The Times story got a lot of blowback, but not for what you’d expect. Readers complained that the Times did not present their quarry, a fellow named Horvath, as being hateful enough! Not that it didn’t try.

“Books about Mussolini and Hitler shared shelf space with a stack of Nintendo Wii games,” the piece read. Ann of Althouse has it figured out.

I wanted to highlight something [an Althouse reader] wrote … Like me, he noticed the photograph … of Horvath’s bookshelf, a photograph that makes a strong impression because one of the books has a big swastika on its spine. But that book is William Shirer’s The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich! … [Anne, quoting her reader:]

“I read it growing up and can’t imagine a more first person account of anti-fascism — particularly of the sort that came out of 20th Century Berlin. But of course in this NYT hit piece, the effect is to make us believe that Horvath reads Nazi propaganda. Pathetic.”

We were Never Trump but let’s get real!


Now for the usual disclaimer: The Squire was Never Trump. He disdains the coarsening of our politics. His gratuitous name-calling and petty score-settling demeans an office once held by Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan. Like Your Humble Bloggeur, the New York Times’ token conservative, Russ Douthat, was also Never Trump.

Acknowledging Trump’s sins, Douthat bemoans “the idea that in analyzing American politics we have to choose between claiming that all Trump voters are entirely innocent of racism and damning them all as white nationalists, heirs to Alexander Stephens, part of a grand sweep of racist history in which K.K.K. nightriders and stepped-up immigration enforcement are simply the same thing.”

As ever in these condemnations of the sins of white America, there is little imaginative sympathy for people who feel threatened by liberalism in power. … The entire drift of cultural liberalism in the West of late has been to use taxes and mandates and regulations and speech restrictions against groups that they deem bigoted and backward. It’s increasingly common for liberals to assume that the irredeemable don’t qualify for certain religious liberties and the deplorable don’t deserve the fullness of free speech.

Heckler’s veto, anyone? As Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Emily Mills writes, it’s our duty to shout down Nazis, the Jewish Ben Shapiro being one such Nazi.

As for Trump, Douthat reports, “he actually won a smaller share of the white vote than Mitt Romney overall, the same rough percentage of black and Hispanic voters.”

Memo to ProPublica and Center for Investigative Reporting: Maybe you should look into this Douthat guy. I think he may be white.


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