Caution: political agitprop in downtown Madison

It’s called “posing for holy pictures.” Feel-good government resolutions that condemn hate, plague, pestilence, and things that go bump in the night.

Except that those Hallmark card resolutions tend to be tendentious mousetraps of selective outrage sprung for partisan purposes. At least, in Madison and Dane County. One such is County Board Resolution #195, written by the board’s Leftist majority in service of its fixation on identity politics.

Ol’ #195 condemns (the verb of choice) “the racist, violent actions of the white supremacists and neo-Nazis in Charlottesville,” Virginia.

Your Dane County Board of Supervisors passed this brave statement a week ago, on September 28. Let’s just say, this bit of legislative legerdemain did not lead the evening news.

Note the date: it occurred after the desecration of a memorial to law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty and after swastikas and pro-Trump sentiments were scrawled on the Monument to Communism (Detailed here) yet references them not.

Supervisor Mike Willett walked out of the chambers rather than vote for this piece of agitprop. (Agitation propaganda, a favorite technique of the Left.) Dave Ripp abstained as he has for such piffle during the 30+ years he has served. So did Bill Clausius and Ronn Ferrell.

This is feedstock for the haters on the Left, who have now enrolled Supervisors Willett, Ripp, Ferrell, and Clausius in the bund. Anonymous (of course) posters plastered on the entrance to the City County Building condemn the Feckless four.

They have “refused to condemn Nazis and White Supremacy.” 


Who knew? Dane County elected Nazi sympathizers! Says so right on the anonymous posters!!! So those are the guys wearing the white sheets in Charlotte!

Want to bet the same Antifa sympathizers who painted swastikas on the Communist stone also did these posters?

Supv. Ferrell says he finds it mildly amusing.” He asks:

Whatever happened to “coexist”?

It will certainly come as a surprise to my family and friends who are either minorities or follow the Jewish faith or belong to some other group that white supremacists and Nazis abhor to learn that I am both a white supremacist and and a Nazi sympathizer.   Who knew?

I just see this as another example of how the fringe far Left has truly gone off the deep end and the rest of the Left is too cowed to speak up.

You’re a Nazi if you disagree with me

We talked selective outrage. the Dane County Board has refused to condemn Communism, the gulag, the KGB, the Berlin Wall, Joe Stalin. The liberal-progressive-socialist supervisors remain silent on the police killers. Perhaps they, too, want “Justice for Anthony Smith,” a convicted felon and heroin pusher killed after he resisted arrest in St. Louis, Mo. They have no words of opprobrium for the black-masked Antifas smashing store windows and stifling free speech on college campuses.

Willett via, explained his walk out this way: “This resolution condemns the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia and doesn’t condemn any violence in Dane County. If we’re going to condemn violence — and we should, regardless of what the hate group is — why would it not include Dane County? 

Our Miss Vicki has more on this partisan virtue signaling.

Our friend Paula Fitzsommons wonders, “Why won’t the Dane County Board disavow cop haters?”

Why won’t this same government body also condemn Antifa, a group that experts have called out as domestic terrorists, who equate police officers with neo-Nazis, and who use intimidation and violence to suppress those with dissenting opinions?

Why won’t they speak out against the cowardly thug who recently desecrated the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Memorial? Or the University of Wisconsin student who made a graphically-violent video, depicting cops as racist pigs, even using a decapitated (fake) pig to prove his point?

Because, don’t you know, Police are the Problem. The Madison Common Council thinks so. Thursday (10-5-17) They’re taking up State Rep. Chris Taylor’s new ideas for handcuffing the police and a presentation from the Berkeley, CA consultants doing that $400,000 search for signs of white privilege in the Madison Police Department. (The agenda here.)

More evidence of the ‘Ferguson Effect’

Meanwhile, more FBI crime data verifies The Ferguson Effect — the effect being that crime goes up as police stand down in the face of lawsuits, racist demonstrations, Leftist clamor, and lack of political support. The Daily Caller reports:

Chicago’s annual murder total jumped 86% in the space of two years …Chicago’s wave of killing wasn’t an aberration, nationally speaking. …

[In] Baltimore  … homicides exploded by more than 60% to 344. Chicago and Baltimore have something in common beyond seemingly intractable gang violence. Along with several other cities — St. Louis, Dallas, Charlotte, and Milwaukee — they were the site of significant civil unrest that erupted following the killing of black men by police officers.

Dallas, for example, recorded 171 murders in 2016 — 47 percent more than in 2014. The story was the same in Charlotte and Milwaukee, whose 2016 homicide totals were 43 and 57 percent higher than in 2014, respectively.

It’s what the essential Heather Mac Donald calls “de-policing.” Who gets hurt by de-policing? The numbers indicate, largely, African-Americans.


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5 Responses to Caution: political agitprop in downtown Madison

  1. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    If members of the lunatic left weren’t so intoxicated by their self-awarded virtue, they might see that their tactics (anonymous “denouncements” of those who refuse to toe the Party line) are identical to those favored by the Nazis and others they so fervently denounce. Most rational people have long ago stopped paying attention to the City Council’s periodic circle-jerks, whether it be to “condemn” anyone they disagree with or to sanctify anyone who agrees with them (or who are in need of their benevolent protection: the homeless, refugees, would-be cop killers, etc. Supervisor Ferrell expressed it with admirable conciseness: “…the fringe far left has truly gone off the deep end, and the rest of the Left is too cowed to speak up.” Just like the kids on the playground who are too scared to come to the aid of the kid being bullied. One consolation is that eventually the fringe folks will go one step too far and provoke a nationwide backlash. Exhibit A: The librarian in Cambridge, Mass. (naturally) who refused Melania Trump’s gift of a copy of the Dr. Seuss classic, “The Cat in the Hat.” Why? It’s obviously racist since the cat is wearing a bow-tie, attire that evokes the performers in minstrel shows. A few more such antics and it’s safe to say the dam will finally burst.


  2. madisonexpat says:

    The Obama Legacy.


  3. madisonexpat says:

    If you don’t denounce who we tell you to denounce you are a NAZI.
    We can punch NAZIs.


  4. The more the tower leans left, the more unbalanced it becomes.


  5. Patrick M O'Loughlin says:

    I’m sure you saw the Susan Schmitz article condemning the anti-semitic graffiti on the Communist monument (and of course failing to even mention the graffiti on the Dead Cop monument.) I was tempted to write in and ask how she could have overlooked the first one, but I hate it when it looks as if I am defending bigots, or running interference for Trump.

    But it did get me to thinking about that false flag possibility that you brought up a while back. I am still convinced that is exactly what it was. So I wandered over to the Facebook page of Madison Antifa. Once I saw the things posted there, I am more convinced than ever that the perps were Antifa.

    From the beginning this didn’t pass the smell test.

    The first thing that jumped out at me was the swastikas. Only a certain strain of bigot uses swastikas: Anti-semitics. While the average person might think that the KKK and Nazis are one and the same, the Nazis and Klansmen do not. And while the Klan is not exactly Jew-friendly, Jews do not seem to be their real focal point. And they might paint a KKK, or burn a cross on your lawn, but painting swastikas would be out of place. They don’t consider themselves Nazis.

    But if you check out Antifa’s FB page you’ll notice lots of swastikas, lots of hate, and lots of pictures of Hitler among the violent anti-cop posts. Of course those images are presented as the enemies of Antifa, but that’s my point. Swastikas are not the symbol of right-wing nuts. But they are the symbol of Antifa’s declared enemies. Swastikas are what Antifa thugs THINK the symbol of right-wing nuts should be. They imagine Trump supporters sitting around, drinking beer and giving each other the Heil Hitler salute. So swastikas would fit right in, according to their way of thinking.

    I don’t want to beat a dead horse, and I’m pretty sure this crime will never be solved. But I think it is obvious that this was perpetrated by the same Antifa thug that spray painted to Cop memorial, I just wish there was a way to prove it.


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