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Madison’s Left turned former mayor Dave into a raving moderate

Excerpted from Dave Cieslewicz’s blog today: Just a sample of Max’s brand of gentle persuasion in response to a piece I wrote last week: “Your views on race are just a few steps to the left of Tucker Carlson, this … Continue reading

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Defeating and defunding progressive cop-haters

NYC turns its back on progressives If the Werkes has its way, the word “progressive” will become as pejorative as “liberal,” or (let’s go for it!) “thug.” Because progressivism is a leading cause of death — especially fatal to minorities.  … Continue reading

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Progressives are shameless scolds

Another in the Werkes’ continuing for-credit series on How to Identify and Eradicate Progressivism in your Neighborhood. And you thought Creeping Charlie was a problem! Our Progressive … acquaintances are wracked with an uber-Catholic obsession with guilt. They trade in … Continue reading

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A new local political party is gestating

Madison’s ‘hard left’ is not progressive! Is Madison WI ready for another local political party to counter Progressive Dane? The gray labcoats here at the Werekes say yes, not that anyone talking about such a party would want Blaska for … Continue reading

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Progressive priorities are killing Madison

How much progressivism before more die? The Capital Times is declaring progressive victory after the April 6 Madison Common Council election.  The real shift on the council is in the direction of diversity and progressive policy making. The majority of … Continue reading

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Police on trial! The Left is breathless!

It’s the O.J.Simpson trial of 2021 Except that it’s the police on trial this time. Pinch any progressive, social justice warrior, or grievance monger and tell them they are not dreaming. This is their rapture. The gray lab coats here at … Continue reading

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