Quick, more gummint program$!

How progressives think (#249 in a series)

Don’t be like Brad!

We were discussing the recent drive-by whackings of two young black men in Madison WI. 

A preening progressive who lives in the prosperous Sauk Creek neighborhood (let’s call him Brad) blamed his culture’s favorite catch-all scapegoat: racism. Blaska countered that every white person in America could confess their guilt to Dr. Phil — how would that have saved Jovan Freeny and Nicholas Cooke? 

“Are you related to Tony Soprano?” Progressive Brad non-responded. “Some of the language you employ seems faintly familiar.”

Progressives like Brad created the victimhood mentality and nourish it with warm milk and cookies. We asked Brad to share the recipe for his magic elixir that would eliminate the remnants of racism that (contrary to all evidence) progressives see under every bedspring. Here is his list. Blaska’s commentary is in red.

1) Progressive Brad: “Rigorously quantify the extent of racism in our society today. There should be a valid test [that] would disclose both their explicit and implicit biases. If bias is detected in an individual, they should go through an educational process to eliminate that bias.”

Blaska: How likely is it that you can force 330 million Americans to take your fool-proof test for racism? Does it involve a cotton swab up the nose? Guaranteed no false positives? Re-education camp for the failures! 

2) “Every under-privileged kid of color, from age five onwards, should immediately qualify for a private tutor, who would facilitate, encourage and ensure academic achievement.”

Private tutor$! Kids who are skipping school and dealing drugs are going to be TUTORED! And if they refuse? 

3) “There should be a universal basic income for every American to eradicate poverty, which disproportionately impacts people of color.”

No need to work! More dependency! Maybe stupidity disproportionately impacts Progressives.

4) “All recreational drugs should be legalized, with much of the profits going to fund programs for low income families. This policy would eliminate the current underground economy, keep people out of jail, and enable families to stay intact.”

Legalize cocaine! Which is what Nick Cooke had been charged with selling. How about fentanyl? Keep people out of jail? If Nick and Jovan had not been released from jail on signature bond they would be alive today.

5) Schools should teach “emotional intelligence” and “relationship skills” as a priority. … We could reduce many of the mental health problems we currently have by encouraging in kids a better sense of our essential inter-connectedness, no matter our color.

Teach “emotional intelligence”? What in the wide world of sports is that?! Who teaches? A.O.C.? We can’t even teach reading and math!

Blaska’s Bottom LineHow about we say, in one voice: “Go to school, young man and young lady. Listen to the teacher, do your homework, and don’t fight each other in the cafeteria. If you have to work a little harder to catch up, we’re there for you. Do that and the world will be your oyster.”

Platinum Subscriber Bonus content: Asked Brad if this sounded like Tony Soprano: “The leaders of these movements insist that every inequity suffered by Blacks is caused by institutional and structural racism, that they have no power to liberate themselves, and that they will remain oppressed until White people change. Even to raise the issue of what role self-determination plays for blacks earns you the label of “racist.”

No, not even Paulie Walnuts. It’s Robert Woodson and Joshua Mitchell in “How the Left Hijacked Civil Rights.”

What is YOUR program?

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9 Responses to Quick, more gummint program$!

  1. Amazing how quickly the fascist tendencies emerge. First, re-education camps for conservatives, then put government in charge of EVERYTHING!.

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  2. Scott F says:

    Tell me you are joking….. You didn’t really have that conversation with an adult who is allowed access to sharp objects…. Did you?

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  3. Progressive Brad: “Rigorously quantify the extent of racism in our society today. There should be a valid test [that] would disclose both their explicit and implicit biases. If bias is detected in an individual, they should go through an educational process to eliminate that bias.”

    Hi “Brad”, my name is Steve and here is a note specifically for you.

    “Brad”, you’ve received way too many participation trophies. Here’s another one for your shelf of honor:

    You “Brad” are the one that’s in serious need of a reeducation process to deprogram your cultish indoctrination not the people that don’t fit inside your tunnel vision social justice totalitarian regressive mold. You talk about bias but you cannot see the blatantly open bigotry based bias staring you in the mirror.

    Just because “Brad” can think a thought, doesn’t mean that that thought is valid, logical, or makes any since whatsoever. Also; just because there are other fools that think like “Brad” doesn’t mean any of them are right. “Brad” and those that think like “Brad” are indoctrinated social justice warrior totalitarian fools.

    Social Justice Warriors: The 21st Century Scourge

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  4. Pasco says:

    Scott, there are people all over the great country who believe this!


  5. georgessson says:

    Normally I am ready & rarin’ to go on a topic like this. However, I’m merely speechless. Yes, he responded but brain-dead remains just that. His suggestions are ludicrous and not worth rebuttal. Further, living in the prosperous Sauk Creek neighborhood doesn’t eliminate the possibility that it’s mom & dad’s basement rec room… Jes’ sayin’.

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  6. Liberty says:

    After Progressive elitists institute their broken down policies in a given city and those policies inevitably trash that city, they’re often the first to flee. Thing is, they don’t learn from their mistakes and continue the same broken down pattern anew.

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    • Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

      Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.

      Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.

      I am patient with stupidity but not with those who are proud of it.

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