The Nation’s legal correspondent hates white people 

But you’re the racist!

Elie Mystal, the go to guy for Joy Reid over at MSNBC, is everywhere these days parroting the critical race theory that white America is irredemably racist. 

He should know, Mystal asserts, because he is a black man. Never mind that Thomas Sowell, Jason L. Riley, and Robert Woodson disagree. But there he is at The Nation — its “justice correspondent” no less — crowing that white people would try to let Kyle Rittenhouse get away with murder.

It’s how I surmised that the judge in his case, Bruce Schroeder, would be biased toward the young white gunman. I didn’t need to know them; I needed only to remember everything I know about justice and white America, and then watch their individual actions.  

A white person trying to explain racism to me — or to pretty much any black person who has lived here long enough — sounds like a parakeet trying to explain astrophysics to Stephen Hawking.  

The Werkes acknowledges that Kyle Rittenhouse never should have walked the streets of Kenosha that August night 2020. But neither should have Joseph Rosenbaum, Anthony Huber, or Gaige Grosskreutz. 

Kenosha never should have burned because a police officer defended himself against a criminal’s threat of violence. Rosenbaum was enraged that Rittenhouse and others were extinguishing the fires he lit. Vowed to kill the 17 year old; was killed instead. Huber and Grosskreutz retaliated; the kid defended himself.

Mystal must be race-shaming his editors at The Nation. Why else would they print this kind of drivel:

“The Senate cannot be reformed — it can only be abolished. It still serves that essential role of propping up white power today.”

Thomas Jefferson, white man

Is Elie Mystal the world’s only “legal correspondent” who doesn’t know that the U.S. Senate cannot be abolished? Which states — aside from California and New York— would abolish it? (Read the Constitution!)

Like the proverbial fish who doesn’t know he’s wet, Mystal bathes in his own racism. He ignores the harm that Jacob Blake caused or the human slaughterhouses on Chicago and Milwaukee’s mean streets. Here is Elie Mystal:

I know what Kyle Rittenhouse is capable of. I know what [Judge] Bruce Schroeder is capable of. I knew what those skinheads were capable of. I know what Thomas Jefferson was capable of. I know white people.”

That’s not racist?

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Mystal doesn’t want white people to tell him about racism because only he knows racism. He also knows white people, so they might as well shut up. That’s today’s lesson in progressive jurisprudence and circular logic.

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15 Responses to The Nation’s legal correspondent hates white people 

  1. Mark_Koch says:

    Lol, Mystal sure does a poor job trying to look like Don King …


  2. Liberty says:

    Pure bigoted hatred and idiocy.

    There are lots of people who think and talk like him here in Dane County, some of them are elected officials.

    Agree with you that Rittenhouse should have never been in Kenosha that evening. It wasn’t his place and he had to have known that the scene was volatile. What was he hoping to accomplish?

    That said, the facts as I see them are that Rittenhouse acted in self defense, and the judge is schooling a prosecutor who is either an imbecile or realizes he humiliated himself and is trying to get a mistrial. I tend toward the latter.

    Another point that needs to be amplified is that the governor, the police, and others in leadership positions failed the people of Wisconsin. This is also on them.

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    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      What was he hoping to accomplish? My guess is he was trying to limit the destruction caused by all those “mostly peaceful protesters.” My only regret is that there weren’t a dozen more Kyles on the streets that night ridding us of many more human excrecsences like Rosenbaum, Huber and Grosskreutz.

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      • Liberty says:

        See, I strongly believe that it’s the job of trained professionals (the police, and military if necessary) to keep peace and order. Why are we paying these exorbitant taxes if they can’t adequately perform the most important task of keeping us safe?

        After what I saw transpire last year and in cities across the country, though, I’ve lost faith that they will be effective in combatting and preventing future riots. When the police submit, we’re all in trouble.

        That said, I don’t think the answer is adding more armed amateurs to fight our battles.

        I will agree with you about the three you mentioned. I see them as agitators, rioters, and troublemakers, not victims. Rosenbaum is a convicted child rapist.

        “yes, at age 19, Rosenbaum was sentenced to prison for sexually abusing five children — all boys between the ages of 9 and 11 — in Arizona’s Pima County in early 2002,…”

        And THESE are the garbage humans the left are defending? How pathetic can you get.


  3. pANTIFArts says:

    Elie Mystal, a Haitian born immigrant, son of a New York politician, Harvard graduate (attending Harvard School of Law), and multi-millionaire, is uniquely qualified to make the case that it is not possible for a black man to succeed in America. His decision to forgo a law career to graciously devote his life to race hustling enables him to educate not only the “allies” (of all races) on the Left, but also the “white supremacists” (of all races) on the Right. A black man, who”s black credentials are beyond reproach, creating a “reality” that is the polar opposite of his own. Do not try this at home, leave it to the professionals.

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    • Liberty says:

      If Mystal was a decent human being, he’d craft a message that shows how success is possible for anyone who applies themselves. Instead, he chooses to peddle hate.

      When you build your wealth, fame, career, etc. on a premise that harms people and helps destroy the country (especially if you do it knowingly), you are not a good person.

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      • richard lesiak says:

        Where’s Sidney and Rudy when you need good legal advice?


        • Liberty says:


          Have you considered following and commenting on some of the left-leaning local blogs? Greg Humphrey’s blog comes to mind, which you can link to from the right column. I have a feeling you’d fit in quite nicely there.

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  4. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    So Thomas Jefferson is just another racist skinhead. It’s no wonder kids today can graduate from high school functionally illiterate yet well versed in the bile of critical race theory and outright race hatred taught by the likes of Mystal. I hope his demented rants get maximum press coverage, which will all but guarantee a repeat of the Virginia election across the country next year.

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  5. georgessson says:

    The truth is hard to deny -Elie Mystal’s hair is real. Other than that, move along, folks, nuthin’ to see here…


  6. Good Dog, Happy Man says:

    Young Kyle Rittenhouse is on trial for the heinous crime of defending himself with a firearm.

    He almost had his life “mostly peacefully choiced” by the militant wing of the Democrat Party, … Antifa and BLM. The white dopes on punk have now been elevated to the status of honorary black persons because Democrats must play the race card despite all the players in Kenosha being white.

    The Democrat Party is white everywhere you look but constantly hiding behind black people.
    It’s political blackface.

    It’s not just the willing accomplices and co-conspirators in the hive-minded media and Mr. Mystal that call Kyle Rittenhouse a “white supremacist”, Joe Biden also publicly smeared hum as a “white supremacist”, as well. Joe Biden smeared a 17 year-old boy. I hope they all get sued for libel.

    But there is no evidence Rittenhouse is a racist. No such claims have been made in court. The people he shot were all white Lefties, one an avowed communist, one a convicted child rapist.
    All three have criminal records.

    You can watch Littlefinger’s final closing argument live on @LegalInsurrection.


  7. Balboa says:

    To me he just sounds like a major league toxic a-hole. Turn off, tune out, live happy.


  8. Mark Lemberger says:

    Mystal’s racism plays very well in MadTown. Witness Freedom Inc.
    Defund it.


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