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Karen, don’t have a cow!

Rap my knuckles, will you! Early in the 2020 presidential campaign, Madison progressives had a schoolyard crush on Elizabeth Warren. Appeared with Tammy Baldwin here in town at one of Lindsay Lee’s coffee shops.  The rest of the country? Meh. … Continue reading

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Smash patriarchy, pig man!

Apologize for not supporting Warren. ‘A good amount of crying’ Today’s Capital Times should have been bordered in black. Dane County WI’s “Progressive Voice” is mourning the loss of Elizabeth Warren. “Warren supporters in Madison grieve …” reports one of … Continue reading

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‘We did the right thing and we get screwed’

Another casualty of the Left’s war on personal responsibility. No wonder Dad is irate! It’s always the unscripted moments that define a political campaign. A man known to the national news media only as “Irate Dad” confronts Elizabeth Warren, mother … Continue reading

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Maybe SHE is the liar on national TV

Identity politics returns to eat its own “I think you just called me a liar on national TV.” — Elizabeth (“Pow Wow Chow”) Warren to Bernie Sanders after Tuesday’s Democratic presidential debate. The chatter in the Policy Werkes break room … Continue reading

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Fiona Hill parries the Yorkists in D.C.’s War of the Roses

My Kingdom for a horse! The Old Squire was gobsmacked by Fiona Hill’s star turn on Thursday’s installment of the Schiff Story Hour. (Insert the Roy Orbison growl from “Pretty Woman” here.) Ms. Hill is a striking-looking woman. Strong, intelligent, … Continue reading

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The political Left’s Chernobyl

Elizabeth Warren is a radioactive Nurse Ratched she knows what’s good for you even if you do not Your acquaintances are liberal, progressive or socialist if they vow with absolute certainty that if only more citizens would VOTE! America could … Continue reading

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