‘We did the right thing and we get screwed’

Another casualty of the Left’s war on personal responsibility.

No wonder Dad is irate!

It’s always the unscripted moments that define a political campaign.

A man known to the national news media only as “Irate Dad” confronts Elizabeth Warren, mother superior of the giveaway state (Big enough to promise everything you want, strong enough to take away everything you’ve earned). The Democrat(ic) presidential candidate wants taxpayers to pick up $640 billion in student loans, thereby removing yet another brake on escalating college tuition costs, subsidizing grievance studies, creating another dependent class, and making fools of people who pay their debts.

What part of ‘Free’ does he not understand?

A man who appears to be in his late 40s approaches candidate Elizabeth Warren in Grimes, Iowa: 

IRATE DAD: “I just want to ask you one question. My daughter’s getting out of school. I’ve saved all my money. She doesn’t have any student loans.” 

WARREN: [nods] “God bless you.”

IRATE DAD: “Am I going to get my money back?”

WARREN: “Of course not.” 

IRATE DAD: “So you’re going to pay for people who didn’t save any money and those of us who did the right thing get screwed. My buddy had fun, bought a car, went on vacations. I saved my money. He made more than I did, but I worked a double shift, worked extra. My daughter’s worked since she was 10. So, you’re laughing at me.”


IRATE DAD: “That’s exactly what you’re doing. We did the right thing and we get screwed.”

WARREN: “Thank you for your thoughts.”

⇒ Ms. Warren, tell your campaign staff to put Irate Dad down as a Maybe.

MSNBC, CNN, NPR, the New York Times, and Public Television did NOT cover this story.

If kids know better why are they stealing cars?

Of the three finalists for district superintendent, the Madison Board of Education chose the right one, Matthew Gutierrez of a small, 7,000-student district in Seguin, Texas (a suburb of San Antonio). (MMSD is almost four times larger.) But dammit to heck, “what set Gutierrez apart” from the other three “was his interest in student input and voice.” That’s how the WI State Journal quoted school board president Gloria Reyes. (Detect a pattern here?)

How about a superintendent who tells students to listen to their teachers?

We’re in the money — The Legislative Fiscal Bureau is projecting state revenues will be $818 million higher than expected, bringing the rainy day fund to more than $1 billion. Democrats want to spend it on “unmet needs.” 

“While Democrats will likely try to spend every cent, Republicans will make sound fiscal decisions and return surplus dollars to the people who earn them,” says Assembly Speaker Robin Vos. Detect a pattern here?

Couch Coach Blaska’s Foul Ball — Miller Park will become American Family Field. (Certain to be shortened to AmFamField.”) Will vendors be hawking life insurance in the stands? “Gitch yer term life policies here!” The team renamed the Milwaukee Actuaries? At least Smith & Wesson did not purchase naming rights.

What do YOU think?

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13 Responses to ‘We did the right thing and we get screwed’

  1. Kevin Wymore says:

    Military service is one way to pay college bills, too. Without the big structural change.

    My son graduated from UW Madison in the teeth of the Great Recession. He got a degree in a discipline that was a career path to nowhere. He then joined the Army, and they even gave him a free trip to exotic Afghanistan.

    The GI Bill gave him a chance to get an MBA at the low, low cost of ZERO tuition. He’s now working in Palm Beach County for a Fortune 500 company, so life is good.

    So, if one is enamored with free stuff and free education, might I recommend the Army? (Granted, I do believe it’s time to get out of Afghanistan, or let NATO shoulder a much bigger burden.)

    But, the GI Bill lives!

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  2. geo_ says:

    “Mother superior of the giveaway state (Big enough to promise everything you want, strong enough to take away everything you’ve earned). ” WTF you talking about? It’s our tax dollars serving us instead of corporate subsidies, and military spending( heck we spend at least a trillion every year on defense and can’t beat a rag-tag band of towel heads) Luckily we live in America where all are treated equal, free public University tuition means for all Americans, progressives don’t discriminate. If the wealthy are paying more taxes, why shouldn’t they enjoy the benefits of an equal America. Just think of the contributions to a local economy if recent grads aren’t paying 500/month to service loans for ever.

    I worked and paid my way through college, paid back all my loans in 4 years.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      “rag-tag band of towel heads”???

      Oy gevalt!!! You need to report to the Diversity/Sensitivity Gulag for immediate/extensive retraining; and you may not be able to avail the unconditional Lefty Pass!

      FWIW: The Gotch worked his way through higher education year round and never borrowed a nickel.

      The kicker? Make of this what you will; he did it while he was still a practicing Lefty!

      The Gotch


  3. Larsen E. Whipsnade says:

    Where the student loan program went to heck was when our friendly legislators bowed to the credit industry and made such debts non-dischargeable in bankruptcy. If lenders know that a bad loan can be discharged, they will be much more careful in making their loans and to whom. Now, they make the educational loans that they know can’t be repaid, and thus are creating debt slaves with social justice degrees with interest accruing on unpaid balances.


  4. Mark Porter says:

    False choices Dave. We can both listen to students as well as requiring them to listen to their teachers and administrators. And, similarly, we can reinforce the State’s rainy day fund while finding programs and property tax relief should our legislators be wise enough to see that.


    • dad29 says:

      The law requires that $400MM be added to the ‘rainy day fund’ as it is.

      And, as it is, Wisconsin funds PLENTY of programs.

      But nowhere in the State charter nor constitution do I see a phrase like “Wisconsin is a registered 501(c)(3) charity.”

      Want to fund programs? Write a check of your own.

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  5. geo_ says:

    Everyone, except of course morons know it’s not free stuff, it’s stuff we pay for with our tax dollars. Tax dollars that won’t go to profitable multi-national corporations, tax dollars that won’t go to subsidise fossil fuel companies. Yes some will have to give up their “free stuff” in order to make America better again for all.

    As for the revenue, don’t we have a billion plus dollar deficit here in Wisconsin, add in the WiDOT deficit and it’s even larger, but I guess republican like handing out free stuff.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      But it’s pitched as more More MORE high quality/quantity free $#!t to the drooling Lefty base.

      They, armed with their free $#!t Hopey Changey phones, are spoon-fed pap by their handlers which, possessing the attention spans of GOLDFISH, they sop up without question.

      If you wonder why Lefty has been pushing for unrestrained new democrats, I mean, open borders and 16 year olds being able to vote, wonder no more.

      FREE /frē/ adverb:
      1–Without cost or payment
      2–At the expense of others.

      The Gotch


    • madisonexpat says:

      And geo, Bernie and Pocahonkey, two of three of whom are millionaires (guess which two) will tell us what we have to give up. My bet is they hunger to do this because power.
      Not gonna happen.


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        Another thing that’s ”Not gonna happen.”?

        Lieawatha-Fauxchahontas fulfilling her forked tongue promise that, and I quote:

        “at least 50% of Cabinet positions [will be] filled by women and non-binary people.”

        The Gotch can just imagine Lefty generally, and AnonyBob, et al, specifically, experiencing a massive Gosh I’m Nice endorphin rush at the mere thought.

        The kicker? All it needs to be is a mere thought; Lefty’s interested in the appearance of diversity, and its appearance alone FULL STOP.

        That’s why the Fordham Law Review slobbered extensively about the the Lily-White Pokahonkey being Harvard Law’s First Woman Of Color back in 1997.

        23 years have passed; you think Lefty’s fascination with legalized/mandated discrimination has gotten better, stayed the same, or gotten worse?

        The goofy Crazy Guggenheim smirk on Lefty’s clueless puss will supply the answer.

        The Gotch


  6. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Leave aside the fake Indian for a moment.

    REALITY: “You don’t know how much your plan costs?”

    @BernieSanders: “You don’t know. Nobody knows. This is impossible to predict.”


    Say what???

    I’d imagine the drooling feral Lefty base doesn’t much care because their focus is on more More MORE high quality/quantity free $#!t.

    Alas; when Lefty & a fact-based reality are neck-n-neck, it’s the fact-based reality that must pull over!

    The Gotch


    • geo_ says:

      Exactly what is the cost of our incursion into Afghanistan and criminal invasion of Iraq, were we told, did we raise taxes to cover the costs or was this “free money” to stockholders of blood industries.


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