Fiona Hill parries the Yorkists in D.C.’s War of the Roses

My Kingdom for a horse!

The Old Squire was gobsmacked by Fiona Hill’s star turn on Thursday’s installment of the Schiff Story Hour. (Insert the Roy Orbison growl from “Pretty Woman” here.)

Ms. Hill is a striking-looking woman. Strong, intelligent, with a fair sense of humor. Should be cast as James Bond’s femme fatale undercover nemesis in the next movie. Or should BE James Bond, in a Woke nod to #MeToo and the alphabet people.

Loved Ms. Hill’s story about a grade school classmate igniting her pig tails and enduring a subsequent haircut that left her looking like “Richard the Third.” (There IS a resemblance!) Guessing the reference drew only a blank image for most Americans. History tells that Richard III fell in the final battle of the War of the Roses at Bosworth Field in 1485 to Henry Tudor, who regarded his rival’s claim to the throne as illegitimate. Old Richard, it was suspected, had dispensed with the rightful heirs in the Tower of London. Richard’s demise ended the New York dynasty. (Shakespeare tells the story.) Not that there is any analogy to America 2019.

Combine that with fine Fiona’s British accent and Hubba Hubba! We are fans of aristocrats — Restore the Habsburgs! — but especially the British flavor. Downton Abbey and its obvious inspiration, Upstairs Downstairs. Gosford Park. Victoria (please don’t let Prince Albert die!). The King’s Speech. The Crown.  

What if Fiona sounded like Joe Pesci?

“I grew up poor with a very distinctive working-class accent. In England in the 1980s and 1990s, this would have impeded my professional advancement,” Ms. Hill said in her opening statement. “This background has never set me back in America.”

To the contrary! Here in the Colonies, a British accent carries with it the whiff of olde English leather, erudition, authority, breeding. Fiona Hill’s testimony sounded more credible precisely BECAUSE of the accent. When Hollywood cast ancient Roman aristocrats in their sandals and toga movies of mid-Century, they chose plummy Brits like Peter Ustinov, Charles Laughton, and Lawrence Olivier in Spartacus. Only do the British themselves discern varying degrees of pedigree in the parlance of their island.

Professor Henry Higgins had something to say about that. It is why Pierce Brosnan could not place Mrs. Doubtfire’s accent. It is surprising that Michael Caine speaks lower-class Cockney. We are told that Wis-CONNN-sin speaks its own particular accent. (Right, A-NAAAN-da?) Very similar to Sarah Palin of Alaska. The New Orleans patois is said to sound like that of Brooklyn, N.Y., as improbable as that seems.


There is no sound; it’s a GIF

CNN has an interesting take on accents.


Ambassadors Bill Taylor and Marie Yovanovitch were “rightfully disturbed that Rudy Giuliani had his own back channel in Ukraine and had more clout and access to key policy makers than they did. But this is common. Recall that Hillary Clinton exchanged more than 150 e-mails about Libya with confidant Sidney Blumenthal and not one with Ambassador Christopher Stevens.” (R.I.P.) — a former diplomat in the Wall Street Journal.

Did FBI doctor Russian collusion documents?

Comment, respond, what do you thinkIf Democrats get any bump from this week’s installments of the Schiff Show, they better enjoy it because the narrative is about to change. 

A former FBI lawyer is being investigated for allegedly altering a document in the now-discredited 2016 Russia probe. That’s a CNN report! Horowitz turned over evidence on the forgery to the federal prosecutor. In other words, it’s a criminal matter. 

Have they no shame? That doesn’t stop The New York Times from running an anti-Trump piece from — are you ready for this? — Glenn R. Simpson and Peter Fritsch, co-founders of Fusion GPS! The political chop shop that Hillary Clinton and the DNC hired which, in turn, took on former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele, who soaked up Russian disinformation … 

No Ukrainian meddling?

Andrew McCarthy in the New York Post:

Public professions of support for Clinton and opposition to Trump by Ukrainian officials. It includes acknowledgments by Ukrainian investigators that their Obama administration counterparts encouraged them to investigate Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort. … A Ukrainian court, in late 2018, concluded that two Ukrainian officials meddled in the election. And in 2018 House testimony, Nellie Ohr — who worked for Fusion GPS, the Clinton campaign opposition research firm that produced the lurid and discredited Steele dossier — conceded that a pro-Clinton Ukrainian legislator was a Fusion informant. 

Wisconsin going Trump’s way

Democrats better hope that Gordon Sondland and my hoped-for new pen pal Fiona Hill register with voters. Because the gold-standard Marquette Law School poll shows our battleground state going in Trump’s direction.

The poll, conducted Nov. 13-17 among 801 registered voters, found that 40% of Wisconsin respondents think Trump should be impeached and removed from office, while 53% say he shouldn’t. The October Marquette poll found 51% of respondents said the president should not be impeached and removed from office, while 44% said he should be impeached.

Worse, Trump beats all four leading Democratic hopefuls, some by as much as 8 points. That’s a complete reversal from just one month ago.


Keep punching at domestic abuse!

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Donald Trump is a reckless and vindictive president who creates his own problems. He is also lucky in his opponents if Democrats go full-bore socialist with Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders or Beltway lifer Joe Biden. (On domestic violence: “keep punching at it and punching at it and punching at it.”)

Any House impeachment vote will be gaveled dead on arrival like Wisconsin state senator Scott Fitzgerald dispensed with Gov. Evers’ special session on gun control. Justice Dept. Inspector General Horowitz comes out with his report December 9. Sen. Lindsay Graham will subpoena Biden the Younger for his own hearings.

What do YOU think?

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14 Responses to Fiona Hill parries the Yorkists in D.C.’s War of the Roses

  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Accents? It starts and ends with Hillarity I Ain’t No Ways TARRED Clinton!

    The Gotch


  2. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    I too found myself somewhat smitten by Fiona–perfect nom de Brit–and her plummy accent, and her allusion to Richard III left me gobsmacked (in a good way). But I couldn’t help asking myself what the bloody hell her little tale of grade-school bullying had to do with testifying before a Congressional tribunal (even one as farcical as the Schiff Show). Can you recall any witnesses in Nixon’s impeachment hearings nattering on about events from their childhood? Yet another instance of American culture’s headlong descent into the warm, gooey porridge of “feelings,” which as everyone knows are more important than anything else. Ms. Hill claims to have grown up poor with a distinctive working-class accent (poor AND bullied–where’s her halo?) which she apparently decided to discard. Has anyone fact-checked that statement? Fiona is not a name redolent of the downtrodden proletariat.

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      ”But I couldn’t help asking myself what the bloody hell her little tale of grade-school bullying had to do with testifying before a Congressional tribunal”

      Third party emotional stories are intended to draw you in to their way of thinking (“hey, she’s just like us!”), and is usually employed as the third part of the Feel, Felt, Found sales technique.

      The Gotch

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  3. Tom Paine says:

    Adding only a footnote comment to a wonderful column –>

    Hill’s view(s) mask several larger issues/questions which unfortunately, remain unexamined.
    1. Though no fan of Putin, I fail to understand why he is such a threat. If he really wanted to conquer Ukraine, I have no doubt his Red Army could do it. Period. So, is the current skirmish really a hot war as Hill and other suggested?

    2. Small point, but didn’t Putin offer to hold a plebiscite under UN control to determine the “real” desires of those in Crimea? [ I do remember that US refused to go along with such.]

    3. Why is Russia’s economic system such a threat? Now, even the US has an active SOCIALIST minority. Fundamentally, Bernie’s and Warren’s views are not that different.

    4. Why is Ukraine in “our” strategic national interest? If so, she did not explain. She assumed we all knew it was. BS. No, we should not endorse aggression anywhere in the world, but we cannot become the world’s policeman. If Ukraine is in our strategic national interest, then what should be claimed about the Narco states of Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua? The failed governments of these states are the homes for Latin drug cartels that poison and kill thousands of Americans each year. Failed governments of Latin America, including Mexico, present far greater threats of our national interest. IMO, before we send anti-tank weapons to Ukraine, we should destroy the drug cartels and help the LAmerican nations regain their sovereignty. Before we send Javelin’s to Ukraine, we should build a wall on the southern border and send Javelin’s to the Resistance in Venezuela.

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    • dad29 says:

      Well said, old chap!!

      As to our host’s contention that McConnell will ‘gavel dead’ any House impeachment, I do not think so. The Democrats in the House should be severely punished, throttled, choked, and stomped by a Senate trial–with witnesses called by Donald Trump’s defense team.

      And I think Mitch will actually go there. Heh.


    • Sprocket says:

      My though is that it’s because he is a nationalist. As the Trump impeachment fiasco demonstrates, the foreign policy apparatus has it’s own ideas of how the world should be run and are deeply affronted that anyone should have views counter to their own. The elites have plans for this world and nations with their own identity and ideas for their destiny are antithetical to that.

      Of course anyone with a brain knows China is far more of a threat than Russia… but they make cheap microwaves and share a worldview with the elites, so they get a pass.

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    • David Blaska says:

      Good points. I do believe Crimea voted to re-join Russia. Crimeans are ethnic Russians, speak Russian, worship Russian Orthodox, and one of the Russian czar’s palaces is in Crimea. (Livadia Palace at Yalta, site of the WW2 summit with FDR, Stalin, and Churchill.) Ukraine suffers from having no natural borders aside from the Black Sea. Much of western Ukraine used to be eastern Poland, for one example. It could also be argued that admitting Ukraine to the EU and NATO would be considered as provocative as Cuba aligning with the old Soviet Union. Catherine the Great seized Crimea from the Ottoman empire in 1783. Crimea was transferred to Ukraine only in 1954 by order of the Supreme Soviet; typically, neither Urkraine nor the people of Crimea had any say.

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      • dad29 says:

        There’s a reason that “Ukraine” is a slight modification of the Russian word for “border” or “frontier.” That’s what it always was until Uncle Joe consolidated it into the Failed Empire.


  4. Bob Dane says:

    Great column! To set the record straight on Richard III: he wanted the nobles subject to law. The nobles revolted and killed Richard, led by Henry Tudor. To discredit Richard’s idea of nobles being subject to law, the nobles discredited Richard with the slander that he murdered the princes in the tower.


  5. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    “In other words, it’s a criminal matter.”

    Play the Matthews/Swalwell…um…audio backwards; it says: Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself**

    **lifted material.

    Has Blaska’s fascination with all things AristoBRIT been at all sullied with Randy Prince Andy being voted off the Isles?

    And whence the blog Lefties; tethered to an I.V. with a steady drip of Chuck Todd and/or MSLSD?

    The Gotch


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Randy Andy is hardly the first minor royal over the centuries to bring shame on himself and prove an embarrassment to the reigning monarch (any historian wishing to chronicle that subject could easily devote a lifetime to it) . But he did have the misfortune to commit the sort of indiscretion (or crime, if you prefer) that landed him squarely in the sights of the #MeToo harpies, one of whom conducted the damning interview with typical self-righteous fervor.


  6. White Hills says:

    This just occurred to me a few weeks ago; “gun control” is the politically correct term for curbing diverse gang violence.


  7. Tom Paine says:

    There’s a place up ahead and I’m going
    Just as fast as my feet can fly
    Come away, come away if you’re going
    Leave the sinkin’ ship behind

    Come on the rising wind
    We’re going up around the bend

    [Bring a song and a smile for the banjo
    Better get while the getting’s good
    Hitch a ride to the end of the highway
    Where the neons turn to wood

    You can ponder perpetual motion
    Fix your mind on a crystal day
    Always time for good conversation
    There’s an ear for what you say

    Catch a ride to the end of the highway
    And we’ll meet by the big red tree
    There’s a place up ahead and I’m going

    Come along, come along with me


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