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‘Enough’s enough; we’ve got to end it’

Sen. Lindsay Graham is the Werkes’ favorite political figure. Feisty, humorous, brave and wise, he is — now WAS —  Trump’s most loyal ally in the U.S. Senate (along with Ron Johnson). Here is Sen. Graham on the proposal to delay certifying … Continue reading

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Donald Trump is finished for good

Four dead A movement derailed, democracy threatened Otherwise, the assault on our nation’s Capitol was ‘Mostly peaceful’  We say again: those who would subvert the Constitution in order to overturn an election are Republicans In Name Only. Among the many … Continue reading

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Fiona Hill parries the Yorkists in D.C.’s War of the Roses

My Kingdom for a horse! The Old Squire was gobsmacked by Fiona Hill’s star turn on Thursday’s installment of the Schiff Story Hour. (Insert the Roy Orbison growl from “Pretty Woman” here.) Ms. Hill is a striking-looking woman. Strong, intelligent, … Continue reading

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Trump is building a wall against progressive identity politics

But alienating the middle, who are getting tired of this Schitt For those of you who spell it Faux News, Chris Wallace is a true journalist. (As are Bret Baier and Shepard Smith.) In his interview that aired Sunday, he … Continue reading

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The ruling on the field is confirmed: Kavanaugh is safe at home

This blog comes to your door farm-to-table fresh. Please tip your carrier. Is l’affaire Kavanaugh where identity politics hits its apogee before crashing to earth? Democrats, is everyone a victim? Why does the Left misrepresent that the protestors represent ALL … Continue reading

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Are you [now or have you ever been] a gang rapist?

[ UPDATE: Sen. Flake says let the FBI find out what it can in one week and then vote. Sen. Lindsay Graham is asked if that will make America feel better about the nominee and the process. He answers (to … Continue reading

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