The Werkes surrenders

Can’t argue with hate and idiocy!

It may well be true what they say. That Blaska can’t handle things and he’s not smart. Perhaps he really is dumb, like everyone says, and does not deserve respect. (I was the older brother and I got passed over!) 

We are beat like a rented mule; defeated like a conservative for Madison WI school board. The tattered white flag of surrender flies over the Stately Manor. The RITOs* will take our party down with them rather than admit they’ve been hoaxed. Fox News hosts can admit they don’t believe the stolen election myth and it doesn’t matter. Nothing will dissuade Republicans In Tr•mp Only*. Mike Pence observing that “Tourists don’t injure 140 police officers by sightseeing” only proves he is a “trader,” as one Trump intellectual called the former veep. A “trader.

"It's morning in America." — Ronald Reagan
"Isn't it great to be a Republican!" — Tommy Thompson
"I am your retribution." — Donald Trump.

Blaska remembers Republicans who got elected and re-elected — good conservatives like Ronald Reagan and Tommy Thompson. Plenty of room in their big tent. But no more. Too many Republicans remain in purge mode. Joe Stalin would be envious. Like these Facebook “friends:”

Nancy Pelosi planned January 6, according to Bill Elmhorst

Bill Elmhorst:

Trump has made it clear that he will expose and destroy the RINOs in the Party. Those who hate him are in league with the RINO Oligarchy. It’s time to purge the GOP of the treasonous fat cats who only run to line their pockets and stroke their egos. Faith, family and freedom are the foundational values of the historical GOP.

N.c. Bill Gillette: Blaskass– Here’s your actual “Armed Insurectionists and Murderers.” No, not the Patriotic Citizens who, for the most part, were peacefully seeking redress for the stolen election, but some few, who were led to violence by the undercover FBI Instigators. You have never responded once, to where you stand on an unarmed, 5’/110lb Female, Eleven year Air Force Veteran getting shot in the throat by an incompetent Capitol police officer and then left to bleed out, right in front of that Bastard. You avoid answering it, truth be known – you could care less, because you’re on the Pelosi team. You happily wallow in the Madison Uniparty Septic tank… grotesque Loser, that you are.

Keith Best : Pence was ushered to a holding area. He doesn’t have an idea of half of what happened. One side of the building a riot was going on. Another side of the building and Capitol Police were steering people into the building. It sounds like you only have learned the side of Democrats and the media. See the movie by Nick Searcey…..”Capitol Punishment”.

David Blaska: Only Keith Best knows what went on that day because he saw this one movie. Who was doing the rioting?

[We await Keith’s response; but this guy knows:]

David Bornick: disguised antifa and FBI initially.

David Blaska: And yet, about 50 rioters/insurrectionists have been convicted. One would think if they were FBI they would walk.

Tom Arliskas: Not convicted– CONFESSED most of them– either CONFESS or warned/ threatened if they went to Court they could get 10 to 20 years– So I would confess to to this Commie Fascist Kabal they call a Government. I am guessing most of them will be out in a few months with all the new footage available to the general public– hidden by the Dems since 2020.

David Blaska: Where is Donald Tr•mp with his billions of dollars for defense attorneys?

N.c. Bill Gillette: when they get out, shortly… we will make sure they see your commentary.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Please do, I could use the eyeballs. But they weren’t violent, Right N.c. Bill? All those FBI agents being released from prison?

How does purge politics win elections?


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16 Responses to The Werkes surrenders

  1. We can be absolutely certain about three things surrounding the January 6, 2020 protest/riot/etc.:

    1. The political left obviously cherry picked things that support their narrative and they’ve had absolute control of information to support their narrative for over two years.

    2. Now that the political right has all the video, they will cherry pick things to support their narrative.

    3. We the people of the United States of America will never, ever, get the full accurate picture of that day due to all the cherry picking.

    I’m sick and tire of being sick and tired of all the unethical and immoral cherry picking in politics today.

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  3. Kooter says:

    David, the fact that you are so “black and white” about these issues: TDS, Insurrectionitis and your Alfred E Neuman “what, me worry” attitude about election integrity is really no different than the people attacking you. One can believe it’s time for Trump to move on but also appreciate everything he did; that a riot is a riot but hardly an overthrow attempt and that Trump lost but there are enough irregularities to warrant further investigation. You reap what you sow.

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  4. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    Sheesh! Does anyone need any MORE reasons to avoid the destructively cancerous Heels_Dug_In culture of Social Media?

    Heck; The Gotch doesn’t even play golf, for money, against people.

    The Gotch


  5. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    In keeping with The Godfather reference above: If your (FacePlant) friends are treating you like that, Blaska, no one would blame you were you to keep your enemies even closer.

    Nice Touch on the header, this being State Boy’s BB Tournament Week and all.

    No BIPOCs on them there Slinger State Champs…we need RetroEquity…or somesuch, am I right?

    Anywho, same condition afflicted the 1949 WI State Champion Hurley Midgets

    FUN FACT: The 1949 State Tournament was Open Class, meaning No Divisions and that miniscule enrolment schools went up against the Big Boys

    FUN FACT 2.0: The Gotch’s soon_to_be_93_year_old Uncle-In-Law was a junior shooting guard on that there team.

    Yoikes! Can you even imagine the trip from Up_Dere down to Madison on a two-lane U.S. 51 (through Tomahawk, Wausau, Stevens Point, Portage, et al) back then…eight (8)…nine (9) hours…more?

    We make it in fewer than four (4) now…with a good tail wind…

    The Gotch


  6. One Eye says:

    Mommy’s alright, Daddy’s alright
    They just seem a little weird
    Surrender, surrender
    But don’t give yourself away


  7. One Eye says:

    How does TDS win elections? No not the phone company.

    Serious question…what do the Blaskas of the world think will happen, that level headed people will wake up one day and suddenly change their opinion on the “I” word?

    It’s Hillary Clintonesque. “If we insult their intelligence they’ll see the light”.


  8. Mark Lemberger says:

    Read Sasha Stone on Substack 3/18/23. Jan 6 explained comprehensively.
    Send crow recipes to the Squire.


  9. Mark Lemberger says:

    Squire defends his flag unaware that its on the Titanic.


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