Blaska paints cross on door of Stately Manor

“Every house visited [by the disease] be marked with a red cross of a foot long in the middle of the door, evident to be seen, and with these usual printed words, that is to say, “Lord, have mercy upon us,” to be set close over the same cross, there to continue until lawful opening of the same house.”

— promulgation of the Lord Mayor of London for the Great Plague of 1665 (thought to be Sir Anthony of Fauci).

At least cameramen in Green Bay are safe. Davante Adams plays for the Las Vegas Raiders now.

Not a good weekend. Badgers lose to a 2-4 team. Packers lose their second straight, this time at Lambeau. And Blaska has Covid-19. Probably had it Thursday afternoon when I took my third booster shot in one arm and this year’s influenza vaccination in the other. There’s irony for you.

Probably gave it to the Lovely Lisa and Number One Son. If misery loves company, we’ve got a full house. Will quarantine for 5 days but we’ll survive. (Leave casseroles on doorstep, under the sign of the cross [painted with the blood of a heretic]. Also accepting PayPal.) If the Squire bumped into you in the last week, stick a cotton swab up your nose. If you are a liberal, wear a face mask as you read this blogge (included only with Platinum Subscription).

Don’t seem to be developing that third eyeball, as anti-vaxxers predicted. Disappointed. At least the pandemic is over, Brandon says. This Covid, cannot distinguish it from a good case of the flu. Even as we work the keyboard of our ancient Kaypro portable computer, the indentured servants at the Stately Manor are reciting the inspirational words of Clark Griswold:

"Hallelujah! Holy sh*t! Where's the Tylenol?"

What is past is prologue!

Mandela Barnes “is so much better” than incumbent Ron Johnson, the Sunday WI State Journal rhapsodizes. It’s hard to believe how much better! Very hard to believe, in fact. The Democrat is “understandably critical of police shootings … and expressed some sympathy for calls to defund police in the past.” That past being before he decided to run for U.S. Senate. Another foxhole conversion!

Problem is, “64 percent of Americans blame ‘Woke politicians’ for crime spike,” a Harvard/Harris public opinion poll finds. Anyone want to argue that Mandela Barnes is less Woke than Ron Johnson?

As the worm turns

Why Republicans are anticipating a red wave election:

  • The Left is cheering for the death penalty. At least, for the Parkland FL high school shooter.
  • Did anyone tell Brenda Konkel? “Amid New York City’s housing crisis, progressives warm to developers.” — headline in print version of Sunday’s New York Times. 
  • The Times also reports that Democrats on the campaign trail are keeping arm’s distance from their own $1.9 Trillion economic rescue package. The spending blow-out poured too much money into the economy, triggering inflation, as Republicans predicted.

Rule by expert — The execrable Jim Acosta on CNN accused Dr. Mehmet Oz of “ableism” for questioning whether stroke victim John Fetterman was physically able to represent the state of Pennsylvania in the U.S. Senate. His two guests contradicted Acosta, saying Fetterman’s ability to serve is not up to his doctors but a legitimate issue for the voters to decide. ABLE-ism? Play-offs?


Blaska’s Bottom Line: Lord have mercy upon us, we’re old enough to remember when the Wisconsin State Journal was Madison’s Republican paper. And when The Capital Times spoke up for free speech on campus, rather than covering for the cancel culture.

How able are you?

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  1. David wrote, “And Blaska has Covid-19.”, “Probably gave it to the Lovely Lisa and Number One Son.”

    Here’s hoping that everyone that gets this bout of COVID gets over it without complications.

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  2. Pasco says:

    Blaska’s bottom line is the the telling factor in how bad “Madison newspapers” have become! I won’t even pay the dollar for the sports articles!

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  3. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    In an effort toward facilitating a speedy recovery, The Gotch’ll drop off (non-contact delivery) some of his (arguably) World Class Organic Tomatoes, with a few similarly described Sweet Peppers tomorrow early p.m.

    The Sweet Peppers (halved, seeded, sprayed with EVOO, and seasoned to taste) on the grill, indirect medium heat for 7-10 minutes, (slight char/firm side of al dente) will have you up-n-at-’em before you can say The bares Still Suck!

    The Gotch

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    • Normwegian says:

      If I test positive, I’ll be expecting a delivery.

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      • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

        Heck Norm, no need for you to get the WuHan Virused up and all; seeing you’re well, you can travel AND you-n-Blaska are buds, am I right?

        The Gotch’ll drop off an separate supply for you at his place tomorrow.

        Despite the season winding down at Warp Speed, we still had our customary Monday Morning BLT Brunch this a.m.; the lovely and long suffering Mrs. Gotch sure knows how to smith those babies together!

        You’ll both be getting some real beauts. A few words of advice: DON’T skimp on the bacon!

        The Gotch


  4. I am a total abelist. I demand that my elected representatives are able to understand first, basic economics, and secondly their proper role in government. They must be able express their positions clearly, and be able to defend them eloquently. Barnes falls fabulously short on both counts.

    The Wisconsin State Journal believes it is sufficient to just say that Barnes “doesn’t explain well,” his endorsement of eliminating cash bail. But voters understand it. The WSJ is just unhappy that Barnes isn’t spinning that unpopular position the way they would prefer. The heads at Capital Newspapers have been exploding like Scanners ever since Johnson jumped ahead in the polls. They really don’t get it. They have spent six years whining about, and trashing Ron Johnson, all to no avail. In a center-right state, the Democrats decided on the most leftist of the leftists to be their candidate. I think they were counting on his being Black, to carry a lot more weight than it does. But they also knew that ANY criticism of Barnes could be framed as RACIST. So they are stuck with a candidate who is not looking right for the times. Not sure when Wisconsin will be ready to elect a Senator that far to the left. Not now, and hopefully never.

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    • Normwegian says:

      The Wisconsin State Urinal has morphed. It’s hard to tell their editorials from the Crap Times.

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      • Bob says:

        For years now The Wisconsin State Journal is just the morning print and electronic version of The Capital Times. If it wasn’t for official notices there wouldn’t even be a need for a print version.

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    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Let’s hope that in the next three weeks, Tim Michels follows Ron’s lead and sends that miserable old scarecrow in the governor’s mansion packing–probably to a tenured position in the UW-Madison School of Education. All he needs to do is hammer Evers on crime the way Johnson did Barnes.

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      • brynstane says:

        And hammer on the dumpster fire that was/is DWD generally, and Unemployment Insurance specifically. And the ongoing (and barely reported on) disaster over at Department of Safety and Professional Services. And the tanking of standardized scores under Evers tenure at DPI. While I think (and certainly hope) Michals won’t snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, I think his PR crew is mediocre at best and unable to make the easy sale to the undecided voters in whose hands the election results lay.

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        • Michael Leger says:

          Agreed on the poor PR crew, but Michels on his own is awfully unimpressive too. His main tagline ‘Help is on the way’ delivered like a used car salesman in the debate was impressively lame. His opponent looked and sounded like a wet cardboard cutout, making the event painful to watch.


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