Can we elect a sheriff who won’t stand down?

Will Dane County vote for safety? 

Blaska will remain a cockeyed optimist until bitter experience beats it out of him. But we are kids-at-recess excited about this November! Not just Congress or the Wisconsin governor’s mansion but prospects here in Dane County, home to the Peoples’ Republic of Madison and the shrine of holy victimhood.

There’s a new candidate for sheriff in town. His name is Anthony Hamilton. He’s 46 years of age, veteran of 14 years in the Dane County Sheriff’s department, currently a detective. Running against incumbent Kalvin Barrett, appointed by Tony Evers, the governor who blamed the police in Kenosha for stopping a felon from abducting children. Hamilton has way more law enforcement experience than Barrett.

Dane County’s current sheriff doesn’t house inmates in the jail. Oh, no! They’re “residents.” Held a big press conference to announce this linguistic exercise in social justice posturing. (Recounted here.) Of a piece with “birthing people” and other Woke jabberwocky.

Anthony Hamilton tells the Werkes: “When I’m sheriff, the people in my jail are “inmates,” not ‘residents.’”

Anthony Hamilton with a Madison resident

Taking back our streets

Hamilton worked Madison’s rolling riots two years ago when law enforcement was ordered to stand down. Result: Madison’s own kristallnacht. Social justice thugs busted immigrant shop windows and looted their stores. Rolled burning dumpsters down the street. Threw bricks at police. Law enforcement couldn’t or wouldn’t defend Capitol Square. Watched as social justice warriors pulled down statues of heroes in the struggle for racial justice and women’s empowerment. BLM advocates bombed city hall and brutalized a gay Democrat(ic) legislator.

Local government’s response? Let’s ban tear gas and debate restroom pronouns.

As sheriff, Anthony Hamilton promises he won’t stand down.

Vows to publicize sheriff’s criminal cases when the courts play catch and release. (More here.)

The Werkes thinks this guy could actually win. It is Dane County, after all — Verona and Waunakee, Mt. Horeb and Deerfield — not just Madison. Even here in Madtown, there are rumblings of rage against the Far Left machine. The proprietor of this blogge spends a suspicious amount of time with old Madison Democrats. They’re tired of the Woke apologia for crime and social dysfunction. They yearn for the good ol’ days when Paul Soglin was cutting edge of Leftism.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Even a good showing short of victory is a thunderclap for next spring’s aldermanic, school board, and mayoral races.

Can Hamilton cut through the nonsense?

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9 Responses to Can we elect a sheriff who won’t stand down?

  1. Montgomery Scott says:

    “The proprietor of this blogge spends a suspicious amount of time with old Madison Democrats. They’re tired of the Woke apologia for crime and social dysfunction. They yearn for the good ol’ days when Paul Soglin was cutting edge of Leftism.”
    Isn’t that like the old time Bolsheviks during the reign of Stalin at the height of his purges pining for the good ol’ days of Lenin? 🤔

    Best of Luck to Anthony Hamilton! If elected, I hope he doesn’t forget his campaign promises and go native. And if he doesn’t go native and does remember his campaign promises, he still has to deal with Dane County DA Ismael Ozanne, a mini-me version of LA DA George Gascone, on actually prosecuting criminals.


  2. Bob says:

    It would be nice to see some change in Dane County/Madison politics. Maybe Anthony Hamilton can start the change. We need to change some of the “WOKE” politicians.

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  3. Pasco says:

    I have know the two incumbents in my earlier life. Both are disappointments. Expected a lot more from Kalvin. Hamilton had my vote unless someone better comes along!


  4. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    So our host remains an optimist until “bitter experience beats it out of him.” You mean this didn’t happen when he ran for a seat on the MMSD? (There’s a thin line between optimism and masochism.) When is the last time a “moderate” (i.e., anyone who isn’t a bug-eyed progressive or can’t claim to be a POC) won any elective office in Madison? My most vivid memory of the days of BLM anarchy in the summer of 2020 is acting Chief of Police Vic Wahl trying mollify one of the leading BLS thugs by giving him his personal phone number. (I suspect the Chief would have gladly given him a public blow job to seal the deal.) I’ll certainly vote for Mr. Hamilton but any hopes I have of a white guy winning an office–any office–in Madison–let alone one held by a black guy–are tempered by years of bitter experience.

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  5. Bill Cleary says:

    Hamilton has my vote as well. But we still need to do something about our court system, the county D.A. and his staff ask for and are given low or no bail before trial.

    Judges and court commissioners who refuse to hand down meaningful sentences.

    Enclose a chunk of land in Dane County with barbed wire fences, build another jail with Quonset Huts.

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    • Mordecai The Red says:

      And don’t forget that one of those judges is Everett Mitchell, who is running for Wisconsin Supreme Court.


  6. Mordecai The Red says:

    Dave, you forgot upstanding citizen Tony Robinson’s buddy that remodeled the police memorial with a sledgehammer. I forget what his punishment was, but I’m sure it fell far short of what I thought was appropriate. Which was making him repay the repair costs, but only allowing him to earn the money by being a janitor at the police station.

    A counterpunch to woke policing might be just the ticket to get disillusioned independents to the polls this fall. But I’m not confident there are enough of them outside the Madison city limits to make a difference. Somewhat encouraging nonetheless. But Hamilton is white, which means that all the self-righteous, self-flagellating, wokester troglodytes in Madison (i.e., 75 percent of the population) won’t go near him.

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  7. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    Significant that a Melanin-Challenged person_who_can’t_give_birth (and checks all the WRONG BOXES) would even aspire to such a thankless position in The 77 Square Miles Surrounded By A Sea Of Reality!

    The Gotch


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