WI Republicans move on from Trump

Losing the stolen election lost cause!

In a previous thrilling episode of your favorite blogge, the Werkes predicted that Assembly Speaker Robin Vos would be greeted by a raucous round of booing from delegates at the Wisconsin Republican convention.

Yet, his on-stage panel discussion last weekend was greeted by the 1,450 delegates with nary a discouraging word that we could hear from our vantage point at the Marriott convention center in Middleton. Until, that is, the Speaker volunteered, unbidden, that he “was going to say what some of you don’t want to hear: The legislature has no ability to decertify an election.”

Indeed, delegates rejected resolutions calling for the decertification of the 2020 election results and removing Vos (R-Rochester) as Assembly speaker.  (More here.)

A salutary exercise in political courage! The boo birds were loud, but few in number. We note that only 5.1% of delegates endorsed Timothy Ramthun, the most MAGA of the party’s five governor candidates. We did hear “election integrity.” But that amounts to cleaning up practices slipped in under the cover of the Covid pandemic.

Party resolutions demanded an end to ballot harvesting, slipped into the process under cover of the Covid pandemic. Less defensibly, delegates also demanded dissolution of the Elections Commission, which Republican legislators created. Delegates want “Zuckerbucks” prohibited. Those are private donations to fund government election machinery. Does Madison really want its elections sponsored by, say, Elon Musk?

We note Republicans Tuesday 05-23-2022 are about to renominate Brian Kemp for governor of Georgia despite his refusal to throw the election to Trump and the Sore Loser’s spiteful endorsement of his opponent (more here). You may recall that Trump’s endorsement helped David Perdue lose re-election to the U.S. Senate two years ago.

A touching moment when the WI convention honored our friend Nancy Bartlett — Mrs. Dane County Republican — with its very top award. Nancy left us 05-07-2022. Second District chairman Kim Babler presented the Terry Kohler Award to her husband Richard, of Verona — a kind and wonderful man in his own right.

Congrats also to Dane County party chairman Scott Grabins as one of only eight winners of the Bovay Award. Somehow, Scott manages to lead this fractious herd of cats. 

WisPolitics reports results of its straw presidential poll taken at the GOP state convention:

Ron DeSantis 38%
Donald Trump 32%
Nikki Haley 7%

The other 21 names listed weren’t even in the same room.

There was one vote for Liz Cheney. No, it wasn’t Blaska

Joe McCarthy would be proud

Ordinarily, we would say Sen. Ron Johnson spent too much of his address Saturday morning 05-21-22 bemoaning his bad press — except that he is entirely justified in doing so. Take the Sunday WI State Journal editorial. (Please!) It calls on the Senator to renounce replacement conspiracy theory — thereby dishonestly trying to connect RoJo to the slaughter in Buffalo!

The newspaper’s evidence? “Johnson falsely claims President Joe Biden ‘wants complete open borders.’ and that Johnson said he believes Democrats want to change the makeup of the electorate.” That’s a far cry from encouraging mass murder! The facts: neither Joe Biden nor his vice president have ever so much as visited the border. That illegal immigration has more than doubled under Biden. That many Democrats do, indeed, want to grant the vote to illegal immigrants. (As confirmed here.)

Yes, America needs more workers. Legally. How about recognizing RoJo for the Joseph Project to bring troubled minorities to the workforce?

Watch Ron Johnson’s speech (starts at the 36:00 mark)

Blaska’s Bottom Line: As for the Trump memorabilia table in the hallway of the convention center — the Maytag repairman did more business.

When will the WI State Journal renounce illegal immigration?

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5 Responses to WI Republicans move on from Trump

  1. One eye says:

    “Replacement theory” is a label slapped on REAL issues to prevent discussion.

    H1B visas for tech workers is a good example…Eric Weinstein has addressed at length. He doesn’t believe there was ever a real shortage of tech workers, only a shortage of tech workers willing to accept shitty wages and benefits.

    Now they’re at the point where the replacements need to be replaced.

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  2. Ultra MAGA KIng!! says:

    You are like the see no evil/hear no evil/speak evil monkeys
    You might find Trum “distasteful”, but America is SICK of the Bush/Romney. . . etc
    Country Club “Republicans”
    A change is coming . . . . . . .


  3. richard lesiak says:

    If Vos can’t decertify the election why are we taxpayers still paying that dumbass Gableman? Chek to see how much of this money is being “donated” back to various Wis. politicians.


  4. Marginal says:

    Thank you for sharing about Nancy Bartlett being honored & her award given to Rich. I have said a few times over the last few weeks that the world has seemed a little more unbalanced since she went to heaven . I guess it’s up to the rest of us to do our part & set things in balance again .

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