Tom Nelson is no centrist!

His supporters are done asking nicely!

In yesterday’s installment, the Werkes built on a certain former mayor’s injunction that Democrats who want to avoid electoral Armageddon (outta here!) should not repeat the clanging Leftist claptrap they hear on PBS radio.  

That certain former mayor is urging a more centrist Democrat(ic) party to appeal to the broad swath of voters fatigued by the culture warriors of the Left. We’d be interested to hear who he likes for President, given that Joe Biden has gone all Bernie and Squad. Among his party’s U.S. Senate hopefuls here in Wisconsin, the former mayor is boosting Tom Nelson, currently Outagamie County executive in the heart of the ruby red Fox Valley.

The leading candidate, according to the gold-standard Marquette Law School Poll, is the troubled Mandela Barnes, scourge of policing. The Capital Times, never shy about flacking for progressives, touts the Milwaukee-based Barnes as the friend of the family farmer! If Mandela Barnes has ever milked a cow or plowed a field we’d be more surprised than Clark Griswold waking to find his face sewn to the carpet.

The next leading candidate, billionaire’s kid Alex Lasry, hardly knows Wisconsin like the back of his hand, as Russ Feingold could boast. Came here when daddy purchased the Milwaukee Bucks eight years ago. Which is why former mayor Dave compares Tom Nelson to the sainted Feingold: neither hailed from Madison or Milwaukee (source of 99% of the party’s statewide candidates). Neither born with the silver spoon, both self-effacing, Ivy League educated, and — most importantly — has been elected in out-state red Wisconsin!

Does Appleton know what Tom Nelson does when he reverts to form in hyper-Woke MadisonJohn Nichols reports that Nelson:

… appeared in Madison’s Tenney Park with a crowd of mostly young Sunrise Movement activists who celebrated the former legislator for opposing the Enbridge Line 5 pipeline and supporting the Green New Deal. The next day, Nelson received the endorsement of Our Wisconsin Revolution, the organization of supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders.  

Our Wisconsin Revolutionaries also endorsed Derail the Jail county board candidates here in Dane County. They want to prosecute that Kenosha cop even though the U.S. Justice Department determined shooting outlaw Jacob Blake was justified. The Bernie Backers want everything filtered through a racial disparity “equity lens.” Support Medicare for All, “housing as a human right,” free college, student debt forgiveness, and choking off school choice (even though Marquette poll respondents favor choice 58 to 33%).

Sunrise Movement activists

Never heard tell of the Sunrise Movement before; nor did we know their activists are young. We learn that not only are they Woke, they are wide awake and “they are done asking nicely!” 

If Democrats do nominate Tom Nelson, don’t blame Sen. Ron Johnson for asking if opposing American energy independence is a good look when Russia is blackmailing Germany and central Europe, even demanding they pay for their natural gas in rubles.

Blaska’s Bottom LineYeah, Tom Nelson is a moderate centrist Democrat — in Madison WI and Berkeley CA! In Wausau and Watertown he’s Bernie Sanders without the lakefront summer homes, A.O.C. without the bartending license, Ilhan Omar without the hijab.

Support Tom Nelson, win a PBS tote bag?

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  1. One eye says:

    “millionaire’s kid Alex Lasry”

    Technically correct but misleading, Dr. Evil. Marc Lasry is a billionaire.


  2. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    “If Mandela Barnes has ever milked a cow or plowed a field”

    The Gotch bets that if asked where food comes from, the talented Herr Barnes would answer the store

    The Gotch


  3. Mark+Lemberger says:

    No mention of Tammy?
    She may not be running but she IS hiding. Why?


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