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Democrats are avoiding the issues

For good reason! “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” — Samuel Johnson, 1775.“The race card is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” — David Blaska, 2022. The cover of Sunday’s New York Times Magazine features a young woman … Continue reading

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Police told Tony Evers & Mandela Barnes to cool it

Their rush to judgment in Kenosha cost lives! Law enforcement pleaded with Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes not to rush to judgment in condemning Kenosha police for arresting the criminal Jacob Blake two years ago. To no avail. Their letter: … Continue reading

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Who is responsible for Quantaze Campbell?

Or is crime just a high-risk occupation! A troublemaker could make a lot of Benjamins patenting a Woke Parking Lot Vigil Kit. Ready to go when a loved one is shot. Shot by whom doesn’t matter. Could be police, could … Continue reading

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Mandela Barnes pays $90,000 to Russian collusion hoaxer

That headline would be just as correct but more fair! Instead, the headline in our favorite Madison morning daily newspaper reads: ‘Ron Johnson campaign paid $20,000 to law firm of attorney tied to Donald Trump’s effort to overturn 2020 election’ … Continue reading

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Democrats married an idiot!

But he’s woke as an espresso grande! Someone posted a photo this morning of a grey fox in front of West high school. Know what’s an even more rare sight in Madison? A Ron Johnson lawn sign! Saw one just … Continue reading

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Hey, flip flopper!

Time for a little Mandela Barnes-storming! Blaska breakfasted with a committed Democrat Tuesday. Another cause to suspect your irascible host! He is already under fire among Republican party purgers for once citing CNN as a source. Even so, we noticed … Continue reading

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