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Political candidacy is not ‘I’ve Got a Secret’ 

One becomes a candidate for political office because a) you want to be somebody or b) you want do DO some thing. Either way, you got to sing for your supper. It’s like when they hooked up the wires on Cliffie on Cheers: “Dance, mailman!”

You got to give voters a reason to go your way.  Marshall-area supervisor Jeff Weigand is one of only a couple identifiable conservatives serving on the Dane County Board. He faces a strong liberal challenger in next Tuesday’s 04-05-22 election.

His race in District 20 is featured in today’s WI State Journal coverage. The format is candidate friendly. The newspaper grants X number of words to spew your own message in your own words. Weigand’s response? “No response.” NO RESPONSE? (The Werkes three-exclamation point outrage: !!!) You get a softball question like “Why are you the best candidate for this office” and Weigand’s response is “No response.” If he can’t defend his record, voters will conclude he’s ashamed of it.

I've got a Secret and To Tell the Truth tv shows

Politics is more “Tell the Truth’ than “I’ve Got a Secret.”

Flying under the radar appears to be a strategy of conservative candidates this cycle and it is more self-destructive than Dr. Krevorkian’s medicine bag. Weigand’s non-response is a Will Smith slap in the face. So you’re paranoid that the mainstream news media will twist your words. But the State Journal prints your blibber blabber verbatim! Free advertising! Same with the League of [Liberal] Women Voters survey. Weigand did not respond; neither did Amanda Noles in Madison District 20, Carlos Umpierre in Waunakee #25, Bill Brosius in Cross Plains #28, Jerry O’Brien in Belleville #30, Herb Taylor in McFarland #34,  and Andrew McKinney in Cottage Grove #36. All face opponents.

Blaska is spending zilch in his quixotic bid as a write-in candidate to unseat Madison school board president Ali Muldrow for Seat #4. But his message is getting out, thanks to “earned news media” and the Werkes. (Blaska responds to the WSJ’s Q & A here.)

Place your bets!

Speaking of which, we should have had such easy graders during our indifferent academic career. The first 19 sooth sayers have entered their guesses on the percentage Blaska will get when the votes are all counted. All have been granted the rights and privileges of Platinum Subscriber status, which includes 100 extra pixels in each blogge. (Leave it to Gotchberg to predict to the seventh decimal place.) So far, the Real Unclear average of predictions is 28% (never mind the decimal points). Considering that Blaska got 30% three years ago when he was on the ballot and spent $20,000 to get out his message, that’s very generous.

Greg Lee 10
Gary Kriewald 51
JJ 12.6
Michael Leger 18
Jonathan Burack 37.5
Sheppy 5.4
Jimdandy 2
Linda Schaack 43
? 10
? 32.7
Melody Glazer 45
Mike Leisz 38
One Eye 61
Greg 30
Cornelius Gotchberg 38.7592143
Iam Pistoff 10
Kevin Wymore 15
Pasco 62
Real(77)ity 10
Average of all Guesses 28%

Blaska may not win but got to think Madison is a little bit smarter today for our candidacy.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: A political candidate without a message is a waste of time. Blaska is all about stand and deliver. Weigand couldn’t be bothered to issue an I.O.U. He deserves to lose as he most certainly will.

Can YOU help spread my message?


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5 Responses to No response?

  1. Wm. Tyroler says:

    You received a well-earned endorsement this morning:

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  2. Kevin S Wymore says:

    Hooray for Da Guy Who Usta Be Da Mayor! Hooray for Blaska! I’m now switching my prediction from 15 to 17 percent. Should be a heaping majority for Da Blaska, though.


  3. pANTIFArts says:

    I posted this on Mayor Dave’s blog, but it was just too true not to say again.

    ” Progressive “woke-ism” has dumped you into this pot. Now the stove is on HIGH, and the water is becoming unbearable. Are there enough reality-grounded frogs left in Madison to at least turn the stove DOWN?”

    I was surprised that no one guessed Blaska at 33.4% of the vote, leaving the darling of woke-ness with a hefty, (and biblical), 66.6%.


  4. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    “Leave it to Gotchberg to predict to the seventh decimal place.”

    If you think that’s bad, you should see my NCAA brackets.

    And shoot Blaska, the seventh decimal point (1 billionth) is only one more’n the sixth (1 ten millionth)…

    The Gotch


  5. Eric Z says:

    39%. Your opposition is going to lose out on votes because of felony convictions. They either can’t vote because of the felony or they’re too busy boosting a car to get to the polls.


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