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God help him, former mayor voting for Blaska for school board

Former Madison mayor Dave Cieslewicz writes:

“Yeah, he’s a lot more conservative than I am, but that does not change the simple fact that what he’s saying about school safety is true. He wants to make the basic safety of students and staff a priority. He would return the SRO’s [school resource police officers] and get rid of the wrong-headed Behavioral Education Plan, which discourages staff from calling the police even when there’s physical violence. These things are just common sense.”

God Help Me, Blaska for School Board – Yellow Stripes & Dead Armadillos

We can still save Madison’s public schools

David Blaska is running for Madison school board after all. No, his name won’t be on the ballot because he is a write-in for Seat #4. That’s the one occupied by school board president Ali Muldrow.

We were opponents three years ago and Ali (truly a lovely young lady in many ways) beat me handily. Likely will again, since Blaska is a write in this time and is not spending $20,000 like last time. But the only race for the three seats open this April 5 is over at Seat 3 between Laura Simkin and a transgendered performance artist who claims to be a blind, black albino with pronouns.

Madison voters unhappy with the direction of Madison’s public schools ought to be able to register a protest vote. Three years ago the Wisconsin State Journal would not endorse Blaska or Muldrow:

Blaska is right that a police officer should stay in each main high school to promote safety, and that disruptive students should be accountable for their actions. But he goes out of his way to provoke Madison liberals and score political points, while offering few solutions.

Few solutions? Still find that inexplicable. Identify, if you can, the solutions the current school board offers or implemented. The school board voted unanimously to defund school resource police officers and is only just now thinking about convening a committee to study (wait for it) … school safety. Meanwhile, riots at East high school, beatings at La Follette, the whacking at West, and teenagers crashing stolen cars and running through back yards.

Match Blaska with Ali Muldrow in this Q and A

“Madison’s school madness cannot go uncontested.”

David Blaska’s solutions

Are guaranteed to provoke Madison liberals progressives. Maybe they need a good provoking! It’s essentially the same platform we talked up in 2019 and more critical than ever:

•  Return school resource police officers to the four high schools and deploy some to the middle schools.

•  Abolish Jennifer Cheatham’s dysfunctional Behavior Education Program.

•  Put teachers back in control of their classroom and principals back in charge of their schools.

•  Remove disruptive students.

•  Boil down the 111-page District Safety Plan to the essentials, beginning with: “Call 9-1-1 First, then Contact Parents.”

•  Quit teaching that Madison is institutionally racist, that some kids are implicitly biased, and that success depends on racial “privilege.”

•  Keep schools open.

•  Reduce central administration staff.

•  Hold the line on taxes. Property taxes up 8.9% in one year.

•  Elect school board among one pool of candidates, not by individual seats.

•  Seek changes in the state criminal code to make parents criminally liable for the crimes of their minor children.

•  Apologize to “Mr. Rob,” the positive behavior coach forced out at Whitehorse middle school for trying to remove a disruptive student who beat him about the face.

•  Welcome charter schools.

•  Collect cell phones at beginning of each school day.

Academic performance continues to disappoint, the racial discipline gap hasn’t budged, youth crime is exploding throughout the city. Progressive Dane, Freedom Inc., Madison Teachers Inc., The Capital Times, the Democrat(ic) party of Dane County, the state employees union have owned and operated this school district for the last 30 years. Can we stop doing crazy?

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Discipline is the greatest lesson we can teach our kids.

Isn’t it time for some REAL diversity? Diversity of thought!

Kids cannot learn if they don’t feel safe

During the on-line debate Sunday night 02-20-22, Blaska the write-in candidate for Muldrow’s seat #4 said kids cannot learn if they do not feel safe. We excerpt from that debate, sponsored by Grandparents United for Madison Public Schools (GRUMPS) and the East Side Progressives. (Hope they’ve recovered from the shock!) Here, Blaska is on the clock for 2 minutes:

Our schools are roiled by gun slingers, bullying, beat-downs, rapists, and schoolyard brawls. The chaos in the classroom spills out into the streets of Madison where 14-, 15-, and 16-year old kids steal cars and crash them into our neighborhoods. This is a school system that expels school resource police officers in the name of racial equity. In this clip, Blaska declares Jennifer Cheatham’s Behavior Education Plan a failure:

‘Safer Madison schools reason to write in David Blaska for Seat 4 at April 5th board election’

— Greg Humphrey at Caffeinated Politics.